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Seabee Courier Nov. 29, 2012

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Seabee Courier Nov. 29, 2012

  1. 1. 52 No. 27 Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi November 29, 2012 NMCB 74 Det Guam Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 1 install solar powered energy panels on Con- tainerized Living Units (CLUs) at Camp Lemonnier, Dji- bouti, Sept. 21. Camp Lemonnier Public Works and NMCB 1 worked together to finish phase one of the installation. Phase two of the project is expected to begin sometime next year. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of NMCB 1 Public Affairs) NMCB 1 Seabees help NAVAL BASE GUAM, Guam - Equipment Operator Third Class Justin Miller of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74’s Detail Guam operates a bulldozer to place material brought Camp Lemonnier go green From NMCB 1 Public Affairs Containerized Living Units in by a seven-ton Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) dump truck at the base’s fir- (CLUs) from three brands of CAMP LEMONNIER, Djibouti – ing range. The Seabees are constructing three 250-foot long berms at the firing range to be panels installed at two differ- Service members on board used by special forces deployed to the island. NMCB 74 is operating forward deployed through- Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, are ent angles and directions. out the US Pacific Command (PACOM) area of operations supporting Navy and Joint Forces. one step closer to entering the The effectiveness of the pan- (U.S. Navy photo by Equipment Operator Constructionman Laura Trommer/Released) renewable energy frontier now els will then be observed and that workers have begun the compiled into useful data that first phase of installing solar- will help the camp assess how powered energy panels. efficient a larger-scaled project ~Everyone is Invited~ Sailors from Camp Lemonnier could be. “The main goal of the project Public Works and Naval Mobile MWR Tree Lighting & Holiday Gift Village Construction Battalion One are working together to finish is to conserve energy and lower costs,” said Petty Officer Dec. 7, 6 - 8:30 p.m., Youth Activities Center phase one of the installation, 1st Class Jean Guerrier. “How- ever, the data needed to deter- which they started in Septem- Featuring a snow playground, children’s games, free ber, and will begin phase two mine how effective these sometime next year. panels can be won’t be avail- prizes, vendors, warm cookies & milk and a very Initially, the participating con- able for about one year.” special visitor! Call 228-871-4010 for details. struction crews are installing The panels offer another key panels on 12 of the camp’s See GREEN page 2
  2. 2. Recently at the Courthouse LADD . . . Leaders Against Drunk Driving Courts-martial in Navy Region tary judge sentenced the Ac- LADD is a program sponsored by the NCBC/20th First Class Association. The mission of LADD Southeast (CNRSE) recently cused to 100 days of confine- is to prevent drunk driving on board NCBC Gulfport by providing rides for any service member heard the following cases: ment, reduction in rate to E-1, who needs assistance getting home after an outing that involved alcohol. At a General Court-Martial and a Bad Conduct Discharge. convened on board NAS Jack- At a General Court-Martial ~ It is strictly confidential. NO REPRISAL! sonville, a Petty Officer Third convened on board NAS Jack- ~ Will take individual home only, no stops. Class pled guilty to wrongful sonville, a Lance Corporal pled ~ Volunteers who stand the watch are on call 24/7. use of marijuana and he was guilty to wrongful use of mari- found guilty of unauthorized juana (three specifications), hav- It is always important to have a plan i n place when going out in tow, but is your plans fall absence terminated by appre- ing sexual intercourse with through, please call LADD and we will pick you up! 100 percent confidential, zero reprisal. hension. The court-martial sen- someone incapable of declining tenced the Accused to seven participation, and engaging in a Call 228-239-9007 months of confinement, reduc- sexual act with someone inca- tion in rate to E-1, and a Bad pable of declining participation. Conduct Discharge. The military judge sentenced From GREEN page 1 streamline the evolution and At a General Court-Martial the Accused to 12 years of con- See Something Wrong, speed up the installation convened on board NAS Jack- finement, reduction in rate to E- Do Something Right! benefit to those stationed on process if the camp decides to sonville, a Petty Officer Second 1, and a Dishonorable NCIS has two new anonymous ways to board Camp Lemonnier—a expand the project in the fu- Class was found not guilty of Discharge. healthier environment. ture. report crimes or suspicious behavior with assault and willfully and At a Special Court-Martial con- “These panels are eco- “This was a completely new the use of discreet and secure online or wrongfully discharging a vened on board NAS Jack- friendly,” said Constructionman ordeal for us,” Carnes said. texting tip lines. firearm. sonville, a Petty Officer Second Jeremiah Carnes. “If they en- “Most of us working here have To report information by Cell text: able us to reduce the work At a Special Court-Martial con- Class was found guilty of at- never installed a system like 1. Text “NCIS” to the short code 274637 load of the generators, the air this, but it was a great learn- vened on board NAS Pensacola, tempting to steal military prop- (CRIMES) from any cell or smart phone. quality on camp should only ing experience and there are a Petty Officer Third Class pled erty. The court-martial 2. Receive a response, for example: “Your improve.” several techniques we picked guilty to assaulting a child sentenced the Accused to be re- alias is: S2U5 Call 911 if urgent! If replies Additionally, the solar panels’ up along the way that will help under the age of 16 years. The stricted to base for 60 days and put you at risk, text “STOP” current and cumulative energy us going forward.” military judge sentenced the Ac- to forfeit $1,244 pay per month 3. Begin dialogue output and avoided-cost sav- Although the installation of cused to 12 months of confine- for four months. To report information Online: ings are displayed continu- solar-powered rigs is a rela- ment, reduction in rate to E-1, Courts-martial in Navy Region 1. Go to, click on the ously on a computer, viewable tively unfamiliar process to forfeiture of $994 pay per month by everyone on base. Southeast are tried with few ex- “Report a Crime” tab and select the icon for many of the crew, Guerrier for 12 months, and a Bad Con- “It’s great to be able to see isn’t surprised at the level of duct Discharge. ceptions at NAS Jacksonville, “text and Web tip Hotline.” the daily savings. This invest- success that these sailors have At a Special Court-Martial con- NS Mayport, and NAS Pen- There is a reward of up to $1,000 for infor- ment in renewable energy is had making it all work. vened on board NAS Jack- sacola. mation leading to a felony arrest or ap- well worth it,” said Guerrier. “If there’s one thing that we November 29, 2012 sonville, a Petty Officer Second Therefore, the location of where a prehension. The lessons learned during knew about our guys, it’s that Class pled guilty to fraterniza- the initial installation are also they can adapt to anything,” court-martial described above tion, dereliction of duty, failing important to the process. By Guerrier said. “I think they to obey a lawful order, and was convened does not necessar- utilizing information gathered proved that here.” wrongful appropriation of a ily correlate to the command that during the set up and con- The expected completion government vehicle. The mili- convened the court-martial. struction of the solar panel date of the project is October Arrive alive - Don’t drink and drive! rigs, workers will be able to 2012. NCBC/20SRG 25 NCR NMCB SEVENTY FOUR Commanding Officer Commander Commanding Officer Capt. Rick Burgess Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. David McAlister Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer MCC (SW/AW) Scott Boyle The Seabee Courier is a weekly author- chaser, user or patron. If a violation or Rob Mims Lt.j.g. John ParizekSeabee Courier ized on-line publication for members of rejection of this equal opportunity pol- Editor NMCB ONE Mass Comm. Specialist the military services and their families. icy by an advertiser is confirmed, the Bonnie L. McGerr Commanding Officer MC2 Ryan Williams Content does not necessarily reflect the publisher shall refuse to print advertis- Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Chad M. Brooks official views of the U.S. Government, ing from that source until the violation Public Affairs Officer the DoD or the U.S. Navy and does not is corrected. The Seabee Courier solic- MCC (SCW/SW/AW) NMCB ONE THIRTY THREE Lt. Brian Gates imply endorsement thereof. The ap- its news contributions from military and Ryan G. Wilber Mass Comm. Specialist Commanding Officer pearance of advertising in this newspa- civilian sources, but the Public Affairs Special Contributors MC1 (AW/NAC) Aron Taylor Cmdr. Nicolas D. Yamodis per, including inserts or supplements, staff reserves the right to edit and/or CM3 (SCW) Katchen Tofil Special Contributor Public Affairs Officer does not constitute endorsement by rewrite material selected for publication CECN Lucinda Moise CE1(SCW) Joshua Thonnissen MC1(SW/AW) Steven Myers the U. S. Government, DoD, the Navy to conform with journalism standards. or NCBC Gulfport of the products and The deadline for material is close of NMCB ELEVEN services advertised. All content in this business every Friday. Your comments 22 NCR Commanding Officer NCTC GULFPORT newspaper shall be made available for are always welcome. The Seabee Commander Cmdr. Maria Aguayo Commanding Officer purchase, use or patronage without re- Courier office is in Building 1, Room Capt. Darius Banaji Public Affairs Officer Cmdr. Scott Anderson gard to race, color, religion, gender, na- 205. The mailing address is 4902 Mar- Public Affairs Officer Lt.j.g. Brian Myers Public Affairs Officer tional origin, age, marital status, vin Shields Blvd., Code 15, Gulfport, MS Mass Comm. Specialist Lt. J. Johnson physical handicap, political affiliation or 39501. Phone: 228-871-3662., E-mail: Vacant MC1(AW) Jonathan Carmichael any other non-merit factor of the pur- 2
  3. 3. Buzz on the Street By CECN Lucinda Moise Around NCBC Public Affairs What are you thankful for? the Center Military members and civilians assigned to NCBC Gulfport and 20th SRG came together at the Tactical Training Facility on board NCBC Gulfport for a Winter Safety Stand Down, Nov. 19. Twelve topics were covered during the training, includ- ing holiday driving, motorcycle, child and holiday lighting “Having a beautiful and a safety, designed to inform and familiarize people with com- wonderful host of family and friends.” mon safety concerns during the winter holiday season. (U.S. Navy photos by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan G. UTCN (SCW) Sharif Vadon Wilber/Released) NMCB 11 Hometown: New York, N.Y. Technical Specialist Jeff Esposito from Fire Trucks Unlimited gave fa-November 29, 2012 miliarization training on the newly acquired fire truck to NCBC Fire De- partment personnel at the grinder on board NCBC, Nov. 14. The 1996 “I’m thankful for my family, recently refurbished fire truck has been added to the NCBC Fire De- friends and my loving puppies.” partment inventory, which will increase their response capabilities. Call CMCN Cela Sibley (228) 871-2333 from any landline phone for emergencies on board MWR/NMCB 28 NCBC and dial 911 if using a cell. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Elec- Hometown: Seaside, Ore. trician Constructionman Lucinda L. Moise/ReleasedSeabee Courier After more than 30 years of dedicated naval service, NCBC Gulf- “My family, good health and all the simple things port Command Master Chief Wade C. Howk retired during a cer- in life.” emony held at the Seabee Memorial Chapel on board NCBC CMCN (SCW) Jeff Mitchell Gulfport, Nov. 16. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Spe- NMCB 11 cialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) Hometown: Chicago, Ill. 3
  4. 4. Retired Seabee shows KAFB hospital staff his appreciation with ‘victory bell’ presentation By Steve Pivnick other for the radiation oncology clinic." 81st Medical Group Public Affairs, KAFB He and Holly donated the bell Oct. 17. Along with the bell, the Gulfport resi- Roger Salois had undergone chemother- dent gave the staff a certificate that apy at the Keesler Hospital Hematol- stated, ogy/Oncology Clinic for six weeks and "This victory bell is presented to (the wanted to show his appreciation to the department) for their relentless dedica- staff. tion in providing lifesaving therapies Salois, a retired Navy Seabee senior while simultaneously improving the qual- chief petty officer, decided to donate a ity of life of their patients. The victory special "Chemotherapy Victory Bell" to bell is to be rung by the patients that the 81st Medical Operations Squadron have so bravely completed their pre- team that he and other patients can ring scribed treatments and in honor of over- Roger Salois receives a round of applause from members of the hema- upon completing their regimen. A smiling coming the emotional roller coaster of tology/oncology clinic staff and his wife Holly, second from left, after Salois did just that Nov. 7, as his wife fighting to obtain a life free of cancer. he rang the “Chemotherapy Victory Bell” he had donated to the clinic Holly and the "Hem/Onc" staff looked on. The victory bell is to be rung three Nov. 7, at the 81st Medical Group, Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. From He explained, "I had seen the bells at times in celebration upon completion of their final chemotherapy treatment." left, staff members are medical technician Airman 1st Class Staci Simp- other cancer-treatment hospitals Ive been at. I asked the staff here if they In addition to the bell for the clinic, Sa- son, Maj. (Dr.) Louis Varner, nurse Jeannie Edge, NCO-in-charge Staff had one. When they told me they didnt, lois gave each staff member a special Sgt. Kristopher Iovieno and Maj. (Dr.) Owen Roberts. I ordered two -- one for them and an- bronze coin. (U.S. Air Force photo by Steve Pivnick/Released) NCBC FREEZE FRAME FRAMESNovember 29, 2012 Logistics Specialist 1st Class (SCW/SW) Chad Alan Bechhold NMCB 11 Supply LPO By CM3(SCW) Katchen TofilSeabee Courier NCBC Public Affairs FF: What single experience during your throughout your career? puts you above your peers when it during your career, and why? career stands out the most and why? LS1: To provide for my family. comes time to rankings. LS1: Aviation Storekeeper 1st Class LS1: Making Third Class since it was Mitchell Henry taught me from the the day I feel was the most important FF: What advice would you give to future FF: What is your favorite thing about work- first day at my first command in the in my career due to proving that I Seabees/Sailors? ing with the Seabees? Navy to study rating material daily. should be given responsibility and LS1: The quick pace of work, there is He also taught me how to be a fair the earning of respect from my peers. LS1: To study hard and take on the never a boring day down in Supply. leader who watches out for his peo- jobs no one else wants to do which in ple, which I have never forgot and FF: What has been your biggest motivation the end gets you recognition and FF: Who was your most influential mentor have used throughout my career. 4
  5. 5. Left: STATEN ISLAND N.Y. - Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Bat- talion (NMCB) 11 load a skid steer with debris from a residential road during Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Staten Island, N.Y. While deployed, NMCB 11 operated under the U.S. Northern Command Defense Support of Civil Au- thorities mission and worked closely with civil authorities and the Federal Emer- gency Management Agency following the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Martin Cuaron/Re- leased) Above: SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. - Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 use a forklift to move a speedboat that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Martin Cuaron/Released) NMCB 11 completes East Coast Disaster Relief mission By EOCS Matthew P. Dooley Lakehurst, N.J., the Air Det hit the here in the communities.” ex- equipment and multiple personnel Because the Seabee trucks and NMCB 11 Public Affairs ground running under operational plained Barrett. to accomplish the task. It’s ex- equipment run on military jet fuel, Ninety Seabees assigned to control of Coastal Riverine Group In addition to the efforts in the tremely rewarding being able to refueling must be done at military Naval Mobile Construction Battal- (CRG) 2, task-tailoring multiple Seaside Heights area, another de- help so many people affected by bases along the route. Addition- ion (NMCB) 11 returned home to teams with various capabilities tachment worked diligently in the the storm and being able to clean ally, suitable berthing must be Gulfport Nov. 19 after spending that were ready to deploy Sea Bright area assisting residents up this memorial is an added sourced as troops must be well the past two weeks providing dis- throughout the affected areas. with debris removal and boarding bonus for us and the city of rested for their driving and daily aster response support in New The Seabees’ first mission, com- up local businesses to prevent fur- Staten Island, “ continued John- operational commitments.November 29, 2012 Jersey and New York. prised of approximately 45 per- ther damage to 165 structures son. With the assistance of the Move- NMCB 11 was ordered to support sonnel along with heavy and assistance in moving personal Meanwhile, three Seabees pro- ment Control Center (MCC) East, federal, state, and local authorities equipment support, involved property in and out of homes for vided around-the clock-assistance under the direction of Mr. Mike in disaster recovery operations in clearing hundreds of tons of de- residents who were affected by at the Hoboken, N.J. Ferry Termi- Noggle as Operations Manager, the New Jersey and New York bris from Seaside Heights, N.J. In heavy flooding. nal providing nine light plants NMCB 11 personnel uploaded areas affected by Hurricane addition to debris, the team re- On Staten Island, a 40-person which illuminated the terminal and cargo onto 20 Medium Tactical Ve- Sandy. This monumental under- moved over 80 cars, boats and crew led by Ensign Wesley M. allowed safe passage of traffic hicle Replacements (MTVR) trac- taking came just days after the other large objects which had Allen and Chief Builder Cortny G. during peak commuting hours. tor trailers and cargo trucks. battalion’s Air Det reorganized into been swept away and displaced Johnson worked with local author- Elsewhere at Floyd Bennett Air- "We wanted to ensure the Bat- its traditional structure of 89 per- during the storm surge. They also ities to clean up the areas around field in New York, a team of 25 talion stepped off on time with the sonnel who are ready on a mo- successfully tackled a more than Miller Field and surrounding Seabees supported clean up and first of three convoy configura- ment’s notice to respond 210,000-gallon dewatering project neighborhoods. Hundreds of debris removal operations in and tions; we offered our help" said worldwide to contingency, disaster to aid local authorities in gaining cubic yards of displaced sand around the Breezy Point area Noggle. By providing two addi- and humanitarian relief opera- access to water and gas lines for were removed from the area along with multiple other military tional forklifts from their shop, tions. repair, and to reach road ways in- along with 50 tons of trash and and civilian support teams. As re- two operators, a runner for addi-Seabee Courier The Air Det was able to mount accessible from sink holes and debris. lief efforts in the New York and tional cargo straps, shoring and out a total of 90 personnel, 94 storm damage. The Seabees also worked fever- New Jersey area continue the chafing material MCC East was pieces of Civil Engineering Sup- Led by Chief Construction Elec- ishly to unearth and completely Seabees will head back to their able to provide a much needed port Equipment including front trician Robert F. Barrett, the team clean up a local World War II Vet- home station and are confident helping hand. end loaders, backhoes, pumps, provided several days of support erans Memorial adjacent to Miller they provided a critical support “Ground movements normally generators and storage contain- working a 50-block area alongside Field in time for Veterans Day. function assisting federal, state don’t involve the Movement Con- ers. Additionally, over 75 various other military and civilian counter- “The entire memorial was buried and local government. trol Center other than building the tool kits and other support equip- parts. “I’m happy we are able to in sand,” explained Johnson. “Our Logistically speaking, moving a Time Phase Force Deployment ment were safely loaded for the assist the people of New Jersey troops took a personal interest in detachment this size has signifi- Data and determining a convoy north. during a very challenging time. ensuring this memorial was re- cant challenges to face over the mode/source for movement in the Upon arrival at Joint Base Our troops are doing a fantastic stored to its original condition. It near 1,400-mile journey to the event aircraft became available McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, located in job and making a positive impact took a full day’s work with heavy New Jersey and New York area. 5 See NMCB 11 page 12
  6. 6. NMCB 5 completes annual SULC event By MC2(SCW) Ace Rheaume and thought process that weve NMCB 5 Public Affairs been putting together and puts it Seabees assigned to Naval Mo- to the ultimate test trying to see bile Construction Battalion how we come together as a team (NMCB) 5 recently concluded their in the end. It feels great Im annual Small Unit Leadership Cap- learning a lot," said Headquarters stone (SULC) at Naval Base Ven- Company squad member Equip- tura County (NBVC) Dozer Field. ment Operator Constructionman SULC was a culmination of small Apprentice Nathan Bryson. unit leadership homeport training. “Most of Alfa company is Each company was represented pretty close, so it’s pretty fun to and squads participated in activi- get out here and compete with ties and events over two days. the guys we hang out with all the SULC was organized by the time,” said Alfa Company squad NMCB 5 First Class Petty Officers member Construction Mechanic Association (FCPOA). Events dur- Constructionman Derek Ellis. Ellis ing the competition that squads added that some challenges dur- participate in range from mentally ing the obstacle course were and physically challenging activi- tough but his squad enjoyed the KUWAIT - Logistics Specialist Seaman Francis Brzezinski of Construction Naval Mobile Con- ties to include: marching drills, competition. struction Battalion (NMCB) 133 receives his Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist qualifi- uniform and personnel inspection, After all activities and events cation certificate from Cmdr. Nick Yamodis, NMCB 133 Commanding Officer, during an professional military knowledge were completed the NMCB 5 questionnaire and a gauntlet of FCPOA hosted a luncheon for all awards ceremony at Detail Bravo, Kuwait. The award was presented during a visit by the team based activities in an obsta- personnel. The results of SULC Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief David Garcia. (U.S. Navy photo by Builder were mentioned shortly after with cle course. Constructionman Jessica Smith/Released) "Im very proud of the fact that I NMCB 5 Alfa Company placing got to help coordinate the obsta- first, Charlie Company placing NMCB 133 ‘Roos Skipper visits Detail Bravo cle course. All of those events are engineered to be team building second, Headquarters Company placing third and Bravo Company By BUCN Jessica Smith One project highlighted was a boat ramp completed during the events and lets squads know that placing fourth. NMCB 133 Public Affairs Laundry Facilities Rehabilitation last homeport period. Logistics NMCB 5 strives on building small without each other and working Naval Mobile Construction Battal- supervised by crew leader Builder Specialist Seaman Francis as a team, nothing can be accom- unit leaders and giving them the ion (NMCB) 133 Detail Bravo 2nd Class Jesse Dupin that was Brzezinski was pinned as a Seabee plished," said NMCB 5 FCPOA opportunity to grow and shine. hosted a visit from Commanding the first to be planned and exe- Combat Warrior by his SCWS President Utilitiesman 1st Class "Im really proud to be a part of Officer Cmdr. Nick Yamodis and cuted solely by the detail since the mentor, Construction Electrician Jesus Escamilla. NMCB 5. Ive belonged to previ- Command Master Chief David Gar- start of their deployment. 2nd Class Casey Cole and pre- These squads worked together ous battalions in the past andNovember 29, 2012 cia, Nov. 15. Yamodis also took advantage of sented his certificate by Yamodis. throughout homeport honing their they didnt quite have the cama- Detail Bravo used the opportu- the visit to present several Lt.j.g. Mathew Ward, the details skills and knowledge to prepare raderie that we have here," said nity to familiarize the visitors with awards. officer in charge, also received his for SULC. Teamwork was vital in Escamilla. Builder 1st Class Jesse Koehn SCW pin. completing each event. NMCB 5 is preparing for a sched- the myriad of ongoing and com- was presented with a Navy NMCB 133 is currently deployed "It basically takes all the training uled PACOM deployment. pleted projects where the Seabees had expended more than 2,400 Achievement Medal for his work to the U.S. Central Command area man days of labor in construction, as project supervisor on the Naval of responsibility to support engi- maintenance, and training. Air Station (NAS) Corpus Christi neering operations. Looking for a way to serve Race Engines, Dirt Bikes, ATV’s, your commu- Cigarette Boats, Zodiacs nity? Inter- Are you up to the challenge of hard work and repairing ested in a law unique SOF equipment?Seabee Courier enforcement career? If so, consider volunteering Naval Special Warfare Development Group is seeking active your off duty time and duty Construction Mechanics and all other Seabee rates. become a Gulfport Police Reserve Officer or a Re- - Motivated/Volunteer - Pass Navy PFA serve Community Service - E4 - E6 Alfa Company Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Bat- Technician. Call Lt. Phillip - No NJP talion (NMCB) 5 participate in an ammo can carry event during Small Kincaid at 228-868-5900, - No bankruptcy Unit Leadership Capstone (SULC) at Naval Base Ventura County ext. 6189 or email him at - Obtain Secret/TOP Secret clearance (NBVC) Port Hueneme, Calif. SULC was a culmination of small unit leadership homeport training that tested squads mentally Email us at ! or contact for additional information. and physically in activities and events over two days. U.S. Navy your detailer to request additional information. 6 photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume)
  7. 7. MWR, USO, NEX host‘Month of the Military Family’ Party November 29, 2012 Photos courtesy of MWR and Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen TofilIn honor of the presidential proclamation declaring November, “Month of vestigate the new NCBC fire truck. The adults , on the other hand, jumped Seabee Courierthe Military Family,” the Navy Exchange (NEX), Morale Welfare and Recre- in line for free gifts and gift certificate raffles as high as $100. The eveningation (MWR) and United Service Organization (USO) collaborated in cele- was capped off with a special parade featuring the Budweiser Clydesdales.brating military families with a special event at the Training Hall on board The procession began at the Child Development Center and as the exqui-Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC), Nov. 15. Through the com- site horses made their way down Marvin Shields Boulevard, the children andbined efforts of the sponsoring organizations, around 800 service members the adults appeared to be in awe of their huge stature, bright eyes and spir-and their families enjoyed a variety of events including free food and bev- ited demeanor. The picture was made complete with the addition of theerages, games and special appearances by the Mississippi Surge Mascot and faithful spotted Dalmatian proudly perched high atop the red, white and goldMcGruff the Crime Dog. Children lined up to climb the rock wall and in- wagon in the company of the two hitch drivers. 7
  8. 8. ‘The Meat & Potatoes Turkey Day at Liberty of Life’ By Lisa Smith Molinari, Military Spouse ContributerOwww, Christmas Tree! the trunk in the stand. “It looks so small now,” our son ob- My husband has never been handy, and served as we gawked at the maimed tree moments like these are always tense. surrounded by sawdust and needles. “And Sensing he needed assistance, I grabbed it’s crooked too.” Over the next hour, we the top of the tree. “Ow!” I wailed, look- disguised the problem with as many lights ing down at four tiny pinholes in my as possible. More than 150 patrons attended Liberty’s Thanksgiv- thumb. “What kind of tree is this, any- “Are we ever gonna put the ornaments ing Day Dinner, Nov. 22. The NCBC MWR Liberty Pro- way?” on?” our youngest whined for the thou- gram hosted the free dinner which included a “I don’t know…a fir, a spruce, how the sandth time. After drowning their disap- traditional turkey and ham with sides and deserts. Pa- heck do I know,” he stammered. pointment in several mugs of hot cocoa, trons enjoyed plenty of activities throughout the day. Wearing gloves, we secured the tree in the kids finally abandoned us and ran off Football fans were able to cheer on their favorite its stand and began to lift. to play. teams while others participated in Sumo wrestling. My hands looked like they’d been hit “Uh oh,” I said when the tree was at ten Around five-o-clock, the tree looked OK, The annual event provided a comforting home awayby shrapnel. The Persian rug was imbed- o’clock. but my husband still lay on the floor with from home for single Sailors and geographical bach-ded with sawdust, pine needles and sticky “What?” my husband barked, nervously. the train set, emitting various expletives. elors removed from their families for the holidays.spots of sap. The trunk of our Christmas “It’s not going to fit. How tall is this Having found the manual too confusing, (Photo courtesy of MWR/Released)tree, which could be clearly seen through thing, anyway?” he winged it. Not surprisingly, the trainthe sparse branches, was warped in the “I don’t know . . . but we have high ceil- would not budge.middle. ings, right?” I didn’t want to reinforce his “if-I-screw- That’s what I got for telling my husbandto pick out the tree without me. That day, base looked like a winter won- “No, Hon, we have low ceilings, remem- ber?” I said, trying to remain calm. My husband had always refered to hard- this-up-she’ll-fix-it-anyway” habit, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the manual, found the diagram of track con- NEX bringing backderland with fluffy white snow stuck toevery surface. Neighbors merrily buzzedabout, bundling kids for sledding and ware stores as “haunted houses,” so home repairs were generally handled by me. But in the spirit of holiday tradition, figurations, assembled an elongated cir- cle, stripped the wires to expose fresh copper, inserted the wiring into the cor- Bonus Bucks From NEX Public Affairs places our customers can shopstocking up on holiday provisions. we thought it best to not reverse conven- rect terminal, properly positioned the during the holiday season. NEX November 29, 2012 I dropped my husband and our son off tional gender roles, especially while the wheels, turned on the power, and away Bonus Bucks are back at select Bonus Bucks are our way ofto help sell Christmas trees for the Boy kids were watching. she went like the wind. Navy Exchanges (NEXs) this holi- thanking customers for shoppingScout troop, and witnessed a sweet My husband emerged from our base- Exhausted by the fiasco, I ordered Chi- day season, including NEX Gulf- at their NEX and to encouragescene: twinkle lights draped, music play- ment with a saw, and stood befuddled nese take away for dinner. port. On Dec. 8, from 8 a.m. – 1 them to come back for extra sav-ing, kids savoring candy canes, fire crack- over our tree. I’d seen this look on his “Great job with the train, Dad,” our mid- p.m., customers will receive one ings.”ling. Dads could be heard wishing face a thousand times, and knew he had dle child said as she crunched into a $10 Bonus Bucks coupon for each NEX Bonus Bucks will be re-customers a “Merry Christmas” as uni- no clue what to do. spring roll. $100 of merchandise/service pur- deemable in any NEX from Dec.formed boys loaded trees onto cars. Quickly measuring the tree and ceiling “And the tree looks terrific, too, Dad,” chased, while coupon supplies 26 – Jan. 1, on all merchandise Whatever “cockles” are, mine were heights, I declared, “According to my cal- our son offered with a mouthful of rice. last. A maximum of five Bonus and services except uniforms,warmed, and I couldn’t wait for them to culations, you need to cut off one foot “Yea, thanks Dad!” our youngest ex- Bucks will be issued to customers gasoline, tobacco, alcohol, NEXcome home with a beautiful tree. I had eight inches.” claimed as she threw her arms around per single transaction. and third party Gift Cards andthe perfect afternoon planned: bring dec- He took a step forward, and I yelled, Francis’ neck. “NEX customers have responded concession merchandise. Pur-orations up from basement, put up tree, “No! Not from the top!” “You’re quite welcome, kids,” my hus- very positively to this promotion chases made on the All Servicesmake hot cocoa, set up train, play Christ- Wincing, I held the spiky middle while band said with a wink, “that’s what dads since we started it three years Catalog or myNavyExchange.commas music while whole family decorates, my husband timidly sliced at the barbed are for.” ago, so we’re bringing it back do not apply. One coupon will be Seabee Couriergaze at tree while snuggled in family trunk. A few painful minutes later, the again this year,” said Mike Powers, redeemable on a transaction ofroom. I love this time of year. bottom of the tree surrendered, and we Get more wit and observations from Lisa Navy Exchange Service Command $50 or more. A maximum of five Three hours later the boys came home were able to get the tree upright in the at her blog, http://themeatandpotatoe- (NEXCOM) Director Retail Opera- coupons can be used on a trans-with a wrapped tree, and started to put stand. tions. “We know there are many action of $250 or more.Marine Toys for Tots - Staff Sgt. Force Base PX and on boardMarvin Perez-Diaz, of I&I, 3rd Platoon, A com- NCBC at the Navy Exchange and NCBC Branch Clinic Newspany, 4th AABN on board NCBC is coordinating the Navy Federal Credit Union. Patients seen at NBHC Gulfport can now call the clinic directlythe area’s annual Toys for Tots campaign. Your Donations are being accepted to schedule appointments at 228-871-4033, Monday - Fridaycontribution of new, unwrapped toys or a mon- through Dec. 22. To make a from 7 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Flu Immunizations - NCBC Branchetary donation would be greatly appreciated. monetary donation, or for more Health Clinic has flu immunizations available for to anyone withDrop off boxes are located throughout Harri- information on Toys for Tots, valid Government ID. Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.,son, Hancock and Stone Counties, Keesler Air visit Fridays, 7:30 a.m. - noon. 8
  9. 9. Focus on EducationTips to help you raise a reader Scholarship Opportunities Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Scholar-From StatePoint Media, Inc. the most effective way to help ships: There’s no better time than them attain critical language Applications for Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) educa-the present to emphasize the and communication skills and tional scholarships and interest-free loans for the 2013-2014 academicimportance of reading at instill great habits. year are now available and can be downloaded at Solid readers perform • Take advantage of free on- cation.better in school and in the line tools and resources that Students eligible to apply include spouses or children (under the ageworkplace, have a healthy help make reading an engag- of 23) of Sailors and Marines who: are on active duty, are retired orself-image, and become life- ing, shared experience for who died on active duty or in a retired status.long learners. parents and kids. For example Consideration for selection is based on scholastic ability and financial Research shows a whopping RIF’s “Leading to Reading” need. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors or full-time45 percent of children ages 3 website contains activities for • Many literacy programs (minimum 12 credit hours) college students working toward their firstto 5, are not read to daily, children ages birth to 5. Visit supporting underserved com- undergraduate degree. Applications must be received at NMCRS byand this lack of literature can munities are currently experi- May 1, unless the due date on the application states otherwise.take a negative toll on school ading for more information. encing federal funding The NMCRS Education Program has provided scholarships and inter-performance. Luckily, there • Variety is the spice of life! cutbacks, but everyone de- est-free loans totaling more than $60 million to more than 50,000 stu-are many things parents can Be sure your house contains serves a chance to read. In- dents over the last 30 years. It is based on the Societys mission "todo to make kids passionate plenty of books to choose vest in the lives of other provide financial, educational and other assistance." The program isreaders. from on a variety of topics. children who might not have supported entirely by donations and bequests to NMCRS. “Reading stimulates chil- • Launch a children’s book the same opportunities as For more information on the NMCRS Education Program, please visitdren’s imagination and ex- club with other parents. Take your kids. For example, right or email their understanding of turns hosting your children’s now, every time you enter a DeCA 2013 Scholarships for Military Children:the world,” says actress Kate friends for snacks and a lively promotion code found inside In 2012, the Scholarships for Military Children Program celebrated aBeckinsale, who is teaming discussion on the book of the specially marked packages of major milestone as it reached more than $10 million in scholarshipswith "The Nestlé Share the month. Nestlé and Wonka candy at awarded to 6,742 students from around the globe.Joy of Reading Program,” to • Kids love getting mail! It’s time, once again, to add to these impressive numbers, as applica-raise awareness about the im- Subscribe to children’s maga- IF, Nestlé will donate money tions for the 2013 Scholarships for Military Children Program will beportance of children’s literacy zines so they’ll have some- to RIF, to fund purchasing available starting Dec. 3 at commissaries worldwide. You can also findand support the work of thing fun and beneficial to books for kids. them online through a link at and di-Reading Is Fundamental, the look forward to each month. Almost a quarter of public rectly at’s largest children’s liter- • Make sure children have school fourth graders score Scholarship awards will be based on funds available, but the scholar-acy nonprofit. their very own library cards below even the most basic ship program awards at least $1,500 at each commissary. If there are November 29, 2012 If you’re looking to make and become frequent patrons levels on reading exams, ac- no eligible applicants from a particular commissary, the funds desig-reading a bigger part of your at your local library. cording to National Assess- nated for that commissary will be awarded as an additional scholarshipchildren’s lives, here are some • Be it the morning paper or ment of Educational Progress. at another store.great tips to get them moti- your favorite novel, set a Don’t let your children fall be- To apply for a scholarship, the student must be a dependent, unmar-vated: great example by making hind. Take steps to help your ried child, younger than 21 — or 23, if enrolled as a full-time student • Start young. Reading aloud reading a daily habit for your- children and others to hone at a college or university — of a service member on active duty, re-to children at an early age is self. this basic tool for success. servist, guardsman, retiree or survivor of a military member who died while on active duty or survivor of a retiree. Eligibility is determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System database. Specialized Training Save the Date! of Military Parents Applicants should ensure that they, as well as their sponsor, are en- rolled in the DEERS database and have a current military ID card. The The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) Professional (STOMP) - STOMP is an or- applicant must also be planning to attend or already attending an ac-Development Institute presents: “Living in the New Normal: Help- ganization dedicated solely to ad- credited college or university, full time, in the fall of 2013 or be en- ing Children Thrive in Good and Challenging Times,” dressing the needs of military rolled in a program of studies designed to transfer directly into a Seabee Courier Dec. 5, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. families who have family mem- four-year program. Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center bers with special medical or edu- Applicants must submit an essay on a topic chosen by the Fisher No cost to participants Funded by OSD/DA. Must be in cational needs. STOMP will be House. The essay topic will be available Dec. 3 on http://www.mili- attendance 95 percent in order to receive institute credit and on the Gulf Coast for a free two Applications must be turned in to a commissary by course materials. day workshop at Keesler Air Feb. 22. For more information, contact Myriam Virella, 254-953-1923, Force Base Dec. 3 - 4, 9 a.m. - 4 X 1119 or p.m., at the Bay Breeze Event Please visit and click the Center. To register for this FREE Upcoming Training tab to register FFSC December Classes . . . The Fleet and workshop or for more informa- Family Support Center (FFSC) invites you to check out their De- tion, please contact the Fleet and NCBC School Liaison Officer, Kevin Byrd is located at: MWR cember class schedule at: Family Support Center Excep- Building 352, 1706 Bainbridge Ave. NCBC, 228-871-2117 CenterGulfport/ffsc-classes-december-2012. Please call FFSC at tional Family Member Program email: 228-871-3000 to pre-register. (EFMP) Liaison, 228-871-3000. 9
  10. 10. Special Event Saturday, “ParaNorman,” PG, Come out and light up the season noon; “Bourne Legacy,” PG13, 2with MWR at our annual Tree Light- p.m.; “Expendables 2,” R, 5 and Holiday Gift Village event, Sunday, “The Odd Life of TimothyDec. 7, 6 – 8:30 p.m. at the Youth Green,” PG, 2 p.m.; “PremiumActivities Center. There will be a Rush,” PG13, 4:30 p.m.snow play area and lots of fungames for the children, along with Information, Tickets andcookies and milk. Adults can shop Travel:for gifts at the Holiday Gift Village Active Duty, Reservist, Nationalwhich includes brand new vendors Guard, USCG and Retirees are nowthis year. And of course, Santa will eligible for a complimentary Univer- Parking passes are $40 for inside kens needed. Stop by and take a Want to surprise family and friendsbe waiting to hear what is on every- sal 3 Day Park-to-Park ticket and the Superdome Parking Garage and swing! Rent bats and helmets at no with gifts this holiday season? Thenone’s wish list. Call 228-871-4010 Blue Man Group Ticket at children’s are available on a first come first charge from Outdoor Recreation catch a ride with the Youth Activi-for more details. price! All dependents and DOD per- serve basis. (No refunds or ex- during business hours. ties Center to Edgewater Mall. The sonnel are eligible for discounted changes. Ticket prices are subject trip is open to ages 12 and older.Fitness Universal 2 Day, with 3rd Day Free to change without warning. ITT is Food & Beverage Seats are limited so sign up now – Do you like tennis or is badminton tickets! Call ITT for more informa- not responsible for lost, stolen or Monday Night Football: Grab a only $4. Go this Saturday from 4 –more your style? Sign up for tion! laundered tickets and will not re- buddy and head to the “BeeHive” 10 p.m. Money is needed for shop-Lunchtime Intramural Pickleball. Your ITT Office now carries select place them. Due to government on Monday to catch all the action. ping and food court purchases.Pickleball is a racquet sport which Hornets games!! Upcoming games agency discounts, resale is prohib- The Grill: Open Monday -Friday It’s time for the Family Feud Nightcombines elements of badminton, on sale are, Oklahoma City Thun- ited and not authorized.) 6:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Stop and at the YAC, Wednesday from 5:30 – November 29, 2012tennis, and table tennis. Head to der, Dec. 1, Memphis Grizzlies, Dec. Liberty Center: check out The Grill’s new menu, full 8:30 p.m. Come out and enjoy thethe CBC Fitness Center and sign up 7 and Indiana Pacers, Dec. 22. Call Hop on the Liberty shuttle with of mouth-watering breakfast and fun for FREE.through Nov. 30. The league starts ITT for pricing and info! your pals and let us take you to the lunch options. Call ahead for take- Need a little time away from theFeb. 6 and the games will be held Looking for a great holiday event 27th Annual Christmas on the out - avoid the wait. ladies, fellas? Well, get to the YAC11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. in the Fit- for the family? Look no further, ITT Water Boat Parade! The shuttle is Anchors and Eagles: Open Tues- for Boys Only Night and enjoy someness Center gymnasium. For more is taking you and your family to FREE and departs the Liberty Cen- day - Thursday, 2 - 9 p.m. FREE flag football and other out-information, call the Fitness Center. Mickey’s Music Festival in Mobile ter Saturday at 4 p.m. door games; Thursday, 5:30 – 8:30 The CBC Fitness Center invites all Dec. 15 for only $25! Departing Get out of town and visit the Youth Activities duty military to participate in from the ITT parking lot at 11 a.m., U.S.S. Alabama with the Libertyits Twelve Days of Christmas. The and returning approximately 7 p.m. Center. The FREE shuttle departs Sunday at 9 a.m. Tour admission is For more information about MWRevent will start Dec. 3 and run Space is limited- sign up today! (Children ages 6 and under must be FREE with a military ID. programs and opportunities, contact:through Dec. 14. Find a fitness as-sistant during operational hours and in a passenger restraint device, not Outdoor Recreation: Anchors & Eagles 228-871-4607 Seabee Courierperform an activity specific to each provided by MWR.) Do you have holiday parties Auto Hobby 228-871-2804 Saints vs. Buccaneers tickets will scheduled this season? Outdoor Beehive 228-871-4682of the twelve days. Complete all 12 Child Development Center 228-871-2323activities of the Christmas Fitness go on sale Dec. 3 at 9 a.m. for just Recreation offers all kind of equip- Fitness Center 228-871-2668Challenge and get a souvenir work- $52.25/ticket! The first week of ment for gatherings from grills and Information, Tickets & 228-871-2231out towel. For more information, sales will be open to Active Duty cookers to children’s bounce houses Travelcall the Fitness Center. only. During the second week of at very affordable prices. Liberty Center 228-871-4684 sales tickets will be available for Calling all fishermen! Navy Out- Seabee Heritage Center 228-871-3619 door Recreation presents the Fish- Navy Outdoor Recreation 228-871-2127Recreation purchase to all eligible MWR pa- RV Park 228-871-5435 Movie Theater: FREE every trons (Active Duty, Reservists, De- ing Rodeo at Seabee lake, Dec. 22. The Grill 228-871-2494weekend. Grab some popcorn and pendents, Retirees and DOD To sign up or for more details, call Training Hall 228-871-4750sit back and enjoy the movie! employees) with proper ID. Limit ODR. Youth Activities Center 228-871-2251Friday, “The Watch,” R, 6:30 p.m. two tickets per Military ID card. FREE Batting Cage: No more to- Main Office 228-871-2538 10