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15 food drink trends for 2015 (follow up)

Earlier this year we made some predictions for food and drink trends that we thought would be interesting and relevant to the FMCG industry. This is our follow up to see how accurate those predicitions were (so far!)

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15 food drink trends for 2015 (follow up)

  1. 1. 15 Food & Drink Trends for 2015 A look at how we are doing so far…
  2. 2. Earlier this year we made 15 Food & Drink predictions for 2015
  3. 3. With 2016 in sight let’s take a look at how accurate we were…
  4. 4. We Predicted… “With the gourmet burger trend fully hitting the mainstream, foodies are turning to a new takeaway staple to jazz up- the hot dog.” Were We Right? Sort of… Posh dogs haven’t gone mainstream yet, but maybe this is because gourmet burgers are still popular on the menu? What’s Next? Is there any form of fast food that can’t be premiumised? Check out our next prediction for an update on posh kebabs! 4 Gourmet Hot Dogs Brewdog – of Craft Beer fame – have recently opened DOGEATDOG serving gourmet hot dogs in North London
  5. 5. 5 Mezze Madness We Predicted… “The next wave of ethnic cuisine that looks set to take Europe by storm is from Lebanon. Elevating the traditional kebab, think freshly made hummus, falafel and grilled meats!” Were We Right? It’s looking that way! Check out London Evening Standard’s guide to the “Gastro Bab”. What’s Next? Increase in small, sharing plates across a range of eateries, from Mediterranean-style restaurants to English pubs. Posh Lamb Kebabs at Le Bab – photo from London Evening Standard article on the Gastro Bab
  6. 6. 6 Hot Sauce Provenance We Predicted… “Consumer thirst for hot sauce is continuing to rise. 2015 will be the year that in order to further differentiate brands will play up the provenance of their hot sauces.” Were We Right? We’re getting there... Hot sauces are definitely becoming more mainstream, and strong provenance stories are helping. What’s Next? Increasing popularity of artisanal brands, coupled with greater awareness of the cooking applications of hot sauce thanks to the growth of Sriracha. California-based Sosu “artisan ketchups” also tie-in nicely with another of our predictions about more diverse Asian foods
  7. 7. 7 Nuts for Nuts! We Predicted… “Hitting back at rising allergy and free-from trends nut butters & spreads to less conventional formats like nut drinks, 2015 is the year we’re going nuts for nuts.” Were We Right? Spot on! Protein-based snacking has seen huge growth, and breakfast consumption of fruit & nuts has risen by 9.5% [Kantar] What’s Next? There are plenty of nut varieties to turn into a range of spreads, drinks and healthy snack-bars. Pip&Nut are one of our favourite new brands fuelling the craze for delicious and nutritious nut products with divine butters
  8. 8. We Predicted… In the year ahead we expect London’s diverse array of Asian street food to start gaining wider traction: showing the public that there is more to Asian food than Chinese sweet and sour! Were we right? Absolutely! The food scene is exploding with Vietnamese, Korean and other East Asian eateries. What’s Next? Watch out for start-up Yogiyo Korean Kitchen who won backing from Dragon’s Den. 8 Taste of the Orient Founded by SueYoun and husband Ben,Yogiyo sell Korean cooking sauces and ingredients.
  9. 9. We Predicted… “The logicalnext step is for gluten-free productswhich put contentclaimsfront and centre to give way to new brands contestingfor market share and shelf spacewithin this category” Were We Right? Gettingthere slowly.The free-from categoryandgluten-freeproducts continueto boom,with ever increasing demandfrom consumers.However to a large extent the categoryis dominatedby brands which centre on free-fromclaims, not their wider identity. What’sNext? A rhetorical moveaway from ‘free-from’ to ‘better with’ focussingon the benefitsof whole and unprocessedfoods. 9 Gluten Free Growth The Rude Health range are a rare but fantastic example of a free- from brand with an identity that stretches beyond GF claims
  10. 10. We Predicted… “Coconut water has enjoyed enormous success in both UK and US markets in recent years, and it now looks like coconut oil will be riding that wave.” Were We Right? Totally! With twitter rumours of rugby world cup winners the NZ All Blacks getting through 6-7 tins a week, coconut oil has become a firm kitchen favourite. What’s Next? Whilst Starbucks coconut-milk latte skyrockets, also watch for the steady rise of aloe-vera, already a favourite amongst those with restricted diets. 10 Coconut Everything Premium British brand LucyBee have been joined byVitaCoco, the Groovy Food Co & others
  11. 11. We Predicted… “We’re keeping our eyes on the taste pioneers finding new ways to use matcha in various dishes – cold tea beverages have already made their way into the market, but there is potential to extend into desserts, hot drinks, breakfast occasions and more.” Were We Right? Slow Up Take… Matcha is diffusing into our dishes/beverages, but it hasn’t made as big an impact as we predicted for 2015. What’s Next? Matcha powder has huge potential to boost health claims across a range of categories yet. 11 Go Matcha! Starbucks GreenTea Lattes are popular with the health & wellness crowd, but aren’t the latest hype.
  12. 12. We Predicted… “With adult soft drinks growing considerably, and the war on sugar looming over the category at large, expect interesting developments over the next year.” Were We Right? Mixed Picture The wider category of sodas and carbonated beverages is transforming rapidly with craft sodas and ginger beer/ale being swept along. What’s Next? Ever increasing interest in craft soda and declining popularity for big soda in the wake of the ‘war on sugar’. 12 Ginger Beer Bruce Cost ginger ale – the craft soda creation of a ginger enthusiast.
  13. 13. We Predicted… “Although this trend was previously a non-starter, 2015 looks set to be its year. In response to concerns around the level of sugar in drinks, drinks brands will look to vegetables to offer exciting flavour innovations.” Were We Right? Spot-on! Following the ‘green juice’ revolution, juice and smoothie brands like Innocent have begun to incorporate veg into their products. What’s Next? There may be a u-turn in this category as people become concerned by the lack of fibre in pressed products. 13 “Drink Your Veg” Innocent Super Smoothie range – combining veg, botanicals and fruit Picture:
  14. 14. We Predicted… “2015 will see food and drinks brands using digital channels in increasingly innovative ways to deliver better service and reduce their overheads” Were We Right? Correct! Starbucks are leading the way with mobile pay-and-collect coffee ordering while bespoke food delivery services like Deliveroo allow local eateries to access the takeaway market. What’s Next? Sharing is caring. Increased use of websites like or 14 Clickable Lunch A delivery man for Deliveroo, premium restaurant takeaway service Picture:
  15. 15. We Predicted… “With consumers becoming increasingly adventurous in what they eat, expect meats outside to standard chicken, lamb, beef and pork to gain a following.” Were We Right? Not so much… You’ll still find ostrich steak and kangaroo burgers in street food markets. However, despite Lidl and Aldi both making historical forays into exotic meats, the focus of supermarkets now seems to be very much British meat from British farmers. What’s Next? Greater variety in the meat-free category. Quorn have just extended their range to include filled pastas, lardons and a vegan selection.15 Gamey Meats on Menu Quorn filled ravioli – part of Quorn’s expanded product range Picutre:
  16. 16. We Predicted… “Tapioca balls at the bottom of iced tea? It shouldn’t work but it does, and already has a loyal following in the UK thanks to the likes of Bubbleology and Cuppacha. Expect a high street chain in the UK to begin offering the drink…” Were We Right? Lukewarm – whilst companies like Bubbleology continue to be popular, bubble tea is yet to make it into the big chain coffee shops. What’s Next? Water fresh from the tree such as Tapped’s birch water or DRINKmaple. 16 Bubble Tea Explosion DRINKmaple offer consumers water tapped straight from the tree
  17. 17. We Predicted… “This is one to watch over a longer period of time, but seaweed is already being experimented with in different formats from trendy London restaurants to wholefood and health stores.” Were We Right? Not quite. For now seaweed remains the preserve of sushi rolls and Chinese takeaways. What’s Next? Season with seaweed? The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company launch a selection of ‘the tastiest seaweeds’. 17 Seaweed Salad? Mermaid Confetti No.2 – a blend of dried lava and dulse seaweed with Halen Mon sea salt
  18. 18. We Predicted… “Cricket, anyone? Bugs may be pushing our predictions, but with the global price of meat rising and health-conscious western diets slowly shifting away from the meat and two veg formula, consumers are looking for new sources of protein.” Were We Right? More than we imagined! With the launch of the UK’s first snack bar made using cricket flour this trend has come sooner than we thought it might! What’s Next? Cricket nut fudge, anyone? The inclusion of insects in to more conventional food products. 18 It’s a Bug’s Life… Crobar are made with cricket flour and “set to revolutionise the health food market,”
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