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Unifying Search with Performance Media By Jon Myers #SEJSummit

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Event: SEJ Summit London Hosted By Searchmetrics

For years, marketers have relied on the power of intent-based Paid Search Marketing due to its huge market growth and its ROI transparency. Today, Social and Display can now utilize those same performance levers for the powerful opportunity to market across all 3 platforms. In this session, Jon will give insight on how to bring Search, Social and Display to the table and make the 3 channels track and perform as one.

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Unifying Search with Performance Media By Jon Myers #SEJSummit

  1. 1. Jon Myers, VP & Managing Director – EMEA Search Engine Journal – London May 2015 Unifying Search with Performance Media
  2. 2. Sebastian Wenzel, Webanalyticsbook Free 30-Day Trial Instant data. Tweak strategies. Benchmark competitors.
  3. 3. Marin At A Glance: 2014 3 Leading Ad Cloud enabling audiences across search, display and social Note: Annualized spend as of December 31, 2014, based on last month of the year. Gross profit margin is Non-GAAP $7.2 Billion Ad Spend Managed Worldwide 66% US vs 34% Int’l Revenue Split 29% Growth $99.4 Million in Revenue YoY The only true multi-channel platform & Audience Marketing Suite #1 Ad CloudGlobal leader in search, only independent vendor to combine search, display and social through synchronous audiences 36% of Fortune 100 use Marin #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  4. 4. The Silo Digital Cliché
  5. 5. Marketers Have Talked a lot about it over the years!....Love them or Hate them??!!!
  6. 6. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers • Get away from the Silo thing……hate them! • Think about Audience AND Intent • Mobile world we live in
  7. 7. Integration between digital marketing discipline still has a way to go How do we remove people based silos in digital channels? Can audience data be the glue which ties together our digital channels with a focus on the consumer? Digital Marketing Manager Censor Marin Software commissioned independent market research company Censuswide to survey 200 digital marketing managers in October and November 2014. The respondents all work in companies with an annual turnover of at least £20 million. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  8. 8. The marketing and IT partnership is growing How can we work with IT to better surface data from legacy technologies, which will fuel better online advertising optimisation? Over half (54%) of respondents say they are already working closely with their IT department, and one in five (19%) are planning to do so in future. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  9. 9. Increasing Complexity in the Advertising Market Anytime, Anywhere Access All Brands, Publishers & Channels Personalization Limited Access Mass MarketTop Brands & Agencies THEN NOW #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  10. 10. Search and Social Have Become Go-To Channels Rapid and Continuous Growth Sources: RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age, “Facebook, Inc.” September 12, 2013, and , Consumer Usage is Omnipresent Marketers Are Embracing 50% of Total Media Budgets 50% of Marketers Will Increase 5.7 Billion Google Searches / Day 1.35 Billion Monthly Facebook Users Google / Facebook = #1 / #2 for ROI 75% See as Critical for Cross-Channel #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  11. 11. The Buyer’s Journey is Highly Fragmented  47% of revenue comes from purchases made in more than one day (Google)  65% of revenue comes from purchases made in more than one step (Google)  Search engines and social networks are the top two sources used to research and inspire purchase decisions (eMarketer) Sources: Brand Perfect, “Adventures in Retail” #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  12. 12. Looking at Search and Social Separately Doesn’t Tell the Full Story  Social is more likely to “assist” sales made in other channels  For every Social click resulting in a purchase, there are two clicks assisting another converting channel Source: Google #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  13. 13. Social Advertising Drives Better Search Performance 44% of Marketers Have Seen Search Performance Improve Following launch of a Social campaign Brands Experience a 50% Increase in Search CTR When their target audience is also exposed to Social ad Brands Experience a 11% Lift in Brand Searches If they’re also running FB ads Consumers Are 2.8x More Likely to Search for Your Brand If they’ve been exposed your Social ad #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  14. 14. Customers Who Touch Both Channels Are More Valuable Search Touches + Social Touches = Better Performance • 2X higher conversion rate, 2X higher revenue / click than Search only • 4.5X higher conversion rate, 4X higher revenue / click than Social only Focus on Acquiring Customers Across Channels • Focusing on a single channel ignores the customers’ path to conversion • Focusing on a single channel limits the potential results you can achieve Google / Bing Click + Facebook Click Facebook Click Only Google /Bing Click Only 3.56% CR $3.16 RPC 1.88% CR $1.56 RPC .76% CR $.77 RPC Source: Marin Software’s Combining the Power of Search and Social for Exponential ROI report #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  15. 15. Female, age 25-35 who has purchased shoes in the past Focus on the Customer, Not the Channel Target Customer Customer Intention ?? “buy black running shoes” Social Advertising • Audience targeting capabilities • Reach a specific audience based on demo, behavior, or customer characteristics • Use to Push advertising message to customers Search Advertising • Intention targeting capabilities • Reach customers based on their buying intentions at a specific moment in time • Use to Pull customers into your advertising message Female, age 25-35 who has purchased shoes in the past #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  16. 16. Search, Social and Display 65% of online revenue comes from purchases with touch points across multiple channels1 Source: Magna Global, December 2014; Magna Global, Programmatic Forecasts, September 2014; Display includes banners, video, display 1. Google Analytics Q4 2012, The Customer Journey to Online Purchase report SEARCH is the largest digital ad segment. SOCIAL 15% of the digital ad segment with high growth. DISPLAY programmatic is the fastest growing display segment. MOBILE 47% of digital ad spend expected to be on mobile ad formats by 2019. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  17. 17. Use the Strengths of Each Channel to Reach the Right Customer at the Right Time
  18. 18. Powering Cross-Channel Revenue Acquisition Create & Convert Your Most Valuable Audience Segments across Channels DATA SOURCES PLATFORMS Google Gemini Bing Yahoo! Japan Baidu Yandex DoubleClick PubMatic Rubicon Open X Brightroll Yahoo AX Microsoft AX AppNexus MoPub Nexage Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Search Display Social #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  19. 19.  Capture, build and activate Custom and Tailored Audiences based on search intent, website behavior, and demographic traits from third-party data sources Capture Build Engage Activate Target Audience Cross Channel Audience Activation #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  20. 20. Audience Segmentation, Optimisation and Reporting STEP 1: COLLECT DATA STEP 2: ANALYSE INTENT SIGNALS Audience Value Map STEP 3: BUILD AUDIENCES STEP 4: CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT, REPORTING & OPTIMISATION OutoftheBoxCustom Social CRM Behavioral Search Intent Revenue Lower Intent, Lower Value Higher Intent, Higher Value High Intent, High Value High-value Prospects Private Audience Networks #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  21. 21. Audiences are built using a combination of different intent signals High Intent Medium Intent Lower Intent + Clicked on branded PPC ad + Interested in high-value product + Added product to shopping cart + Belongs to high-value demographic + Recently signed up for promo emails + Clicked on mid-value PPC ad + Viewed fashion category pages + Viewed fashion product page + CRM lookalike audience from FB + non recent past shoppers + Unbranded PPC ad click + Viewed home page, left w/o purchase + New CRM subscriber + Recent in-market data + CRM lookalike audience #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  22. 22. Campaign and Creative Consistency Creative Messaging Contents • Big, bold product images • Brand and Product mentions • Top products • New offerings • Strong CTAs • Dynamic creative • Time limited offers • Price breaks • Strong CTAs • Pricing information • Unbranded, high volume terms • Generic Terms • Product Info • Softer CTAs #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  23. 23.  Integrate with leading in-app analytics solutions  Identify desktop users and target them across mobile devices  Target users with premium, global, mobile ad inventory Cross-Device Targeting and Mobile Attribution Match users across devices using blended probabilistic/deterministic model Cross-Device ID & Targeting Display in-app and mobile ads on premium mobile inventory Serve Targeted Mobile Ads #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  24. 24. Where Next??.........
  25. 25. Television #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  26. 26. Radio #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers
  27. 27. Outdoor
  28. 28. Your world
  29. 29. #SEJSummit #Searchmetrics @JonDMyers • Get away from the Silo thing……hate them! • Think about Audience AND Intent • Mobile world we live in
  30. 30. Thank You. @JonDMyers