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Text setsfinal

Samantha Dinnan
Chelsea Zalewski
Stephanie Fraley

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Text setsfinal

  1. 1. Family Open House Ms. Dinnan, Ms. Zalewski, Ms. Fraley
  2. 2. Text Features• Elements found in all books• Guides to help the reader focus
  3. 3. Kindergarten – 2nd GradeMATH
  4. 4. Graphic Organizer
  5. 5. Non-Fiction BooksPet Store Subtraction By: Simone T. Ribke Using Subtraction at the Park By: By: Tracey Steffora
  6. 6. Titles
  7. 7. Fiction BooksThe Action of Subtraction SubtractionBy: Brian P. Cleary By: Sheila CatoIllustrated By: Brian Gable Illustrated by: Sami Sweeten
  8. 8. Text EffectsBold and colored text addsemphasis and draws thereaders attention to thattext.
  9. 9. Electronic Sources• Fruit Shoot from Sheppard Software – m/mathgames/fruitshoot/fruitsho ot_subtraction.htm• Flying High Subtraction Game- – traction/flyingsub.html
  10. 10. 3rd – 5th GradeSOCIAL STUDIES
  11. 11. Fiction Books Mitt, The Michigan MouseThe Legend Of The Sleeping Bear
  12. 12. Non Fiction BooksMichigan (FromSea to Shining Sea) M is for Michigan
  13. 13. Text Feature: About the Author
  14. 14. Text Feature: Timeline
  15. 15. Problem/Solution Problem Solution Mitt’s wool He sets out on amitten he lives journey to find in is stolen. the mitten.
  16. 16. Keep Learning! Learn more about the Sleeping Bear Dunes! /index.htmLearn more factsabout Michigan!
  17. 17. 6th - 8th GradeSCIENCE
  18. 18. Text FeaturesDiagram Glossary
  19. 19. Graphic OrganizerDiagrams Glossary
  20. 20. Let’s Learn MoreFacts on Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Lightning Let’s Make Weather!