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  1. 1. Present Tense of -ar Verbs P. 84 Realidades 1
  2. 2. VERBSsA verb usually names the action in a sentence.sWe call the verb that ends in -r the INFINITIVE
  3. 3. VERBSsThe INFINITIVE is the form you would find in a Spanish dictionary.sIn English it meanss“to + (verb)”
  4. 4. These are some INFINITIVES you already know:s Enseñar s Esquiars Estudiar s Jugars Hablar s Montars Bailar s Nadars Cantar s Pasar tiempos Dibujar s Patinars Escuchar s And several more!
  5. 5. IN SPANISH:sThe last letter or lettersof the verb tell you whodoes the action.
  6. 6. IN SPANISH:sTo change an INFINITIVEto a form that tells whois doing the action,remove the -ar and addthe appropriate ending.
  7. 7. IN SPANISH:sThis action is called CONJUGATION
  8. 8. TO STUDY (English)I study We studyYou studyHe They studyShe studiesit
  9. 9. ESTUDIAR (Spanish)Yo estudio Nosotros estudiamos NosotrasTú estudias Vosotros estudáis VosotrasUd. Uds.Él estudia Ellos estudianElla Ellas
  10. 10. STEM / ENDINGsForevery INFINITIVE in Spanish there is a STEM and an ENDING.
  11. 11. STEM / ENDINGsFor example, for “estudiar,”…”estudi” is the stem.s“ar” is the ending.
  12. 12. STEM / ENDINGsSo, the endings for -ar verbs are:so, as, a, amos, áis, an
  13. 13. THE VOSOTROSsVerb forms ending in áis, such as estudiáis, are used mainly in the country of Spain only.
  14. 14. Let’s CONJUGATESome more -ar verbs!
  15. 15. TOCARYo toco Nosotros tocamos nosotrasTú tocas Vosotros tocáis vosotrasUd. Uds.Él toca Ellos tocanElla Ellas
  16. 16. EnseñarYo enseño Nosotros enseñamosTú enseñas Vosotros enseñáisUd. Uds.Él enseña Ellos enseñanElla Ellas
  17. 17. NEGATING A SENTENCEsWhen you want to say that you do not do something, use no before the verb form
  18. 18. NEGATING A SENTENCEsYo no cocino en la clase de educación física.
  19. 19. ASKING A QUESTIONsWhen we ask a questionin Spanish, we usually putthe subject after the verbor sometimes at the endof the sentence.
  20. 20. ASKING A QUESTIONsCocina Juan en la clase de ciencias?sEstudia mucho Paulina?sVerb Subject