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Insight and Data Mining: Primer

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An introduction into projective techniques used for insight and data mining and research. Focus on pharmaceutical and medical brands and research.

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Insight and Data Mining: Primer

  1. 1. six degrees insight mining research 05 07 09 s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  2. 2. insight mining 2 insight mining is all about identifying deeper and richer insights among a brand’s target audience in order to further grow the brand in the marketplace. insights that we identify through our insight mining work include: functional, emotional and self-expressive benefits sought versus associated with a given brand and its competitors a brand’s true brand image unmet needs (and associated marketing & positioning opportunities) biases, objections, barriers and mistaken beliefs about a product or brand and how to overcome them competitor weaknesses and how to exploit them s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  3. 3. research philosophy 3 we tailor our method to the project & we’re flexible in the field “if this were our brand...” perspective we dig deep: 1. we recruit target audience representatives who not only meet “functional requirements” but who are also highly communicative, expressive 2. our interviewers are highly educated and experienced in various therapeutic areas, the effective use of projective techniques to discover and organize emotional, social and functional information and putting all audiences at ease regarding the use of projective techniques 3. we have a rich portfolio of projective techniques and stimuli we conduct strategic workshops to insure proper integration of insights into marketing/branding s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  4. 4. types of perceptions 4 ...we use this model as a guide to the different types of perceptions/ biases/likes & dislikes a physician or patient can have about a condition, therapy, brand or company s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  5. 5. projection frame 5 ...projecting to a “typical physician” rather than the “I”- frame of reference removes the pressure of meeting real or perceived professional, social and personal expectations/taboos and allows for a richer and less biased or filtered discussion s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  6. 6. field experience 6 audiences: physicians, KOLs, RNs, PAs, patients & care givers, c-suite, managed care IDIs, TDIs, groups & mini-groups in-person & phone/web combination international (all major and many emerging markets) qual & online quant s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  7. 7. projective techniques
  8. 8. brand metaphor 8 Automotive Famous Fashion ...using categories Brands People Brands of everyday brands as metaphors, or 1 asking for a “free 41% Jay Leno 43% 32% association” metaphor allows 2 physicians and 20% Jim Carey 39% 29% patients to provide 3 insights on a 18% Bill Gates 6% 17% product or patient they could not (or 4 would not) 7% Donald Trump 6% 4% otherwise articulate s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  9. 9. visual image selections 9 ...85%+ of human communication is non-verbal. Using images to express thoughts, ideas and feelings provides for a richer discussion of any topic s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  10. 10. story telling 10 imagine BRAND X comes to life as a person and is attending a cocktail party [family reunion, charity event, professional conference, etc]. describe Brand X in terms of: demographics appearance attitude/personality behavior social interactions ...directing physicians (and patients) to project a product or brand into a complex yet familiar event allows the skilled interviewer to explore deeply held associations and biases s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  11. 11. Thematic Apperception 11 ...using ambiguous situations and asking physicians to complete the dialog are especially useful in exploring subtle perceived differences between products/ brands s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  12. 12. paradigm mapping 12 +3mos. +9 mos. +18 mos. -24-12 months Time 0  PSA Urologist refers to Patient Oncologist Oncologist Patient Hormone radiologist to becomes initiates tx initiates enters end- therapy indicators of disease detect / confirm hormone for bone chemo of-life or initiated presence of bone refractory mets hospice care progression • Velocity of mets doubling time •>+increase in a row Oncologist assumes BRAND J Urologist  Bone mets refers to primary responsibility for confirmed on oncologist for patient radio graphic consult MD suspects evidence bone mets Patient complains of symptoms of bone mets BRAND Y ...directing physicians to place images, decisions, treatments, concerns, etc on a timeline enables identification of new marketing and communications opportunities s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  13. 13. Sentence completions 13 Viagra is to MEN as ___________ is to WOMEN. What I least like about treating patients with HIV/AIDS is ___________. Treating patients with COPD is as rewarding as ______________. If I were sitting on a plane next to the CEO of the company that makes and markets BRAND X, I’d make the point that ___________. ...using directional or non-directional analogies and other sentence completition constructs provides another “safe” way to explore emotional, self-expressive and social benefits/concerns s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  14. 14. about us
  15. 15. who we are 15 sensory branding agency founded in 1999 senior marketing execs 20 full time employees, 5-7 full-time contractors broad international experience s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  16. 16. medical experience 16 pharmaceutical biotech/biopharma pfizer genentech novartis amgen schering exelixis bayer neurocrine sanofi actelion J&J organon novo nordisk BMS GSK medical devices other siemens medical/ultrasound abbott nutrition abbott vascular medicis zeiss meditec american laser centers ascent healthcare solutions concentric medical edwards lifesciences calypso medical s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  17. 17. brand experience 17 disease states devices allergies hypertension bare metal stents Alzheimer’s incontinence dermatological lasers AMD infectious diseases anemia insomnia dilation catheters arthritis osteoporosis drug-eluting stents asthma oncology guidewires COPD Paget’s Disease guiding catheters depression pain diabetes sexual dysfunction OCT glaucoma seizures ultrasound machines HIV/AIDS women’s health s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  18. 18. our services 18 Insight Mining Brand Focus Workshops Messaging Architecture Identity/Look & Feel Brand Perceptions Brand Platform Sensory Positioning Advertising Sensory Research Marketing Plan Development Brand Cascading Interactive/Web 2.0 Positioning Research Brand Architecture Environment Branding Animation Strategy Research Naming/Taglines Brand Guidelines Tradeshow Displays Communications Research Ideation Workshops Marketing Integration s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  19. 19. dun & bradstreet 19 2007 independent evaluation of six degrees by clients s i x d e g r e e s | a sensory branding agency
  20. 20. thank you! 8040 east gelding drive scottsdale, az 85260 480.627.9850