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Vhdl implimentation of lzw compression algorithm - ECE projects

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Vhdl implimentation of lzw compression algorithm - ECE projects

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  3. 3. 48, North Street, Aranarai, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, India. Email ID:, Website: Phone: 9952749533, VHDL IMPLIMENTATION OF LZW COMPRESSION ALGORITHM Abstract The adaptive Lempel-Ziv-Welch general-purpose algorithm and its implementation suitable for packet radio telephone transmission, and archival storage. While the statistical variable- length Huffman technique compresses text by 20%,the LZW technique can compress data (text, numeric, mixed, and bit-mapped images)by 40 to 60%. The adaptive LZW algorithm has very simple logic, leading to inexpensive and fast implementations. Good LXW implementations use 9- to 16-bit codes, handling most applications.A12-bit code is suitable for medium-size files. Efficiency improves with larger codes. A tight coding of the algorithm can compress 75 Kbytes in a second on a 1-MIPS machine. This project is implemented using VHDL &simulation results are verified. It encourages concurrent development in the area of data compression. The further enhancement of this project is to achieve more percentage of compression with less hardware.