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Curriculum and goals cbah-1

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Curriculum and goals cbah-1

  1. 1. Goals,  Objec-ves,    &  Curriculum  
  2. 2. Program  Goal    To  help  study  abroad  par0cipants  understand  Cambodia’s  cultural  transforma-on  as  at  it  opens  up  to  the  world  a8er  years  of  conflict,  and  to  par-cipate  in  this  process  through  fieldwork  in  health  and  the  arts.    
  3. 3. Program  Objec-ves  •       Expose  par0cipants  to  Cambodian  culture  •       Provide  the  opportunity  to  define  career  objec0ves  •     Foster  cultural  sensi-vity  •     Engage  par0cipants  in  cri-cal  thinking  
  4. 4. Par-cipant  Objec-ves  •  Cambodian culture•  History and politics•  Cultural theoriesKnowledge•  Intercultural communication•  Research using local resources•  Professional skills in area of interestSkills•  Strive towards personal growth•  Embrace continuous learning•  Maintain positive outlooksAttitudes•  Think critically about identity•  Understand cultural significance•  Act as responsible and ethical global citizensAwareness
  5. 5. Curriculum  Orienta-on  (weeks  1-­‐3)  • Introduc0on  to  Khmer  Language  • History,  Culture  and  Poli0cs  • Excursions  • Health  &  Safety  Main  Coursework  (weeks  4-­‐16)  • NGO  Fieldwork  Placement  • PUC  Course  Rela0ng  to  Fieldwork  • PUC  Elec0ve  Courses  Final  Presenta-ons  &  Closing  Ceremonies  (week  17)  • 30-­‐minute  presenta0ons  • Dinner  with  host  families  and  Culture  Partners  
  6. 6. Paññāsāstra  University  of  Cambodia  (PUC)  • Vision:  Peace,  Social  Jus-ce  and  Empowerment  through  Educa-on  • Est.  1997,  opera-ng  since  2000  • Private  ins-tu-on  with  diverse  faculty  and  academic  offerings  • Founded  by  Cambodian  expatriates  from  U.S.  to  contribute  to  development      
  7. 7. Fieldwork  (Arts)  •     Cambodia  Living  Arts:  Facilita0ng  transforma0on  through  art  •     Ragamuffin  Project:  Art  therapy  for  children  •     School  of  Tradi-onal  Khmer  Arts:  Arts  preserva0on  and  training  •     SAREKA:  Arts  projects  for  children  living  at  a  dump  site  •   The  Apsara  Art  Associa-on:  teaching  Cambodian  dance  and  music  to  disadvantaged  children  • School  of  Tradi-onal  Khmer  Arts:  Revival  and  promo0on  of  tradi0onal  art  forms  • Children  of  Bassac:  Folk  dance  group  represen0ng  Khmer  life
  8. 8. Fieldwork  (Public  Health)  •     PSI:  HIV/AIDS,  reproduc0ve  health  and  child  survival  •     NCHADS:  Na0onal  Center  for  HIV/AIDS,  Dermatology  and  STD’s  •     CATHA,  local  hospitals  and  clinics  
  9. 9. Excursions  &  Ac-vi-es  • Angkor  Wat  • Clinics  &  Hospitals  • Floa0ng  village  • Tonle  Sap  Lake  • Speakers  &  Lectures    • Landmine  Museum  • D’Angkor  ar0san  workshops    &  silk  farm  • Na0onal  Museum  and  Palace  • Cambodian  tradi0onal  healer’s  associa0on  • Night  market  • Cooking  class  • Local  conferences  • Dance  ceremony  • Cambodian  Living  Arts  • Killing  Fields  • Wildlife  Sanctuary  
  10. 10. Par-cipant  Blogs    • Set  up  during  week  1  • Weekly  (checked  and  evaluated  by  RD)  • Connect  theories  and  coursework  to  experiences  and  observa0ons  
  11. 11. Weekly  Mee-ngs  • Dinners  with  RD  (and  other  staff)  • Share  experiences  • Reflec0on  and  Processing  • Group  dynamics  • Health  &  Safety  De-­‐brief  
  12. 12. Culture  Partners  (CPs)  •     PUC  students  –  orient  to  campus/courses  •     Interest  in  culture/language  exchange  •     Assist  in  cultural  adjustment  •     Link  to  community  •     Help  with  logis0cs  
  13. 13. •  November  25-­‐30  •  Final  Presenta0ons  •  “Thanksgiving”  Dinner  •  Program  Wrap-­‐up    Final  Week