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Noelle La Charite - Building Voice Experiences

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Presented at ServerlessConf NYC 2016.

"Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Amazon Fire TV provides a set of built-in abilities that enable customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice. In this session we will talk about how to build and design voice apps and discuss the ability developers have to combine existing applications exposed as web services with a voice user interface. With the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), you can easily build your own skills for Alexa that run across any device and are hosted in the cloud (like AWS Lambda). Customers can then access your skill simply by asking Alexa a question or making a command. This session will teach you proven best practices for designing voice user interfaces (VUI), how to maximize usability of your voice experience, and how to create compelling voice experiences with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). In this session you will learn:
- Overview of Alexa Skills Kit
- Voice User Interface Design
- What you can do to voice-enable your applications
- A blueprint for implementing this in your next project

Developers want to increase the usability and accessibility of their applications. Alexa provides an additional UI, through voice, for users to be able to connect with the applications that have be built."

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Noelle La Charite - Building Voice Experiences

  1. 1. BUI LDI NG VOI CE EXPERI ENCES Be ready for your customers whenever they Ask for you
  2. 2. Alexa-Enabled Apps- Building Voice Experiences for Your Applications NOELLE LACHARITE Solutions Architect and Evangelist, ALEXA AND ECHO @NoelleLaCharite
  4. 4. The Internet of Things is emerging as the third wave in the life-cycle of the Internet. Its growth is enabling new and expanded businesses while also powering revenue generation, productivity and cost savings and consumer engagement. ‘11 ‘19‘15 OVER 60 MM CARS Connected Car Penetration 2020 Projections Source: IDC Goldman Sachs Investment Research 45 MM HOMES Connected Home Install Base 2017 Projections driving over $12 BN in Revenue/Year Source: Berg Insight $20 BN/YEAR Wearable Market Revenue Generation 2017 Projections Source: IDC Goldman Sachs Investment Research Source: Gartner; Goldman Sachs Investment Research 28 BILLION “THINGS” BY 2019 ENABLING THE FUTURE
  6. 6. We also recently launched Fire TV with Alexa integrated directly into the device. Simplifying everyday actions with voice on new and familiar devices. & FIRE TVMEET ECHO The First Alexa Endpoints The Echo is the first and best-known endpoint of the Alexa Ecosystem…The Echo was built to make life easier and more enjoyable.
  8. 8. Create Great Content: ASK is how you connect to your consumer THE ALEXA ECOSYSTEM Supported by two powerful frameworks ALEXA VOICE SERVICE Unparalleled Distribution: AVS allows your content to be everywhere Lives In The Cloud Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Always Learning ALEXA SKILLS KIT
  9. 9. UNDER THE HOOD OF ASK A closer look at how the Alexa Skills Kit process a request and returns an appropriate response You Pass Back a Textual or Audio Response You Pass Back a Graphical Response Alexa Converts Text-to-Speech (TTS) & Renders Graphical Component Respond to Intent through Text & Visual Alexa sends Customer Intent to Your Service Your Service processes Request User Makes a Request Audio Stream is sent up to Alexa Alexa Identifies Skill & Recognizes Intent Through ASR & NLU
  10. 10. The Alexa Platform
  11. 11. Refrigerator Alarm Clock Echo Tablet Wireless Speakers E-Reader Laptop Camera Lightbulb VR Headset Headphones Toaster Phone Television Fitness band Car 11 Watch “Alexa…” POINTS OF ACCESS
  12. 12. Build Skills, Get a Device Building a How-to Skill How to Build a Fact Skill How to build a Trivia Skill Echo
  13. 13. Connect with us! @AlexaDevs
  14. 14. T ha nk YOU