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Developing an Omni-channel Strategy with the Consumer in Mind

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Alex Blaney, Creative Director at Session Digital gave this presentation at Magento Live UK 2013.

Alex says: “In an omni-channel world the consumer alone decides where a brand can meet them. Be it digitally, physically - or both simultaneously. Effective consumer engagement means brands and retailers need to be aware of every channel and brand touchpoint at all times. A mind-blowing concept in theory, but it needn’t be in practice with the right approach.

In this digital strategy presentation I will outline a “human-centric” approach to Magento in an omni-channel commerce ecosystem and how to use it effectively for immediate conversion success.”

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Developing an Omni-channel Strategy with the Consumer in Mind

  1. 1. Developing an omni-channel strategy with the consumer in mind. Alex Blaney, Creative Director & Co-founder. Session Digital
  2. 2. Wikipedia says… “Omni-Channel Retailing is a seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels...” Simple?... No.
  3. 3. In an omnichannel world the consumer alone decides where a brand can meet them.
  4. 4. Stage 1: The Omni-channel Trinity Brand, People & Context
  5. 5. To truly succeed the brand must build & maintain a relationship. The Omni-channel trinity / Brand, context & people
  6. 6. Relationships are at the heart of brand advocacy. The Omni-channel trinity / Brand, context & people
  7. 7. Relationships can only happen in the right environment & conditions. This is context. The Omni-channel Trinity / Brand, context & people
  8. 8. Context is human-centric not user-centric. Context must be experienced first-hand. The Omni-channel Trinity / Brand, context & people
  9. 9. Context = People + Touchpoints The Omni-channel Trinity / Brand, context & people
  10. 10. Stage 2: The Human-centric Approach Understand, research & analyse.
  11. 11. Understand context = Research people + Analyse touchpoints The human-centric approach
  12. 12. Research people. • • • • • • • Demographics (MOSAIC). Customer segmentation. Current traffic. Existing market research. Vox pops (internal/external) Brand awareness. Buy/commission/create reports. The human-centric approach
  13. 13. Analyse brand Touchpoints. • • • • • • Engage with all channels. Store & factory visits. Brand collateral. Get “The brand message”. Assess omni-channel capability. Method act! The human-centric approach
  14. 14. Why?... As an eCommerce professional… Understand brand values, capabilities & goals. Understand what the brand can do & is doing. Trust of the brand. As a brand consumer… Measured your values & goals against the brand‟s. Understand what the brand shouldn‟t do. You‟ve experienced context.
  15. 15. But... Every consumer is different. Everyone is an individual. The human-centric approach
  16. 16. Use your research to develop realistic customer profiles. Enrich them with relevant scenarios & contexts. The human-centric approach
  17. 17. Invent realistic yet hypothetical objectives with „omni-channel journeys‟ to satisfy them. Take note of missing or underdeveloped channels The human-centric approach
  18. 18. We now have a problem… Many consumers. Many journeys. Many devices. Many goals. … and a lot of relationships to consider. Effective Omni-channel Magento.
  19. 19. Stage 3: Effective Omni-channel Magento Impact Mapping
  20. 20. Start with why? Why are we doing this?
  21. 21. Define a goal. Give your goal measurements, specific metrics & timeframes. “We will increase revenue by 20% by st 2014 & June 1 improve brand advocacy 10%”
  22. 22. Goal Why are we doing this? What is the goal? Inertia towards goal Actors Who can help achieve or obstruct our goal? Impacts How can the actors help or obstruct the goal? How should their behaviour change? Deliverables (inc. features) What can we do to support the impacts?
  23. 23. You will get a lot of features! Don‟t panic. It‟s a good sign.
  24. 24. Locate your „sweet spot‟. The optimum context where you and your consumers can meetto most effectively impact yourgoal.
  25. 25. Map the impact of that activity outwards from your „sweetspot‟ … and back.
  26. 26. Digitally, consumers engage with brands via companion devices.
  27. 27. Brands can‟t choose the destination Destination < Journey Brands can improve the journey
  28. 28. Stage 3: Effective Omni-channel Magento Prototyping.
  29. 29. The Scientific method of enquiry 1. Create a hypothesis based on an educated guess. 2. Express it & your assumptions clearly. 3. Look to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Research Diverge Grow Options Hypotheses Converge Prioritise Choose Findings Design Diverge Grow Options Ideas Converge Prioritise Choose Prototype
  30. 30. Minimise the core features. Relate them to your ‟why‟. Create & test them.
  31. 31. Release regularly, rapidly & on device. „The Battenburg analogy‟. (or elephant carpaccio)
  32. 32. Adopt an Agile approach.
  33. 33. Stage 3: Effective Omni-channel Magento Augmenting the consumer experience
  34. 34. “The Purchase Pathway”
  35. 35. Don‟ts • Disturb their brand journey. (e.g, don’t bombard them with communication). • Be inconsistent. (e.g, in-store message differs from online) • Attempt to artificially control their feedback. (e.g, via social channels or reviews) • Break promises.(e.g, make offers on one channel you can’t fulfil on another). • Misuse a channel for the sake of it. (e.g, QR codes on moving objects?) • Disappoint your consumers. (the consequences are HUGE!)
  36. 36. Conclusion: Principles of effective omni-channel conversion Top 5 techniques for success.
  37. 37. 1 Simplify your message. Have one clear action. One clear goal. Stick to it. 5 principles of effective omni-channel conversion
  38. 38. 2 Maintain a consistent visual code across all channels. If you‟re confused then your customer definitely is. Confusion kills conversion. 5 principles of effective omni-channel conversion
  39. 39. 3 Create clear & appropriate content. Create a brand tone of voice. Use language that EVERYONE understands. (Your words might not make sense). 5 principles of effective omni-channel conversion
  40. 40. 4 Remove any unnecessary barriers. Consider what you‟re asking the customer to do. Could it be done later or through a more applicable channel? 5 principles of effective omni-channel conversion
  41. 41. 5 Reward frequently Be appreciative. Establish a relationship by rewarding your customers in any way you possibly can. Even just a „thank you‟. 5 principles of effective omni-channel conversion
  42. 42. Low-energy Bluetooth The Social media diaspora Click & collect One-click payments In-store advances “a new era of opportunity” „Fitlifting & showrooming‟ Loyalty & personalisation The Internet of Things Many many more…
  43. 43. Thank you. @sessiondigital @inviqa @hitono