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CES Key Trends 2012

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CES Key Trends 2012

  1. 1. CES Key Trends2012
  2. 2. KEY TRENDS FROM THEGREATEST TECHNOLOGYSHOW ON EARTH...The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) heldin Las Vegas has become known as the global eventto experience the cutting edge of technology.Mariel Brown (Head of Trends) and Ben set top to RuleWatson (Associate Design Director)from design and innovation company In recent years the TV has felt like the most under-developed opportunity in What excited usSeymourpowell, elbowed their way through consumer electronics. As our mobile far more was thethe record-breaking 153,000 strong crowds,and trawled every inch of the 35 football phones have evolved into mobile devices, our TVs seem to have only developments beingpitches worth of technology stands touncover the key trends from this years show. progressed by becoming thinner and larger versions of their former selves. made in passive 3D However, TVs have now stepped out of technology that allows3D InvasIonSince 2010 visitors to CES would be forgiven the shadows; now smart and connected, they are once again set to become you to view 3D TVfor thinking that the only way to see the the hub of our home. With technology without glasses. In including gestural interfacing (such astechnological zeitgeist is through a pair of 3Dglasses. This year’s show was no different. LG’s smart remote) and touch screen previous years this hadLG led the charge with their slogan “Howsmart is your 3D TV?” Walking through their technology (such as Sharp’s new 80– inch touch screen) being heavily pushed appeared extremelyprime-position stand wearing a pair of 3D at this years show, the TV is equipped crude but it is nowglasses, one could see all manner of thingsflying through the air; from swarms of to become the primary interface for our smart devices. starting to feel like abutterflies to fencing swords – the obligatory the DIalect of DevIces viable option for the3D demo. All very eye-catching and dramatic,yet what excited us far more was the With TVs becoming more intelligent, first time.headway that is being made in passive 3D the way in which they talk to our othertechnology that allows you to view 3D TV devices is becoming a hot topic:without glasses. In previous years this has Ecosystems that can connect all yourappeared extremely crude but it is now starting products together (so we can access our MaRIel BRoWnto feel like a viable option for the future. content from any of our devices wherever head of trends at seymourpowellConfidential. © Seymour Powell Limited, 2012. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. © Seattle Times © Wired.comwe may be) were a clear theme at this are closed and demand absolute brand rate. Manufacturers believe that the key toyears show with all of the big players such loyalty. This is obviously fantastic news keeping people commuting in their own caras Samsung, Sony and LG launching new for the manufacturer that wins your vote, is to make the drive more enjoyable andsmart systems. but perhaps less good news for the savvy connected. This sets a big design challenge consumer that likes to shop around. – how can a greater number of softwareHaving all of our devices connected to one features be made available to the driveranother in a deeply integrated way offers auto sMaRts without distracting them? Ford’s response tosome clear consumer benefits, for example The notion of connected appliances is now this dilemma had many tech geeks’ pulseswe can start watching a film in our living venturing out of the home and extending racing at the show. The Ford Evos is aroom and carry on from the same position to our cars. A key driver for this trend is the concept car that aims to create a seamlesson the bus to work. But these benefits predicted global increase of Megacities (a lifestyle between the home, office and car byare not without their compromises; in this metropolitan area with a total population in accessing the driver’s personal informationinstance these smart devices play dumb excess of 10 million people). As more and and anticipating their needs. If CES 2012when you try to connect them to another more of us globally migrate into the city, is anything to go by it won’t be long untilbrand’s products. These ecosystems congestion is set to worsen at an alarming our cars will be monitoring our well being, streaming our content, and steering us out of trouble. the ultRa coMpetItIonBut these product ecosystems aren’t without Since it was introduced in 2008 the MacBook Air has reigned supreme overtheir compromises, in this instance these the ultraportable notebook market. Thissmart devices play dumb when you try domination looked set to change at this years CES as word got out that many ofto connect them to one another. the big players would finally be releasing some serious competition. Indeed many manufacturers such as Acer, Asus,Confidential. © Seymour Powell Limited, 2012. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. ManufactuReD By Me The notion of printing our products at home has felt like an exciting yet distantShould print-at-home dream of the future for many years now. However, the dream has finally beentechnology reach a brought into the present thanks to thetipping point the launch of Cubify. Cubify is a desktop sized 3D printer aimed at the consumer market.economic and It allows people to download designs from the Cubify website, customise them, andenvironmental then print them off at home in ABS plastic.implication could be We’re looking forward to watching thishuge... technology develop. Should print-at- home technology reach a tipping point © The Digital Story the economic and environmental implication could be huge.Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Dell and Lenovo all extremely impressive. From affordable point DesIgneD to evolvelaunched ultra books at the show. For Mac -and-shoots all the way up to ‘re-mortgage The most exciting trend to emerge at thisdevotees the hype may have been a little your home’ DSLRs, CES 2012 reflected the years show, and the one that felt the mostoptimistic as some of the models still felt exciting period we are moving through in film relevant in these financially and environmentallyrelatively heavy and bulky. and photography. A period in which camera unstable times, was the notion of designing manufacturers must pull out all the f-stops products to evolve. Manufacturers areBut, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for PC to compete with the increasing ability of our realising that consumers do not want toenthusiasts with definite signs of progress smart phone cameras. purchase expensive goods such as TVs,being made - Dells new 13” XPS uses an only to have to update them a year later.incredibly compact design, whilst Samsung’s At the heart of the fight back is the creation So instead of creating products whoseSeries 9 ultrabook combines a great of ‘smart’ cameras, which (as with smart technologies quickly become obsolete, theytechnical package with good design and phones) allow users to connect to the are designing products that can have theirhigh quality manufacture. Many of these new Internet for instant photo sharing. Where software updated. A fantastic example of thisPC contenders were hitting the mark with camera manufacturers are aiming to was seen from Samsung who impressed byappealing form factors, combined with an differentiate themselves is the quality of “future proofing” their Smart TVs by addingexcellent finish and striking use of materials. the photos. A particular favourite was the an upgrade slot. This could spell an endHow these new releases will compete with nostalgic fun offered by Polaroid’s new Z340 to hours of frustration finding the right TVthe soon to be released next generation of - a fully-functioning digital camera with an model; instead we could be scratching ourMacBook Air remains to be seen; this may integrated printer. The enthusiastic crowds heads over which update we need.raise the bar yet again. gathered around Polaroid’s stand were all desperate to get their hands on this new MARIEL BROWN Head of Trends atphoto/fIlM RenaIssance release. This highlighted the fact that, in an Seymourpowell. To find out more pleaseThis years camera releases at CES were increasingly digital world, people still crave contact: the tactile and tangible.Confidential. © Seymour Powell Limited, 2012. All rights reserved.