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OUR NEWSNEWSLETTER SPRING 2011                         This award is                         testament to a               ...
OUR NEWSINTRODUCTIONAs the Spring fast approaches,2011 is already showing the                                     Seymourp...
OUR NEWS                       Seymourpowell designs                       the EcoManager forEcoManager isan innovative de...
OUR NEWSA ten year relationship                                                                  Seymourpowell            ...
OUR NEWS                                     A collection                                     of accolades...             ...
OUR NEWSSeymourpowell createthe Bimbo ‘knot me’pack for Sara Lee                                                          ...
OUR NEWSSeymourpowell visits...Here are some highlights of         CENTRE COMMERCIALour trends teams recent visit       On...
OUR NEWSEvents/ CollaborationsV&A SCHOOLS TEAM UP             real-life insights into the     brief through methods usedWI...
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Seymourpowell Newsletter Spring 2011

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Seymourpowell Newsletter Spring 2011

  1. 1. OUR NEWSNEWSLETTER SPRING 2011 This award is testament to a lifetime of drive and hard work.
  2. 2. OUR NEWSINTRODUCTIONAs the Spring fast approaches,2011 is already showing the Seymourpowell cook up delectable designs...signs of a year of great designwork, exciting collaborationsand humbling accolades. Youmay have seen the news ofthe landmark YouGov surveyearlier this year in which top-endclients voted Seymourpowell theUK’s most creative UK designconsultancy and number oneUK design company overall. We were thrilled toThis incredible recognition wasaccompanied by a special be invited to workaward for ‘Outstanding Lifetime with the MandarinContribution to Design’ at theFX International Interior Design Oriental’s interiorAward. We’ve also been proud designers to helpto be involved in the design workfor Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, convey some ofHeston’s highly acclaimed latestexcursion, for which we worked Heston’s delightclosely with the Dinner team in the mysterious,to create the restaurant name,brand identity and key touch- ephemeral andpoint items. mechanical...Read on for more informationon these and our other recentdesigns and collaborations Seymourpowell is proud to restaurant name, brand identity graphic identity, and design workincluding the EcoManager for announce details of its design and key touch-point items for all collateral materials.EDF, an innovative device that work for Dinner by Heston including menus, wine list andcan help people reduce their All these design elements Blumenthal, a new restaurant corporate stationary. As well ascarbon emission and cut their are sympathetic to the overall created by the Mandarin Oriental creating the 2D designs for allhousehold energy bills. spirit of the restaurant, whilst Hotel Group and the Fat Duck menus, simultaneously maintaining theirIf you have any questions or Group. The new restaurant is “The Dinner by Heston own distinct identity.comments about anything in Chef Heston Blumenthal’s firstthe newsletter please contact: Blumenthal team are a joy London restaurant, opened at Richard Seymour added, ‘We to work with”, said RichardNichola Rinks for New the award winning Mandarin were thrilled to be invited to work Seymour.Business: Oriental Hyde Park, London, with the Mandarin Oriental’ with Ashley Palmer-Watts, group Seymourpowell also carefully interior designers+44 (0)207 381 6433 executive chef of the Fat Duck, selected all materials and finishes to help convey some of Heston’s as head of kitchen. to ensure consistency and quality. delight in the mysterious,Tim Duncan for Alice Boardman, designer at ephemeral and mechanical...” Seymourpowell worked closely+44 (0)207 381 6433 Seymourpowell, was responsible with the Dinner by Heston For more information go to for the development of the Blumenthal team to create the http://www.seymourpowell.
  3. 3. OUR NEWS Seymourpowell designs the EcoManager forEcoManager isan innovative device EDF Energy...that can help people The EcoManager is an innovative wireless Ben Watson, senior designer atreduce their carbon appliance controller which transforms the way consumers both monitor and control Seymourpowell commented, “We’re thrilled to have been involved with theemissions and cut the amount of electricity they use in their homes. design of the EDF Energy EcoManager. As a company, Seymourpowell hastheir household The EcoManager allows consumers to experience of working with a variety of clients on ‘green’ and/or sustainableenergy bills. see and control the energy consumption of appliances from wherever the device is design projects, which naturally compliments out work for EDF Energy”. plugged in, helping people to reduce their monthly energy bills. Users plug appliances they want to monitor and control into Noeleen Keane, product manager at transmitter plugs. EDF Energy, added, “The EcoManager is an innovative device that can help Seymourpowell worked with the team at people reduce their carbon emissions EDF Energy to design the EcoManager and cut their household energy bills. handheld controller unit with which the Seymourpowell was a natural choice of transmitter plugs communicate. The partner to work with on the design, and monitor then displays the relative running we’re very pleased with the reaction the costs* and CO2 emissions** of each new device is receiving”. appliance in real time. Appliances can be turned completely off, so they are not on For more information go to http://www. standby. ONLINE COVERAGE FOR ECOMANAGER
  4. 4. OUR NEWSA ten year relationship Seymourpowell works with vaselinecontinues... to consolidate an iconic design The Vaseline Petroleum Jelly packaging had become a global icon, but as a result, had been copied by competition around the world. To counter this, the packaging evolved differently in each region, leading to a disparate range instead of one iconic product. Working closely with brand managers from the Vaseline team at Unilever, Seymourpowell undertook a semiotic study to clarify the global requirements and level of change for the new Vaseline jar. As part of this process, groups of individuals were surveyed on what theySeymourpowell helps expand Dove recognised as Vaseline Petroleum Jelly,brand into the male grooming market the overall aim being to develop a design that remained clearly recognisable and iconic but delivered a modern, freshSeymourpowell helps expand Dove brand Similarly, the design of the new Dove interpretation.into the male grooming market with iconic Men+Care soap bar also has a distinctlydesign for new Dove ‘Men+Care’ range. masculine and modern appearance. A further requirement of the brief was Combining a good in-hand feel with to position Vaseline Petroleum Jelly asSeymourpowell has created an iconic an iconic shape, this represented a a product specific to skin, as opposeddesign for the body & face wash packs significant achievement, creating a design to a domestic household product.and the soap bar. The new range that appeals to men while maintainingcompliments existing Dove products The new core design introduces a flip top the essence of the original Dove bar.whilst simultaneously providing clear on- cap to increase engagement, convenienceshelf standout from existing competitors Seymourpowell also worked closely and further modernise the the male grooming market. Working with design agency Raison Pure toclosely with the Dove team at Unilever co-develop the graphics across the For more information go to http://www.during the design planning stage, new Dove Men+Care range. This has worked to create product been successfully achieved through theoffers that would appeal to the clearly masculine form, colour and graphics ofdefined target ‘Dove for Men’. the new packaging design – recognisable as Dove yet a move away from theWith masculinity in mind, the new traditional white coloured products forpack design takes a strong, clear and women.uncomplicated form, with a uniquesilhouette provided by the peaked top For more information go to give the overall form more presence on-shelf standout.
  5. 5. OUR NEWS A collection of accolades... Seymourpowell is bowled FX AWARDS- OUTSTANDING over by two recent accolades LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION bestowed on the company by TO DESIGN leading figures from design, As part of this year’s FX awards, business and marketing: a number of special categories • Top-end clients vote were opened up to a public online Seymourpowell the UK’s most vote, including that of ‘Outstanding creative UK design consultancy, Lifetime Contribution to Design’. and number 1 UK design On winning the award Richard company overall in landmark Seymour commented, “This YouGov survey. award is testament to a lifetime • Seymourpowell wins special of drive and hard work, and to award for ‘Outstanding Lifetime all of the people, past and Contribution to Design’ at the present, who have forged our FX International Interior Design culture of creative excellence - Awards 2010 a passion for what we do andSeymourpowell number CENTAUR MEDIA & YOUGOV DESIGN a commitment to delivering success”.1 UK design company REPUTATION SURVEY The YouGov survey showcased DBA DESIGN EFFECTIVENESS AWARDoverall in landmark a range of design companies across various disciplines Seymourpowell is also thrilled to announce the win of a silver DBAYouGov survey... including product, retail, packaging, branding and digital. Design Effectiveness award. In the category of packaging This award is testament Results of the survey were - branded non foods, to a lifetime of drive and used not only for the design Seymourpowell took home reputation survey on Marketing the silver award for work on hard work, and to all the Week’s Pitch Design, but also PediTech ActiFreeze. people, past and present, contributed directly to Centaur’s For more information go to ‘Creative Survey 2010’ from who have forged our culture sister media title and leading http://www.seymourpowell. of creative excellence. UK design trade magazine, com/#/news_and_press/ DesignWeek.
  6. 6. OUR NEWSSeymourpowell createthe Bimbo ‘knot me’pack for Sara Lee By perforating the bag down the center, usersbakery brand Bimbo are able to tear the bagIn order to understand the Bimbobrand, Seymourpowell had to conduct Laurence Willmott, senior designer at Seymourpowell comments: as they use the bread andforesight work (in Spain and the UK) ‘Ethnography highlighted how create the knot even whenwhich included ethnography and the plastic clip that came with thetrend mapping. The design team original bag was either lost or not there is a full loaf insidethen used their findings to create a used as it did not seal the bagpaper based brand DNA model. correctly. Many Bimbo users would tie the knot in the bag but only halfThe foresight work fed into a pack way round the loaf as there was notand product workshop that looked sufficient plastic to create the knotinto creating new product innovation otherwise.for the BIMBO brand. The keyimperatives of the workshop were By perforating the bag down theto find new opportunities for bread center, users are able to tear theand to discover ways of moving bag as they use the bread andsliced packaged bread into the create the knot even when therefresh bread arena. is a full loaf inside, which did the job of keeping their Bimbo fresh”.Seymourpowell created the Bimbo‘Knot me’ pack in light of theirforesight work (pictured right).
  7. 7. OUR NEWSSeymourpowell visits...Here are some highlights of CENTRE COMMERCIALour trends teams recent visit One of the latest conceptto Paris. Seymourpowell’s stores to open on Rue deteam regularly conduct Marseille, Centre Commercialcross-cultural city visits to is run by Sebastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion, thehelp our clients understand duo behind the socially andregional preferences and environmentally consciousdiversity, and to identify shoe brand Veja. The store’scommon global preferences express aim is to extend the conscious concerns of the VejaTheir thoughts and insights brand across an entire store.from their trips are regularly Housing pared down clothingposted to our blog: brands, vintage furniture andhttp://blog.seymourpowell. bikes, an emphasis is placedcom/ and shared on twitter: on natural material beauty@seymourpowell from the soft organic denims in the clothes sold, to revealed aged plasterwork on the shopPARIS walls. It’s great to see ethics and aesthetics working wellBelow are a few of our favorite together.finds from a recent research tripto the French capital: MERCI On a similar theme to Centre Commercial, Merci, houses three floors of clothing and homeware focusing on classic quality items with the added philanthropic attitude of donating some of their profits to charity. The products in the store’s atrium are curated around a rotating theme which is currently “Stack It”. From the French classic Duralex glasses to a unique chest of drawers assembled from reclaimed vintage office furniture, there’s an honest and modest approach to materiality at Merci. We hope to see their good cause donations continue to stack up. Continued @ Image courtesy of index/28
  8. 8. OUR NEWSEvents/ CollaborationsV&A SCHOOLS TEAM UP real-life insights into the brief through methods usedWITH SEYMOURPOWELL creative industries. by the designers in their In February Design Director day-to-day practice. ThisBack in September 2010 David Fisher and Associate includes techniques such asSeymourpowell announced Director Matt Tidnam ethnographic studies, productits partnership with the V&A attended the Teacher’s analysis, trend-forecastingSchools team. Symposium at the V&A’s and 3-D prototyping. The Sackler Centre. The workshop meets key D&TThe collaboration has given symposium invited D&T curriculum objectives whilststudents and teachers access teachers to take part in offering students a stimulatingto a unique perspectivae hands-on design activities, learning experience outsideon design through specially supplying them with practical the classroom. This uniquedevised workshops and ideas and inspiration to take experience is supported byevents, with the aim of back to the classroom. access to a wealth of iconicinspiring a new generation of design objects held within theworld-class designers. Seymourpowell also worked Museum’s collections. with V&A museum educatorsThe V&A Schools programme to develop Design Pro, a Seymourpowell Associatefor Secondary Design & workshop for Secondary Director Matt Tidnam, SeniorTechnology students and students. Designer Matt Cockerillteachers, DesignLab, and Design Director Paulaprovides inspirational and The session challenges Zuccotti will be leading theinnovative learning through students to solve a design Design lab workshops. For more ormation go to http://www. AND ABOUT – EVENTSMARCH TEDSalon LondonC4DI Design Lecture Aberdeen Richard Seymour CONTACT USNick Talbot JUNE SEYMOURPOWELL LTDAPRIL Economist UK Energy Summit London 327 Lillie RoadSkoll World Forum Oxford Richard Seymour London, SW6 7NRRichard Seymour LESi International Conference United KingdomMicrosoft/ Stuff Magazine London Richard Seymour T +44 (0) 20 7381 6433David Fisher PACE Las Vegas USA F +44 (0) 20 7381 9081Royal Aeronautical Society London Richard Seymour www.seymourpowell.comNick Talbot THROUGHOUT 2011 World Innovation ConventionMAY Richard Seymour Twitter @seymourpowellProduct Design and Innovation Blog blog.seymourpowell.comConference London ExCel Centre FT InnovateRichard Seymour Richard Seymour