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Mak global loyalty program

Your customers get the kind of benefits they've previously only received from larger businesses. And they get a pro gramme that's incredibly easy to use.

There are many exclusive benefits and privileges that only loyalty cards users can enjoy. Receive good discounts at selected establishments, generous offers on special occasions like festive season promotions, assistance for concert ticket bookings, price-offs on restaurants, car rentals and attractions.

Additionally, Loyality catrds gives reward points for each rupee spent. These points can then be used to exchange for items such as electrical goods, airline tickets and a whole list of other attractive items.

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Mak global loyalty program

  2. 2. MAK GLOBAL – AN OVERVIEW _____________________________________________________________ _ Headquartered in Lewisville TX USA, MAK GLOBAL is a part of Premier360 Technologies. MAK is the premier loyalty, rewards, POS and mobile commerce platform for consumer-focused retailers, Banks and brands. The company creates brand advocates by delivering consistent and relevant experiences across all engagement and buying channels. MAK Loyalty© redefines Customer Lifecycle Success by providing an innovative platform that creates visibility to consumers’ behaviour, demographics, segments, and transactional data, maximizing the lifetime value of your customers by delivering simple, intuitive and relevant customer experiences. MAK’s consolidated approach through our comprehensive suite of modular solutions simplify data and analytics and enable Omni channel communication strategies from a highly relevant one-to-one perspective. -
  3. 3. MAK GLOBAL – AN OVERVIEW _____________________________________________________________ _ • We opened our doors in 2011 in Pakistan, and today the MAK Loyalty© platform is used by renowned retailers across Pakistan. We help companies drive stronger customer relationships, retain a loyal fan base and increase sales by using data, data, data. You get a platform that is integrated with the top Payment Processor and access to our team of data-lovin’ experts. • MAK GLOBAL team is differentiated by our deep domain expertise in CRM, mobility, marketing and POS based Financial Transactions. We know how to build applications for scale, and we recognize the value of loyalty intelligence in orchestrating meaningful journeys and driving profitable customer. OUR STORY
  4. 4. _____________________________________________________________ _ SHOWCASE STRATEGY: Our MAK loyalty® and customer experience approach ensures you reach customers at every touchpoint – in real time. From program design to analytics, communications planning, and brand experience, we are committed to helping our clients build the right program – one that will help you retain customers, drive incremental profits, and create stronger engagement between customers and your brand. TECHNOLOGY: MAK Technology is the answer to your loyalty platform woes. Our clients love HIVE’s unmatched processing power and ability to deliver within any IT architecture. It’s a flexible, real-time solution that will leverage your existing IT assets and be seamless to your IT shop. Simply put – it will be the secret to your success. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: With MAK, you’ll work with a single point of contact, a liaison who will become an extension of your staff. Each and every person on our team is dedicated to the day-to-day management of your program – account maintenance, award-winning creative communications, establishing partnerships, and handling reward fulfilment and call centre operations. We do whatever it takes to create meaningful and memorable customer experiences.
  5. 5. SERVICES PORTFOLIO  Loyalty Card Solutions (Membership, Rewards, Club, Discount etc.)  Gift Cards/Prepaid Card Solutions  E-Ticketing System  Postpaid Card Solutions  Health & Medical Card Solutions  Online Order Booking System  Electronic Order taking, Processing & Billing Solution  Inventory Management System  Cash Management System  Sales Tracking & Retail Management System  Automated Home Delivery System  Branchless Banking Solution _____________________________________________________________ _
  6. 6. PARTNERS IN PAKISTAN _____________________________________________________________
  7. 7. _____________________________________________________________ _ Enterprise Loyalty Management System
  8. 8. _____________________________________________________________ _ PROGRAM IN SHORT
  9. 9. _____________________________________________________________ _ ENTERPRISE LOYALTY PROGRAM BY MAK MAK Loyalty provides a single platform to enable end to end enterprise loyalty based strategies. The key components of success of a loyalty program include:  Contribution Management: Manages points contribution and allocation rules at multiple levels i.e. Customer, card, account and relationship  Redemption Management: Manages seamless customer redemption at multiple touch points  Accounting Support: Provides complete accounting support for accurate management of liabilities resulting from rewards/points issuance and redemption  Performance Management: Provides comprehensive and insightful reports which enabled business managers to fine-tune and proactive monitor and manage the program effectiveness
  10. 10. _____________________________________________________________ _ ENTERPRISE LOYALTY PROGRAM Program Design: The design of a program will ensure that the loyalty program appeals across the enterprise: ▪ Customer value enhances as service penetration expands both within a line of business (LOB) and across multiple LOBs ▪ Exposing customers to multiple products and enabling them earn valuable points for using these services will enhance customer value ▪ Developing a business case and ROI model for each LOB and across the enterprise based on the profit from rewardable behavior and from retained customers
  11. 11. _____________________________________________________________ _ Types Loyalty Programs
  12. 12. LOYALTY PROGRAM SOLUTIONS _____________________________________________________________ _ • MAK is fully capable and equipped to launch smart and innovative loyalty program as desired by our clients • Multiple variants of Loyalty solutions enable clients to run any type of sales promotions in order to increase sales The program can range from simple points’ based system to more intricate rewarding mechanism such as rewards based on: - Customer’s transaction history - Accumulative spent over a defined period of time - Number of visits - Frequency/Recency of visits - Events, Location or Products, etc
  13. 13. TYPES OF LOYALTY CAMPAIGN _____________________________________________________________ _ RECENCY BASED How recently the customer purchased? On your 3rd visit within a month, receive 20% Discount. FREQUENCY BASED How frequently they purchased in a period? On your 8th visit, get a FREE X Service MONETARY BASED The Total Amount Spent in a period? Spend XYZ amount and get X Discount
  14. 14. Event Days Happy Hours Welcome Campaign Enjoy a free meal at XYZ on a visit within 1 day before or on your Birthday. Visit and purchase within 10 days of your card issuance and receive X reward. Visit and purchase between 3pm to 8pm on Fridays and get Instant Point Bonus reward. Instant rewards on special occasions Visit on Eid or during Ramadan and earn Bonus Points. Event Based Loyalty Campaigns
  15. 15. _____________________________________________________________ _  Extensive Online Reporting enables Management to have access to complete information. Online Reporting is available 24/7 through secure ID and password.  There will be an online interface for Clients where comprehensive web-based reporting will be offered to the Clients and the Management will be able to view information such as redemption activities on any or each dealer (even outlet wise).  Detailed online reports will be made available giving full details on dealer giving discounts with full calculations, such as the transaction amount, the discount offered per transaction, etc.  These reports will be downloadable as well for reference, record and filing. EXTENSIVE WEB-BASED REPORTING
  16. 16. POS DEPLOYMENT AND MAINTENANCE _____________________________________________________________ _  POS Terminals, equipped with application deployed by MAK.  MAK will ensure the program management and maintenance along with training to the staff operating POS Terminals.
  17. 17. _____________________________________________________________ _ ANOTHER MECHANISM FOR REDEMPTION Specified Period-Based Campaigns Offer reward on the basis of transaction to be done during some specified period of time.  During the Holy month of Ramadan, receive bonus 10 points every time you shop. Specified Location-Based Campaigns Offer reward on the basis of transaction to be done at some specified location, area or city.  Spend up to PKR XX at Y City and get free Bonus Points. Specified Product-Based Campaigns Offer reward on the basis of buying a specific product.  On purchasing X, get the double points.
  18. 18. _____________________________________________________________ _ PROJECT PLAN
  19. 19. _____________________________________________________________ _ PROJECT PLAN Timelines: Estimated timeframe to complete Loyalty project for MAK is 1 month Training Tailor-made, extensive, hands-on training is offered to all of our customers providing complete user and system administrator training on all MAK’s products. Consulting From the start to finish of every project, MAK uses its vast knowledge and experience in the industry to provide clients with a consulting service offering advice and assistance on all aspects system set up and operations. Support MAK offers unrivalled customer support capable of handling any issues that may arise. We provide variety of support plans to suit different budgets without compromising the quality of service.
  20. 20. _____________________________________________________________ _ PROJECT MANAGEMENT (HOSTING) Blending the strategy of consultants with the execution mindset of a customer data-driven company, MAK can provide complete outsourced solution by deploying dedicated team to manage the entire loyalty program  MAK’s Management (Outsourcing)  XYZ (change) Management As an essential part of the plan, MAK will train Clients' Staff to manage this program in a most efficient manner. MAK will ensure continuous monitoring by assigning a dedicated resource. MAK will be responsible to maintain POS terminals and servers
  21. 21. KEY BENEFITS _____________________________________________________________ _ Note: Clients will have an option to buy POS terminal at $300 /each  Ensures enhanced Customer Loyalty with ability to provide Innovative Reward Contribution structures across a range of Attributes.  Create Sustainable Differentiators in the market by providing multiple Redemption options with clear ‘Line of Sight’ of the Rewards.  Enterprise Loyalty capabilities and possibility of Internal Redemptions ensure Widening and Deepening of Relationship.  Comprehensive full featured application with ease of integration to existing systems thereby ensuring quick roll-out of the Loyalty Program.  Proven Enterprise Grade Application that will seamlessly fit into the environment and Scalable to meet Future Growth.
  22. 22. THANK YOU