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Character profiles

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Character profiles

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Character profiles

  1. 1. Character Profiles
  2. 2. Richard played by Dougie Rooks Outer Presence : - Resembles as a typical ‘old’ man dressed in light coloured clothing which emphasises his personality which is friendly - His face resembles as an innocent happy looking man - Likes listening and singing to old music really loudly - Loves driving around in his campervan Inner Presence : - Lives with his wife - They were not lucky to have children Context : - Driving along the moors in his campervan, when he notices a young girl walking alone and offers her a lift home
  3. 3. Eve played by Lucy Clarke Outer Presence : - Pale young looking girl - Blonde hair - Dressed in a sleeveless white dress to connote a ghostly feel towards the short Inner Presence: - Lost on the moors - Trying to find her way back home - Misses her father sincerely - Mum died whilst giving birth to her - Thinks that her father is angry with her because she went to a party that he did not allow her to go Context: - Gets offered a lift home by Richard, (the man who is driving along the moors) - On her journey home, her and Richard get to know each other (upsetting and deep dialogue scenes)
  4. 4. David played by Richard Scott Outer Presence : - David will be shown as an angry character as soon as he appears on screen, but then will move down to an emotional character - He will be dressed in dark coloured clothing to connote his misery and his depressive mood due to the fact that he misses his daughter Inner Presence : - Misses his daughter, wants her to come back home - His wife died, giving birth to Eve - Lives alone Context : - David is shocked when Richard comes knocking on his door asking for his jacket and saying it is with Eve as he just dropped her off. David gets angry and his anger rises when Richard starts talking about Eve, but then calms down towards the end