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McCoy Marketing Solutions Presents

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McCoy Markets Solutions,LLC 100% Believe in Customer Satisfactions. We Identify Target Problems & Create Solutions. Learn more about Who We Are & What We Do from this informative presentation. Give Your Business the Right Reputation by "Targeting Your Marketing with "The Real McCoy!"

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McCoy Marketing Solutions Presents

  1. 1. McCoy Marketing Solutions, LLC 2620 Centenary Blvd.,Bldg.2, Ste 201 Shreveport, La 71104
  2. 2. Mission Statement “EMPOWER Business Professionals to IMPACT the COMMUNITY with a Structured Marketing Foundation & to MAXIMIZE a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in their INDUSTRY!” v
  3. 3. Vision Statement We Envision our team operating as your part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) by Connecting Businesses using Promotional Marketing & Business Finance. Our focus is to Consistently Embrace our Business Model with Fundamental Resources & Tools in every customer with the 4 Core Elements: MARKETING MANAGEMENT FINANCE OPERATION v
  4. 4. Meet the President/CMO Shameka McCoy Disney College Internship Management Trainee Intern Single-Mother Academic Scholarship Recipient Graduate Chancellor’s Honor Roll Recipient Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing Community-Opportunity Outreach Leader
  5. 5. Executive Summary At McCoy Marketing Solutions, LLC we are passionate about the needs of our customers. It’s significantly important we Identify Target Problems & Create Solutions for each customer. Fact: If your company isn’t Generating Revenue on a monthly base, you will soon be out of business. v
  6. 6. Executive Summary Statistics States 80% of Businesses fail due to Poor Planning & Cash Problems. We Create Action, Marketing, & Event Planning Solutions to eliminate poor planning into Strategic Planning. Your Business Requires a monthly Cash Flow to operate successfully. Our Promotional Package such as: Event Planning/ Marketing, Social Media Package, & Direct Mail Campaigns offers Measurable Results to Increase Company’s Return on Investment.
  7. 7. How We Help??? We Target Business Professionals (Small Business & Franchise Owners) with specific Marketing Strategies custom for their Industry. Our team Qualifications include but not limited to: Marketing Expertise, Brand Management, Graphic Design, Public Relations, & Financial Advisor to service you to the Best of our Ability. Our team focus on Customer Satisfaction, Research & Development, & Continuously Increasing their Knowledge with Certification/Training classes.
  8. 8. Services Branding Management Business Finance Suite Event Marketing Event Planning Marketing Consulting McCoy’s Direct Mail Campaign Small Business Development Social Media Package
  9. 9. Branding Management Branding. Reputation by Relationship. And. Design. Review/Create Branding Strategies Consultation Detailed Questionnaire Intellectual Experts Knowledge Marketing Research Follow-Up, Email Alerts v v
  10. 10. Business Finance Suite Get the Capital you need for your business, even if you’ve been turned down by the bank! We offer the most Comprehensive Solution available to help business owners secure Financing, and Build a Business Credit Profile & Score for the Business in order to secure even more financing, with no credit check and no personal guarantee! Whether you own an established business, or even if you are just thinking about starting your business, we are here to help you Qualify for Financing to establish or Grow Your Business!
  11. 11. Business Finance Suite COMPREHENSIVE FUNDING SOLUTIONS Secret Lending Formula Pre-Qualify by Unique Financial Approval Engine Build Business Credit & Profiles for Your Business
  12. 12. Business Finance Suite... Largest Database of Lending Sources CASH funding for Start-Up & Existing Biz Certified Business Advisor Net 30 Accounts FAST Approval rate Secure QUICK funding 60 days or less (Still working on this Slide) Solutions…
  13. 13. Business Finance Suite... PROBLEMS Challenged Personal Credit Need A Business or Finance Advisor Low Credit Score Denied Approval of Loans by Tradition Banks Need More Capital SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. Business Finance Suite... Secure Revolving Business Credit Accounts Secure Business Credit Cards FREE Experian Smart Business Monitoring Data (value $600.00) FREE DUNS # & D&B Credit Profile Activation (value $700.00)
  15. 15. Event Marketing Perfect Package Designed to Eliminate confusing and chaos by Planning, Organizing, Managing Resources for your next Business Event. v Implement Marketing Plan Project Management Skills Scheduling Vendors Signature Signage (Poster or Banner) Coordinating Community Events Miscellaneous Event Tasks *as needed
  16. 16. Event Marketing How It Worksv Organization Structure Implement your Company’s Vision for the Event MMS Pay Attention to Details (We Care) Deliver a Functional Strategic Plan We Answer in your Plan Who, What, Why, & How preparing you for Event Management Solutionsv Consultation Expert Knowledge Marketing Plan Offers Itemization Resources & Tools Great Package for: Corporate Events Bridal Shower Birthday Parties Baby Showers Business Meetings Board Meetings v v v v v v
  17. 17. McCoy’s Direct Mail Campaign Targets Potential & Existing Customers Demographic, Geographic, & Marketing Mix Reach Residential & Commercial Customers Up to 5 mile radius Every Door Direct Mail is a Cost Effective Registered Service Graphic Designers Expertise
  18. 18. Direct Mail Marketing Benefits Mailing Service Mailing List Track Analytics Loyalty Program Call to Action Statements Custom Graphic Design Flyers & Postcards Franchises & Small Business Owners have a turn around on Return On Invest
  19. 19. Marketing Consultation Helps you overcome your procrastination by creating a "Action Plan" to Implement Daily strategic steps for your business goals. Vision this service as a Blueprint guide before starting your Marketing Plan. Actions produce Results. Just one step away from having the success you desire. Consultation Action Plan v v
  20. 20. Small Business Development Are you working your Business part-time out of your home but would love to expand your marketing base to reach More Customers? Perhaps you need help Strategizing and Implementing Ideas/Goals? Learn about Establishing Prices, Promotional Campaigns, Distribution Channels, and how to advertise your product(s) to reach target markets. This Valuable Service offers specific results with Resources & Tools to advances in your industry. It's significantly important that your business is established properly to reach its Maximum Potential in Revenue. v v
  21. 21. Small Business Development Small Biz Package:v Social Media Marketing Plan Solutions’ Tool Kit Weekly Business Coaching Promotional Campaigns Social Media Branding Finance Solutions
  22. 22. Social Media Package Perfect package opportunity for Business Owners Small or Mid-size to gain Exposure 24/7. Whether your storefront is open or closed the World Wide Web is open to your Potential & Current Customers. 1st We Gain Knowledge about your Company’s Unique Brand of products/services, 2nd Take Action by Applying our Marketing Expertise, & 3rd Share Solutions & Benefits with the world. It's simple as 1,2, 3 BUT Requires the Time Management Skills of “The Right Expert.” McCoy Marketing Solutions’ Objective Goal is to Effectively Promote your Company’s Products & Services! v v v
  23. 23. Social Media Promotion Q&A Session QUESTIONS How we do it ? Why we do it? ANSWERS Content Marketing, Analytical Reports, & Marketing/Advertising Resources To Attract Visitors, Convert Visitors, & Convert Leads to Loyal Customers
  24. 24. Social Media Package Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing Lead Generation Attract Loyal Customer Base Google, Facebook, & Instagram Advertisement Google Analytics Hashtag Strategies Inbound & Outbound Marketing Strategies
  25. 25. Summary in Conclusion Who We Our Consistent in Our Brand Message Build Branded Reputations Experts in Multiple Industries Passionate About Clients Offer Affordable Prices More Than A Marketing Firm Guarantee Resources & Tools to Our Clients v What We Dov Increase ROI Gain Businesses More Exposure Give Away Money Solve Problems Strategic Marketing Deliver Results Business Development Measure Results (Analytics)
  26. 26. Give your Business The Right Reputation by Targeting your Marketing with “The Real McCoy!”