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CV - S.T. Dorfling

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CV - S.T. Dorfling

  2. 2. PERSONAL DETAIL - CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: Shane Theodore Dörfling CELLULAR: +255 (0) 688 279 362 (+27) 082 416 0130 WORK TEL: None at Present (Unemployed) FAX: (+27) 086 218 9043 EMAIL: POSTAL ADDRESS: 10c West Street, Parys, 9585 RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: 18 Hinterglumm, Charles de Gaulle Crescent, Highveld, Centurion, 0157 AGE: 39 ID NUMBER: 750630 5375 080 CRIMINAL RECORD: None MARITAL STATUS: Engaged CHILDREN: One DRIVERS LISENCE: Code: B (08) HOBBIES: Watching Movies Playing Music at Parties Collecting Movies/Music HEALTH: Very Good – I train five times a week and also do cardio training. ENQUIRIES: Mr Leon Smith (HR Manager) Omega Risk Solutions Cell: (+27) 082 499 8998 Office: (+27) 012 361 0620
  3. 3. EDUCATION 1993 Matriculated from J.G. Strijdom High School in South Hills, Johannesburg (Grade 12) Subjects Afrikaans SG E+ English SG C Maths LG B Science LG C Business Economics SG D+ Carpentry SG D+ COURSES AND SEMINARS 1996 Musketry Coaching (Certificate no 5803) Subjects Module A: Background sketch Module B: Preparation Module C: Firing of the shot Module D: Measurement Module E: Coaching Weapon Competence Assessment: R5 Assault Rifle Weapon Competence Assessment: 9mm Z88 Pistol Weapon Competence Assessment: 12 Gauge Beretta (Achieved a Grade 3 Level for Proficiency & Practical Shooting) 1998 Firearms Training CAT B Instructors Course Completed: Weapon Phase (Certificate no 8311- Course Duration: 6 Weeks Subjects: Module A: Weapon Phase * Musketry Training Policy * RSA Law wrt Firearms * R4/R5 5.56mm Assault Rifle * 9mm Z88 Pistol * Musler/Baretta 12 Gauge Shotgun * FN MAG 7.62mm LMG Pyrotechnics -Include the following: # No 83 Smoke Grenade # Thunderflash # 2 Star Instant Light Grenade # Trip flares
  4. 4. * Y2 40mm Grenade Launcher * 60mm Patrol Mortar * M26 Hand Grenade * Battle Field Observation (Night Vision) * Practical Shooting Module C: Field Craft * Map reading & Global Plotting System (GPS) * Tracking & Anti-Tracking Practical Shooting Weapon Competence Assessments on the following: GLOCK 17/19/26 9mm Pistol 9mm Heckler and Koch P7M8 Parabellum Pistol 9mm Z88 Beretta Parabellum Pistol 5.56mm R4/R5 Semi-automatic Assault Rifle Beretta/Musler 12 Gauge Shotgun 7,62mm FN MAG Light Machine Gun (LMG) 60mm Patrol Mortar Thunderflashes Trip Flares 300m Signal and Illumination Flare 25mm Signal Flare and Pistol 15mm Signal Projector 2 Star Instant Light Grenades No 83 Smoke Grenades Practice Grenades 40mm Grenade Launcher 1999 Practical Pistol Shooting Course Completed (Certificate no 8857)-Course Duration: 1 Week Subjects: Module A: Good Manners and Safety Module B: History of Firearms Module C: The SA Law pertaining to firearms Module D: The handling and operation of the Z88 Pistol Module E: Practical Shooting * Weapon Competence Assessment: 9mm Z88 Pistol Module F: Shooting Evaluation * Pass Table 4 with 95% * Pass Table 5 with 82% (Achieved a Grade 3 Level for Proficiency & Practical Shooting)
  5. 5. Practical Pistol Shooting Masters Course (Certificate no 8872)-Course 1999 Duration: 1 Week Subjects: Module A: Good Manners and Safety Module B: History of Firearms Module C: The SA Law pertaining to Fire Arms Module D: The handling and Operation of the Z88 Pistol Module E: Practical Shooting Module F: Evaluation Pass Table 6 with 81% (Qualified for Shooting Badge) (Achieved a Grade 2 Level for Proficiency & Practical Shooting) Shooting Range Safety Officers Course (Certificate no 8919)-Course 1999 Duration: 2 Weeks Subjects: Module A: Musketry Training (MRI: 009651) Module B: South African Army Order (SAAO) GS3/77: Volume VII, Safety Pamphlet 1,General Safety Regulations Module C: SAAF Musketry Coaching Manual Module D: GWU 203 - Protection in the SANDF Module E: Arms and Ammunition Act, Act 75 of 1969 Module F: Defence Act, Act 44 of 1957 Module G: Log 1 Vol. A1 Pamphlet 7 Module H: Criminal Procedures Act, Act 51 of 1977 Module I: LMU 81, Volume 1 Part 1 1999 Advanced Shooting Range Safety Officers Course (Certificate no 9057) Course Duration: 3 Weeks Subjects: Module A: SAAO GS3/77: Volume 7 : Safety Pamphlet 1 : General Safety Regulations General Safety Precautions Safety Training Planning and Conduct of Small Arms Shooting Exercises on Classification and/or Field Firing ranges Actions before and during an incidents and reporting of incidents Small Arms Classification Shooting ranges Training areas
  6. 6. Storage and Transportation of ammunition and Explosives Demonstrations Module B: SAAO GS 3/77 Volume VII Safety Pamphlet 2 Safety Instructions for Infantry Platoon weapons and Pyrotechnics Safety Precautions for Small calibre Weapons * 5,59mm Rifles * 9mm Pistols * R1/R4/R5 Rifle * Shotgun * 7,62mm FN LMG Safety Templates Weapon Stages Battle Simulation and Training Aids Safety Instructions for High Explosives, Practice, Phosphorus Grenades, 40mm Grenade Launcher and No 2 R1M1 Shrapnel Module C: Interpret a Topographical Map for Navigational purposes 2001 Train the Trainer Programme (Course Duration - 2 Days) Learning Outcomes: Communicate effectively using various communication styles. Address the adult learner appropriately. Maintain guidelines for effective relationships in culturally diverse group. Facilitate learning. Set the learning context. Design a learning intervention and define learning outcomes. Offensive & Defensive Driving Techniques Practical Advanced Driver Instructor's Course Completed (Course Duration - 3 Days) 2001 Learning Outcomes: Offensive and Defensive Driving Vehicle Specifications Defensive Driving Techniques Practical Driving: Skid Pan and Convoy Driving: * Techniques * Defensive Driving * Controlled Slides and Braking * Emergency Braking * Emergency Lane Changing * Handbrake Turn 90º (Left and Right) * Forward Turn 180º (Left and Right) * Reverse 180º (J-Turn) * Aquaplaning
  7. 7. Tactical Training Programme Close Protection Operative for VIP (Duration - 10 Days) 2001 Learning Outcomes: Operational Planning. Risk Analysis. The use of cover & concealment. Vehicle counter ambush drills. Foot escort drills. Basic room clearance drills. Threat assessment. Basic first aid-stab & gunshot wounds. Hostage survival. Improvised explosive devices. Threat assessment via internet. Surveillance/Counter Surveillance. Bubbles of protection. Sustainability drills. One hand shooting under stress. Counter attack drills. Shooting under duress. Risk management. Unarmed self defence. Team counter ambush tactics. The SA Law pertaining firearms. Extreme close quarter shooting. VIP Protection Course Completed (Certificate no 10853)-Course Duration: 9 Weeks 2002 Subjects: Module A: Static Protection Offensive Attacks Physical Protection Permit Control System Search and Examination Access Control Contingency Planning Information Security Area Control Handling of Post and Articles Forged and Disputed Documents Map Reading Patrols and Observation Search and Examination Identification of Explosives Buddy Aid Basic Fire Prevention Module B: Close Protection VIP Theory The Threat against the VIP/Principal Protection Measures on Foot Immediate Action Drills during Foot Formations Static Protection Module C: Firearms Training Weapon Training - Theory and Practical * Firearms Training * Psychological Preparation * Safety Measures
  8. 8. * Practical Application and Techniques * 9mm Heckler and Koch P7M8 Parabellum Pistol * 9mm Z88 Beretta Parabellum Pistol * 5.56mm R5 Semi-automatic Assault Rifle * 12 Gauge Shotgun Weapon Training - Practical * Weapon Competence Assessment: * R5 Assault Rifle * 9mm Z88 Pistol * 9mm P7M8 Heckler & Koch Pistol * 12 Gauge Musler Shotgun * (AFI 1/9/92) - Table 16/17 : VIP Protection Tactical Shooting Table * APF 7 Book 2 Education, Training and Development Volume 2 Training Part 12 Manual for Small arms Training Chapter 3 Approved shooting tables for use in the SAAF Module D: Offensive and Defensive Driving Techniques Vehicle Specifications Convoy Driving Immediate Action Drills Vehicle Surveillance Defensive Driving Techniques Practical Driving: Skid Pan and Convoy Driving at GEROTEK *Techniques *Defensive Driving *Controlled Slides and Braking *Emergency Braking *Emergency Lane Changing *Handbrake Turn 90 (Left and Right) *Handbrake Turn 180 (Left and Right) *Reverse 180 (J-Turn) *Aquaplaning Module E: Planning & Execution of VIP Protection Tasks Planning Cycle General Aspects Safe Havens, Command Posts and Danger Areas Example of a Threat Analysis Plans Module F: Basic Self-defence Techniques Basic Techniques Vital Attacking Areas Pressure Points Controlling Techniques Defences Notes
  9. 9. Module G: Law Aspects The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 The Criminal Procedure Act Storage, transportation and carrying of firearms and ammunition Declaration of persons as unfit to possess firearms Schedule 2-Crimes & offences giving rise to unfitness enquiry by court Control of firearm parts and ammunition Conducting Outcomes-Based Assessment Completed (Certificate No L479285Dor) 2004 Accreditation No: PEVE296070000000581 Level 3 - First Aid (2010) Subjects: Module 1: * The First Responder Module 2: * The Emergency Scene Module 3: * The Victim/Patient - The Human Body Module 4-1: * Primary Survey/Care Module 4-2: * Secondary Survey/Care Level 3 - Fire Marshall (2010) Subjects: * Alerting the Fire Department * The Law * Element Plan * Fire Evacuation Procedure * Standby to Evacuate the Premises * Hose Reels * The "All Clear" COMPUTER COURSES 1999 * Introduction to PC's (94%) * Windows (90%) * MS Excel Introductions & Intermediate (77%) * MS Word Introductions & Intermediate (90%) * Powerpoint (100%) I have excellent knowledge of PC related functions. I also have extensive knowledge wrt PC issues as and when they arise
  10. 10. CAREER DETAILS (SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE) Positions Listed below: ASSESSOR, EVALUATOR & FACILITATOR (January 2003 – June 2007) Air Force Gymnasium - Training Control Wing (TCW) TCW Evaluation Co-ordinator (Assessor and Facilitator) TCW Evaluation Co-ordinator Conducting and Evaluation of Protection & Regimental Course Examinations. Assessor, Evaluator and Facilitator - Protection & Regimental Courses: VIP Protection Course Practical Pistol Shooting Course Practical Pistol Shooting Masters Course Shooting Range Safety Officers Course Advanced Shooting Range Safety Officers Course Firearms Training Assessor - Protection & Regimental Training Instructors Assessor - Protection & Regimental Training Course Programmes Assessor - Protection & Regimental Weapon Training 9mm Heckler and Koch P7M8 Parabellum Pistol Instant Light Grenades 9mm Z88 Beretta Parabellum Pistol Smoke generators 9mm Glock 17 & 19 Pistol Practice Grenades 5.56mm R5 Semi-automatic Assault Rifle 40mm Grenade Launcher Barette/Musler Pump Action Shotgun M26 Grenade 7,62mm FN Light Machine Gun (LMG) Thunderflashes Trip Flares 300m Signal and Illumination Flare 25mm Signal Flare and Pistol 15mm Signal Projector ADMINISTRATION OF VARIOUS COURSES AND COURSE PROGRAMMES Air Force Gymnasium - Training Control Wing (TCW) TCW Admin & Systems & Evaluation Co-ordinator Provide training and assessments and evaluations based on the learning outcomes on the following courses: (See subjects listed above regarding the different courses presented below.) VIP Protection Training Course. Practical Pistol Shooting Course. Practical Pistol Shooting Masters Course. Shooting Range Safety Officers Course. Advanced Shooting Range Safety Officers Course. VIP Protection for SANDF members for Deployment to Burundi. Offensive & Defensive Driving Techniques
  11. 11. Department of Defence Mobilisation Centre - Training Commander Static VIP Protection Preparation for members being deployed to Burundi The aim of the course was to equip selected members with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to render an effective duty as a Static VIP Protector in Burundi. CAREER DETAILS (PRIVATE INDUSTRY) PSIRA Reg no: 1487493 PSIRA: Grade A CORE TACTICAL (1 September 2007 - 28 February 2009) SHIFT COMMANDER Pro Active Security - Houghton Area (Johannesburg) Community Area Protection (CAP) Initiative Houses & Surrounding areas DYNAMIC ALTERNATIVES (1 March 2008 - 30 September 2008) PROTECTOR TO CEO OF ABSA CAPITAL & MANAGEMENT The Protection of various foreign VIP's/Dignitaries and the protection of the CEO of ABSA Capital. This includes:  Venue protection of various members from ABSA Capital.  Planning of routes to and from venues and homes.  Ensuring the safety of families of ABSA Capital top management. FIDELITY SECURITY SERVICES (1 October 2008 - 28 February 2010) OPERATIONS MANAGER NATIONWIDE SECURITY HOLDINGS (1 March 2010 to Date 28 March 2014) OPERATIONS/AREA MANAGER
  12. 12. OMEGA NITRO RISK SOLUTIONS (T) LTD (10 August 2014 to Date) OPERATIONAL MANAGER - TANZANIA My current job description encompasses, but is not necessarily, limited to the following at Omega Nitro Risk Solution (T) Ltd: Management  Compilation and control the execution of the area's business.  Meet objectives set by the annual budget and business plan.  Ensure that employee appraisals are conducted twice annually.  Personnel should be managed in such manner that the staff turnover is kept within the set norms.  Ensure that the disciplinary code and procedures are used in all instances where disciplinary action is required. The employee’s rights will at all times be respected.  The application of company administrative policies and procedures.  Good relations between the company and the Client wrt security services rendered.  Ensuring the posting of security officers on site is done on time and according to SLA specifications.  Ensuring that all security officers on site meet contractual requirements as stipulated by the client.  Constantly evaluating the service levels provided and making recommendations to the client regarding the improvement of services.  General management and supervision of security and office staff.  Control budget on a daily basis  Overseeing the HR functions at our Tanzania office to ensure that all HR related issues are dealt with according to the Tanzanian Labour Relations Act of 2004.  Overseeing certain financial aspects wrt the operational readiness of equipment, vehicles, uniform, travel costs, fuel and stationary.  Easy Roster management checks daily. Growth  Identify and initiate strategies that will retain existing customers and win new business. Quotations and tenders will be submitted for approval to the Country Manager. Employee Management  Approve all applications for leave.  Discuss with security managers and area office staff any leave authorised and the resulting roster changes.
  13. 13.  Review all disciplinary hearings and findings and ensure that the correct procedures have been followed.  Ensure pay queries were solved within seven (7) days after submission.  Ensure all requests and queries from the customer have been attended to.  Attend to queries raised by security officers that have been referred to you by security managers.  Approve all uniform replacements once the relevant factors and reasons for the replacement have been considered.  Plan uniform requirements well in advance and place an official order to the national head office. Weekly Responsibilities  Ensure that all resignations, dismissals or demotions once all the circumstances and factors have been considered have been approved by security managers and that a detailed record of all actions taken is kept.  Study any trends and evaluate the data in order to advise the customer timeously of corrective action that is required. All recommendations must be presented in writing.  Attend to all correspondence and respond and take action where required.  Perform regular spot checks and audits on time sheets. Ensure that the sheets are completed accurately and correctly.  Prepare the required reports for the head office and ensure that all reports are submitted on the target dates as instructed.  Ensure minutes of monthly customer meeting are compiled within seventy two (72) hours after the meeting took place.  Ensuring that all HR related queries are dealt with promptly.  Ensuring the prompt submission of employment forms to the South African office.  Submitting relevant weekly/monthly reports to Management and Clients.  Investigating incidents and reporting on such. Ensuring that feedback is given wrt incidents.  Ensuring that all equipment/vehicles are in serviceable condition.  There is no Regulatory Authority in Tanzania for security officers. But at my previous companies, I had to ensure that security officers are registered with PSIRA and trained wrt security procedures on sites.  Currently I have to ensure that security officers receive the necessary training wrt all aspects of becoming a security officer who wants to be employed by Omega in Tanzania  Inspecting all company weapons issued to me for my control, which is on remote sites.  Ensuring the safety and welfare of all Staff.
  14. 14. Attached Information I know what my objectives and goals are within my working environment and I believe that I can adapt to any working environment when I need to. The experience I have gained over the years has given me great self-confidence as a competent and respected manager. I have expert knowledge about all facets pertaining to my position in the company. I am always willing to go out of my way to assist my colleagues, even if this means sacrificing my own time. I believe that I render a service of very high quality and standard and that I will be an asset to any organisation where I am employed. I am professional in what I do, and I am a firm believer of doing things the first time in the correct manner. References Country Manager Omega Nitro Risk Solutions (T) Ltd: Mr Gys Steyn Address: Omega Nitro Risk Solution (T) Ltd Plot 342 Mikocheni B Dar es Salaam Telephone: +255 (0) 783 961 468 / (+27) 083 271 7158 General Manager Fidelity Security Services: Mr Meyer Jooste Address: Fidelity Security Services 385 Asiteleen street Silvertondale Pretoria Telephone: 079 492 2436 Regional Manager Nationwide Security Holdings: Mr Brian Callanhan Address: Nationwide Security Holdings 21 Impala Avenue Doringkloof Centurion Pretoria Telephone: 012 667 1656/071 861 9703 Other References Team Leader: M. van Rooyen Address: Dynamic Alternatives 93 River road Lyttleton 0140 Telephone: 082 708 4992