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Brochure design, Global Retail Recruitment.

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Grr 003294171 e-brochure-sep12

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  2. 2. Established in 2008 by Neil Oviatt who remains the lead consultant and client contact point we focus on communication, honesty, service and delivery. We are Global Retail Recruitment – We offer clear cut recruitment solutions for retail brands by providing Management & Executive retail recruitment – Globally with no want to elongate or over complicate the recruitment process. SERVICES: Retained Search and selection – Contingent Recruitment solutions – Candidate talent mapping and Organization talent mapping. OUR CREDENTIALS: We have over 30 years combined experience and a proven track record supporting retail brands across the world with candidates from many different regions including Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. We work with candidates from all continents, matching capability and cultural requirements to ensure employers have a long-term acquisition. View our Testimonials here Who we are
  3. 3. RETAINED SEARCH A retained search allows a recruitment partner to advertise to a greater degree. You will have a dedicated consultant / agency working 100% to achieve the desired result, use varying search technology, spend longer searching, screening and interviewing due to the fact that the partner will know they are not only working for you but in partnership. Thus allowing a greater spend on advertising, and a greater time allocated to the whole search and interview process. Process: You supply the brief, we hold an in-depth honest discussion relating to our ability to deliver. If you are happy we’ll agree terms and begin the search process. We require a commitment that we are exclusive with the search on a retained basis CONTINGENT RECRUITMENT This is the most cost effective VS ROI service that retail recruitment agencies offer. Contingent recruitment involves agencies searching their databases & external databases for suitable candidates to put forward for your vacancies. You will find that the more senior a position becomes the more difficult it is to find appropriate candidates with specific skills. Therefore this type of recruitment is best utilised for lower or mid management positions where the number of candidates likely to apply is increased significantly. Contingent recruitment can be utilised for executive levels also, however, you may find a more efficient level of service by going retained! CANDIDATE TALENT MAPPING Once we have mapped all your targets you will have an insight of the required individuals in a company according to their job title & skills. We can provide full names of employees, their job title, their specialist sectors and key skills. Contact numbers and email addresses can also be supplied if requested. This will provide a current perspective on talent in your market in line with planned business growth or recruitment needs. Help you assess your need to utilise agency services. You can then take the information we have collated and carry out direct headhunts yourself or we can approach your desired talent on your behalf. How it works
  4. 4. Current Vacancies Commercial Director Saudi Arabia (Non-Food) Retail Director Saudi Arabia (Lifestyle) Leadership Director Germany (Lifestyle) Business Unit Commercial Director Germany (Lifestyle) VP Russia (Fashion) Retail Director UAE (Dubai) Head of Buying UAE (General Merchandise) Food Service Director Middle East Operations Director Turkey (Health Clubs) Levels and Sector of Vacancies we cover; Executive Retail Recruitment – Retail and Foodservice – Mid Management to Executive positions in Operations, Human Resources, Buying, Merchandising, CRM, Franchise, Business Development, Supply Chain, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Finance and IT Also now recruiting; FEC, FMCG, Catering, Hospitality, Finance, Manufacturing, Science and Innovation.