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8 Innovations Transforming Corporate Wellness

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Corporate wellness programs are rapidly changing with advances in technology and the transfer of consumer tools into the enterprise environment. ShapeUp hosted the webinar these slides came fromto share with you the major areas of innovation that we see occurring in the wellness space so you can make sense of what’s going on, learn new ways to tackle the challenges you face, and keep an eye toward the future. Watch the full webinar at

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8 Innovations Transforming Corporate Wellness

  1. 1. Today’s webinar hosts Rajiv Kumar, M.D. Founder & Chief Medical Officer Shawn LaVana Vice President of Marketing Elise Meyer Marketing Associate
  2. 2. Join the conversation on Twitter @shapeupdotcom #wellnessinnovation
  3. 3. The mission we’re trying to accomplish Creating a healthier world by leveraging social influence to engage people in healthy activities
  4. 4. We learn every day from amazing clients
  5. 5. Perfecting our behavior change modelSocial Marketing Coaching Financial Incentives Campaign Enrollment Self- Improved & Assessment Healthy Progress Health & Activation & Games & Tracking & Social with Social Realistic Challenges Milestones Rewards Tools Goal-Setting1 2 3 4 5 Readiness to Change Biometric Devices
  6. 6. Unhealthy behaviors are contagious
  7. 7. But healthy behaviors are social too!
  8. 8. Harnessing social influence for health•1 Create connections•2 Competitions & challenges•3 Peer-to-peer invitations•4 Facilitate conversations•5 Public expression•6 Peer encouragement•7 Status & comparison8 Rewards for social behavior
  9. 9. Social platforms help spread the health Social GamesSocial Stats Social Newsfeed Find Friends
  10. 10. Letting employees support each other
  11. 11. Let employees form groups and teams Team List Team Conversation
  12. 12. Leveraging peer accountability
  13. 13. Share small, positive actions with friends
  14. 14. Health forums, user groups, expert Q&A
  15. 15. Why is social transformative? Program Type Avg. Engagement + Incentives Coaching Programs 6% 22% Weight Management 8% 8.5% Walking Program 10% 20% Biometric Screening 22% 42% Social Wellness 30%+ 50%+Source: 15th Annual National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care. (coaching,weight, and biometric data). Analysis based on an average company size of 7,500 employees with an average workforce age of 43 years, 55%male population and average industry distribution with no financial incentives offered. Walking program and ShapeUp data based on book-of-business client experience.
  16. 16. Games are changing the way we live
  17. 17. Games satisfy core human desires Reward Status Achievement Expression Competition Altruism Points Levels ChallengesVirtual PrizesLeaderboardsGifts/Charity
  18. 18. Competitions are a powerful social game 60% of U.S. employers offer a health competition, with an additional 27% planning to offer them in the next three years. Working Well: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies. Buck Consultants.
  19. 19. Activity and nutrition team challenges 1 2 3Ready Set Go Step It Up Face OffBalancing Act Fit & Festive Flex Your Food Fight The Flu
  20. 20. Crowdsourcing peer-to-peer games
  21. 21. Games give people a reason to track Personal Stats Tracking Calendar Trend lines
  22. 22. Games facilitate comparison of results
  23. 23. Why is gaming transformative?40%35% -1.2% +8.5%30% -7.3%25%20%15%10% 5% 0% Healthy BMI Overweight BMI Obese BMI Start EndWing, R et al: A Statewide Intervention Reduces BMI in Adults: Shape Up Rhode Island Results. Obesity 2009
  24. 24. SMS still plays an important role
  25. 25. But smartphones are proliferating
  26. 26. Apps for physical activity measurement
  27. 27. Apps for calorie tracking and sharing
  28. 28. Apps for healthy food logging + sharing
  29. 29. Apps for sleep quality tracking
  30. 30. Workplace apps for promoting exercise
  31. 31. Why are mobile apps transformative?• “It is always a challenge for us to reach everybody. We have a diverse workforce with many field sites or manufacturing sites. That’s why on-site connection is important.”• “70% of our employees have access to internet on a regular basis. For the 30% who don’t have work access we think they have access at home or at least a kiosk or lab.”• “We have a vast majority of employees that don’t have a computer but do need to lose weight. They tried to manage reporting by phone but it was not effective for them.”
  32. 32. Low-tech devices do change behavior
  33. 33. Outcomes-based rewards gaining steam Employers Using Rewards or Penalties Based on Health Outcomes 100% 80 60 No 40 20 Yes 0 2011 2012E
  34. 34. Connected devices provide validation
  35. 35. GreenGoose activity monitor card
  36. 36. Jawbone UP wristband
  37. 37. Withings blood pressure monitor
  38. 38. Fitbit Aria wireless weight scale
  39. 39. Basis heart monitor wristwatch
  40. 40. Consumer sites have done this for years
  41. 41. Employee platforms are now doing it too
  42. 42. Activity automatically synced on website
  43. 43. Ways to use them in wellness programs Employees with a device can link it for easy tracking Employees can purchase a device directly from the manufacturer Purchase devices for some or all of your employees employees Devices can be offered as an incentive for results in the program
  44. 44. Why wireless devices are transformative“We can’t look at health in isolation. It’s not just in the doctor’s office.It’s got to be where we live, we work, we play, we pray.” U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin LA Times, March 13, 2011
  45. 45. Wellness programs are going global
  46. 46. 24/7 multi-lingual phone + email support Employee Calls with Question Employee in SpanishInterpreter Interpreter Interpretation of Answer Question and Delivered Context ShapeUp Rep Knowledge Transfer
  47. 47. Easy, rapid, multi-lingual translations Platforms are becoming available in many languages New languages can be added easily All new platform text automatically exported, rapidly translated, and imported via an API US English Latin-American Spanish EU French Korean UK English EU Spanish Italian Simplified Chinese CA French German Japanese Traditional Chinese
  48. 48. Why global programs are transformative• “The big question we’ve been asking with our wellness program is how do we make it truly global.”• “We have a tough time because of the diversification of multiple cultures. Different cultures are harder to engage.”• “We have to think about the geographic nature of employees; what is culturally acceptable and what is unique and relevant for this country.”
  49. 49. Read this article…I’ll send you the link!
  50. 50. Three innovative ways to do incentives Reward Progress Reward in Real-Time Reward Social Actions
  51. 51. Rewarding employees for progress• Rewards for measurable improvements• Puts the focus on the journey and not just the destination• Gives all employees a fair chance
  52. 52. Rewarding employees in real-time• Don’t make employees wait• Smaller amounts now carry more weight than larger amounts later• Increase the impact of your incentives without increasing your budget
  53. 53. IBM patents real-time food rewards• “Providing Consumers With Incentives For Healthy Eating Habits”
  54. 54. Rewarding employees for social actions• Encourage peer-to-peer recruitment to maximize participation• Promote peer support to facilitate group behavior change• Leverage accountability to keep people honest and engaged
  55. 55. Why will this be transformative? n=22 n=16 n=13 n=12 100% $1,000+ Results HSA No contribution 80 $500-$700 Prizes 60 $300-$500 Average Incentive 40 Participation Discount on Amount = $375 Yes premiums $100-$200 20 Cash $1-$100 0 Offer incentives Basis of Average Format of incentive amount incentive (per yr) Average 375 amount
  56. 56. Traditional telephonic coaching is brokenCan be effective, • “We’ve seen a savings of $869 per person per year forbut very low the 530 people who have been enrolled for 2 years.utilization Telephonic coaching is difficult, although for people who are struggling with a certain issue, this type of support can lead them to the next level.”Some are • “How effective is coaching itself? Given the smallunclear if it is number of participants, we pay a lot for it.”usefulOthers are sure • “We pulled the plug on telephonic health coaching—that it is not only a small percent respond. It’s not a very motivating model.”
  57. 57. Online coaching solves key problems
  58. 58. Asynchronous messaging is convenient
  59. 59. Peer coaching offers great promise• “Peer coaching appears to have merit as a viable, low-cost intervention with the potential of helping individuals with diabetes who need to change their behavior.”• “The addition of online coaching from a peer significantly increased engagement and retention in the program.” 1. Peer Coaching: An Intervention for Individuals Struggling With Diabetes, Joseph, D. The Diabetes Educator. Sep/Oct 2001 2. An Online Recovery Plan Program: Can Peer Coaching Increase Participation? Simon, G. Psychiatric Services, Vol 62 No 6, June 2011.
  60. 60. Why online coaching is transformative Actual Data from a 40,000 Employee Company Telephonic Coaching Online Coaching # Engaged # Engaged 300 1,871 This approach drove a 524% increase in coaching engagement
  61. 61. Using networks to target employees• Connections• Degrees• Centrality• Convincing
  62. 62. What does your network really look like? Senior ViceHussan President Mares Milavec Exploration Hopper Drilling Production Avery McWatters Milavec Waring Dhillon Crossley Ramirez Hussan Hopper Smith Myers Sutherland Waring Dhillon Mitchell Mares Keller Cordoza Zaheer Myers Angelo Smith Avery Klimchuck Schultz Keller Cordoza Mitchell McWatters Angelo Schultz Crossley Zaheer Ramirez Sutherland Klimchuck
  63. 63. Target interventions based on the data ‘Kevin Bacons’: central individuals with a short path to anyone else ‘Steve McQueens’ = peripheral non- participants
  64. 64. Why network analysis is transformative