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Shaye howell...screencast

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Shaye howell...screencast

  1. 1. FRIT 8530…Shaye Howell<br />Title: Screencasting Tutorial for Microsoft Office Power Point 2007<br />URL:<br />Intended Audience: Fellow Teachers<br />Screencasting software: Jing and<br />Goal/Purpose: I recently discovered fellow teachers do not know how to create Power Point Presentations. I decided to create a tutorial that could accommodate them.<br />Tutorial Description: The tutorial consists of a few basics in Power Point that would enable anyone to be able to create a Power Point Presentation. I started off with a brief introduction, and then I pointed out the place holders as I chose to demonstrate how to manipulate the font style, size and color which is probably necessary for any Power Point creation. I mentioned the similarities the program has to Microsoft Office Word in the event that this would be helpful. I was sure to include directions of how to insert clipart and pictures. Then, I added a new slide and duplicated a slide to provide a little information for the intended audience to have some control over the slides. While creating Power Points quite often myself, l felt that enough information had been presented for one lesson. After manipulating the slides with the tasks mentioned above, the end result was to present the slide show. I ended the tutorial with a brief summary encouraging the use of Power Point because of the visual presentation it provides.<br />Reflection: The tutorial created could be used for the purpose of teaching others how to use Power Point. With the basics of this lesson, the user could continue to add to their knowledge simply by continuing to create more Power Point presentations. This could be available in our teacher folder on the shares drive along with all of our other teacher resources that we share with each other. Another idea is to place it inside the Student folder to teach them the basics of creating a Power Point presentation. With this tutorial being placed inside the folders, teachers and students would have easy access to learn or refresh about Power Point. I plan to use it for my students. At a late time, maybe I can replace it with a better recorded version. After weeks of no voice, it’s still scratchy. It was hard not to cough during the recording. However, I got through it, and I have never liked to hear my voice anyway. What an experience!<br />