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  1. 1. Shelby HarrisMorgan EllisBrieanna HechtCassi MainJosh Roussel1sthourTestTrue/False:1. New technologies that cause disruption have often led to collective concern aboutprivacy._________2. Most people think photography is a privacy violation.______3. Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare are privacy services.______4. Privacy is compared to the weather, no one can control it.______5. COPPA is meant to empower parents._______Fill In The Blank:1. ______ is the most adaptable of rights.2. The price of ________ and analyzing data is dropping exponentially.3. ______ bans kids under 13 from joining general-purpose communications services andparticipating on social platforms.4. The _________ legislation could devalue online media.5. An unlucky few will be ______, ______, _______, and deported all as a result of the datakept about them by companies and governments.Word Bank:Stalked Storing Fired Do Not Track COPPA Privacy Surveilled Arrested TorturedMatching:1. Who created the first browser software that blocked online tracking?a. Stewart Bakerb. Danah Boydc. Jeff Jarvisd. Christopher Soghoain
  2. 2. Shelby HarrisMorgan EllisBrieanna HechtCassi MainJosh Roussel1sthour2. Privacy is important. It should be ______.a. Destroyedb. Protectedc. Open to the publicd. Controlled by the government3. COPPA is meant to _______ parents.a. Take power away fromb. Intimidatec. Protect kids fromd. Empower4. Restrictions should be put on how data can be used to _______ people.a. Helpb. Quietc. Harmd. Excite5. Privacy laws, in the long run, will _________.a. Do a lot of damageb. Help everyonec. Help convictsd. Hurt the governmentEssay:Why is online privacy important?
  3. 3. Shelby HarrisMorgan EllisBrieanna HechtCassi MainJosh Roussel1sthourList two devices the government can track.