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Quicklyst helps you take beautiful outline-style notes that help you structure your ideas.
You can use Quicklyst on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or Android device.

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Your new favorite study buddy.

Quicklyst is p('F‘l‘CI for c| .iss‘e5 o‘. iny kind. Take
notes e“ecrive| y using outlines, and even include
beauti‘u| ly-‘ormatted l'‘l£l[hCl'Y1.. l{lCJl equations!

Already a user? ‘-igri in.

Starta main point
A. Finer detail
1. Even finer detail

2. Second finer detail
a. side remark

Brainstorming. without the storm.
Quicklyst allows you to easily Structure your ldt‘. ’!S
bL-‘ore you begin writing that A4 essay. ‘lT‘pfl. 'SSlV€
report. or amqizing story.


Quicklyst never forgets.

Oi. -Lklyst is secure, backed-up d: i1y, .ind
extremeiy easy to use We keep your dtitti safr: so
you have one less thing to worry about

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