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Teaching English Language Learners with Twitter

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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies & Learning to Go

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Teaching English Language Learners with Twitter

  1. Teaching English Language Learners with Twitter
  2. “There’s an entire universe in every single tweet…” - Jack Dorsey
  3. @AmericanTESOL @TESOL @ShellTerrell @ESLWebinars Our Twitter Accounts
  4. Setup a class account & #hashtag!
  5. #EngPls #StudyEnglish #LearnALanguage #Twinglish #LearnEnglish #Hashtags for Learning English @ShellTerrell
  6. @ShellTerrell #Hashtags for English Language Teachers #ESL #ELLChat #TEFL #TEFLChat #TESOL #Duallang #TLEAP #BusinessEnglish #ELTChat #ELLs #EFL #EAP
  7. Student Accounts 13 & older Avatars to protect identities Twitter lists for easy following
  8. Tweet as a fictional character!
  9. Correct Celebrity Tweets
  10. Exit Tickets
  11. Polls
  12. Digital storytelling with moments!
  13. Twitter Chats
  14. Mock Twitter Chats
  16. Learn from experts!
  17. Follow accounts to learn grammar & vocabulary!
  18. PoetryRiddles Stories Word problems Translations Fill-ins Emoji Fun & Twitter
  19. Stories, E. [LOLemojistories]. (2013, Jul 22). [Tweet]. Retrieved from
  20. Use emojis to answer the following: Current mood: 🤔 How many pets: 🐶 Favorite color: 💙 🚘 💧🚘 💧💧 Favorite foods: 🌮 🍕🍣🍕🍣 Hobbies: ✍ 📚 Dream Job: 🍽 💻💻
  21. Photo & Gif Challenges Current Events Backchannel Other ideas Collect Authentic Examples Research
  24. @ShellTerrell