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Why You Need a Mobile Website

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63% of smart phone users access the internet on their mobile device. They are searching for hours, special offers, addresses, maps, menus, and many other details about your business. Traditional desktop websites simply do not function or display the same on a mobile screen. Users can be easily frustrated. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will miss these consumers that are actively looking to engage with your business. This presentation gives you everything you need to take the next step and build a mobile website. It's simple, economical and you have total control of the content and any updates or changes. Enjoy!

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Why You Need a Mobile Website

  1. 1. Why a mobile website is a must for your business
  2. 2. Another Great Solution fromV3  Integrated  
  3. 3. Is your website mobile friendly?
  4. 4. Are you poised totake advantage of Smart Phone growth?
  5. 5. Smart Phone penetration is increasing dramatically
  6. 6. Internet Usage onSmart Phones is Growing
  7. 7. In 2009 ! of Smart Phone users owned aninternet enabled device. !
  8. 8. In 2010 ! owned an Internet enabled phone !
  9. 9. Daily use of Internet via handheld device ! 2010 ! 2009 !
  10. 10. of businesses have mobile enabled websites
  11. 11. Most websites look fine on a desktop computer…
  12. 12. …or on a laptop.
  13. 13. The same site on a phone can be a frustrating experience
  14. 14. Most  desktop  websites  were  not  designed  to  be  viewed  on  the  small  screens  of  mobile  devices.    Fonts  can  be  too  small,  images  are  too  large,  naviga:on  can  be  clunky,  Flash  simply  won’t  work,  lengthy  page  loads,  and  the  list  goes  on  and  on.    
  15. 15. Even  with  zoom   features,  viewing  the  same  website  on   a  cell  phone  screen   is  a  frustra:ng  user   experience.    
  16. 16. Don’t  risk  annoying  your  customers,  losing  them  to  compe:tors  or  harming  your  brand.      
  17. 17. To effectively reach mobile consumers, you have
  18. 18. Build a mobile appBuild a mobile websiteDo nothing and lose business
  19. 19. Build a Mobile App
  20. 20. The mobile app field is extremely crowded
  21. 21. If your app isn’tindispensible, it will likely get lost in the clutter.
  22. 22. More than10 Billionapps have been downloaded
  23. 23. is the average # ofapps on each iDevice (iPad, iPhone, etc.) Asymco  
  24. 24. That’s a lot of apps!
  25. 25. But, out of all those appsA  study  by  Localy:cs     are used just once
  26. 26. A mobile app limits your reach
  27. 27. Not all Smart Phoneowners use apps
  28. 28. The iPhone represents only25% of the Smart Phone market
  29. 29. Building an app for the iPhone,Android and Blackberry can be cost prohibitive
  30. 30. Build a mobile website
  31. 31. A mobile website canbe viewed by anyone with a Smart Phone
  32. 32. Our Mobile Web platform has been tried and tested on over 1,500 different phones
  33. 33. A mobile website created byV3 Integrated Marketing isdesigned specifically forsmall screens.Text is displayed in large andeasy to read fonts.Navigating between items isquick and easy.
  34. 34. Sample ConversionDesktop Mobile Mobile MobileVersion Version Version Version Home Map Menu Page
  35. 35. Automatic RedirectionYour mobile platform detects traffic from mobile devices andredirects them to the mobile friendly version of your website.
  36. 36. Select from a variety ofmenu options.
  37. 37. Pizza Pub AddBuy One Pizza SpecialsGet one FREE Any Size Pizza, anycombination of ingredients. andUse Code No. 5647 or Show your phone to redeem Coupons
  38. 38. Include Photos
  39. 39. Interact with your customers using social media tools
  40. 40. Monitor your traffic anytime using Google Analytics Analytics
  41. 41. Make changes to yourmobile site at any time
  42. 42. You  don’t  have  to    call  your  cousin     …or  a  webmaster  Larry…   to  make  changes   to  your  site.  
  43. 43. Quick LaunchV3 makes it quick, easy and inexpensive tojoin the mobile revolution.No technical knowledge is necessary. Getstarted by signing up, loading content andpromoting.
  44. 44. We can help! For businesses that may not have a time to load their content or just needsome help getting started, we offer a premium plan that takes care of everything for you.
  45. 45. Summary ofMobile Website Advantages• Economical• Your own brand and background• Your own domain and sub-domain (e.g.• Tracking of traffic through Google Analytics• Your own menu hierarchy (unlimited)• Unlimited text-based content with images• Events module• External web links• Locations with maps and integration with built-in mapping functionality of smart phones.• Unlimited photo albums and unlimited pictures• Social media links (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc. )
  46. 46. Stay ahead of your competitionInstantly set yourself apart by serving your mobile customer with targeted, up-to-date information.
  47. 47. Still interested inan iPhone app?V3 can help you create a must-have iPhone app (or Android app)that solves problems and createssolutions for your customers.We can also help you develop anintegrated strategy to market yourapp and put it in the hands of yourtarget audience.
  48. 48. Call or email us for a customquote or a free consultation. Prices include everything you need to build and launch your mobile site plus professional consulting to help you maximize your investment.
  49. 49. V3  Integrated   816.200.2520