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Drawing in practice

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This is for your Outcome 1 SAC.

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Drawing in practice

  1. 1. Drawing inPracticeWHS 2013 MC
  2. 2. Types of Drawing Observational Visualisation Presentation Drawing Drawing Drawing Record, analyse Drawings and Refined, polishedand communicate ideas which we and finished information imagine drawings
  3. 3. Visualiseideasideasquickgenerate ideasfreehandgain feedbackkeep these!
  4. 4. Explainideasideassymbolscolour, point & lineexplanatory drawingcomplex ideas shownsimply and visuallyCan use 3D to showaccurate proportions
  5. 5. PictogramsRepresent an object or figure that is recognisablewithout words. They are representative and can be used in signs.
  6. 6. Maps andwayfindingwayfindingsymbols and indicatorslike arrows helppeople navigateand communicateinformation about asystemColour and simplifieddetail are often used
  7. 7. PresentingIdeasIdeasFinished drawingswhich indicate whatthe final productwould be
  8. 8. Industrial CommunicationEnvironmental