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Retail cops UX guideline

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E-Commerce user experience (UX) should focus on building your visitor’s confidence by helping them complete their goals

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Retail cops UX guideline

  1. 1. RETAIL COPS Guideline UX E-Commerce user experience (UX) should focus on building your visitor’s confidence by helping them complete their goals.High Level E-Commerce
  2. 2. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience • User Behavior • Homepages and Category Pages • Product Pages • Shopping Carts, Checkout and Registration • Search (Including Faceted Search) • Customer Service • Wish lists, Gift Certificates, and Gift Giving • Trust and Credibility • Store Finders and Locators • Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages
  3. 3. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience User Behavior how people shop online. Behavioral analysis, study metrics, and essential findings are combined to create a complete overview of shopping behavior and best practices. focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. UX best practices promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of our product and any related services. • Business Understanding • Audience Definition • Set Goals • Business Artifacts UNDERSTAND
  4. 4. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Homepages and Category Pages The homepage, along with the category pages, help organize and prioritize a website’s offerings. Customers run into problems when they can’t tell what your site sells or can’t find the products they want to buy. Best practices for homepage design • Create a good first impression • Keep customers on your site • Sell and build trust • Introducing your website as a great place to shop • Show what you sell • Finding (navigating to) products • Classification systems for e-commerce websites • Facilitating direct navigation • o Encouraging serendipitous exploration through category pages • Category pages • Presenting options • Navigating through subcategories • Differentiating category pages from product listing pages • Product listing pages • Product listing pages play an important role in the purchase process • Presenting options • Layout of category pages can help the shopping process • Best ways to show product offerings • Product comparison • Helping shoppers compare products easily • Designing controls for sorting products • Comparison tables
  5. 5. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Product Pages Customers need adequate information about a product before they will buy it online. Effective product pages use a combination of text and images to show product information, availability, price, and a clear way to purchase the item. This report also includes guidelines for designing product customization options and presenting user reviews. Best practices for Product page design • Elements of a successful product page • Doing the job of the salesman — without the hype • Allowing quick comparison • Providing second opinions • Starting the purchase process • Navigating among products • Finding products • Product descriptions • Best practices in writing and presenting product description • Layering product details • Layout considerations • Helping people make comparisons • Word choice boosts sales • Describing details and characteristics • Specification tables • User reviews and ratings • Visual elements for fast comprehension • Criteria to ask in reviews • Criteria to ask about the reviewer • Types of reviewers
  6. 6. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Product Pages Best practices for Product page design • Product images • Linking to and from images • Size, alternate views, detail, and composition • Communicating accurate information • Zoom tools • Price, costs and availability • How and where to show price • Relevant information related to cost • Specifying product options, like color and size • Naming the options • Indicating selected options • Color swatches • Multilevel lists and menus • Options that are not available • Error messages for non-selected options
  7. 7. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Shopping Carts, Checkout and Registration When your customer can’t or won’t complete an online order even though they found a product they want, it is a disaster for your site. You lose that sale, and you often lose the customer as well. Best practices for Product page design • Elements of a successful checkout process • Organizing the purchase • Encouraging registration • No surprises • When, where and how • Closing the sale • Checkout process steps and procedures • Essential elements of a shopping cart • Editing the shopping cart • Saving the shopping cart • Gift options • Requesting personal information • Form entry problems • Error messages • Registration • Problems with registration • Optional registration (FB, Google integration) • Required registration • Elements of registration
  8. 8. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Shopping Carts, Checkout and Registration Best practices for Product page design • Shipping and billing address forms • Multiple recipients • Shipping and delivery options • Delivery • In-store pickup • Payment information • Gift cards and gift certificates • Completing the order: summary and confirmation • Order summary • Order confirmation
  9. 9. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Search (Including Faceted Search) You can’t sell a product that your customers can’t find. Your site must accommodate all types of searches and return relevant results for categories, products, and product characteristics. Search is a critical element of building a profitable website Best practices for Search page design • Exploiting search to meet customer needs • Feeling for breadth or depth of the site's product selection • Quickly locate a product category or something specific • Fallback option to site navigation • Narrow options • Return to an item previously located • Customer queries • Search queries, what people type • Query length • Within site searches versus web-wide searches • Best practices for search on e-commerce websites • Placement of search • Accommodating different lengths and types of searches • Interpreting the query • Narrowing options • Returning useful results • Advanced and scoped searches • Presenting search results • Sorting results • Narrowing product choices • Guided navigation versus faceted search
  10. 10. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Customer Service When customers can quickly find information, it’s better, and less expensive, than when they must contact the company for assistance. Shoppers expect to find relevant information at the right time and place. Best practices for Customer Service design • Finding customer service information • Name and placement of customer service link • Cross-reference customer service information • Customer service policy • Policies that customers understand • Dealing with long pages • Details customers want • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) • Layout and organization • Searchable database • Returns • Return policies by geography • Return policy strategies • Contacting the company • How to feature contact information • Contact details • Contact forms • Store locators • Live help • Promoting and implementing live chat • Shopping assistance • Product guides • Contextual help • Other areas • Receipts • Order status • Surveys
  11. 11. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Wish lists, Gift Certificates, and Gift Giving If you’re running a business- to-consumer site without wish lists and gift certificates, you’re giving up valuable business. Gift buyers come to your site because someone they know likes to shop with you, not because they have an independent relationship with your site. The smallest glitch in the user experience can be fatal for these users. Best practices for Wish lists, Gift Certificates, and Gift Giving page design • User attitudes toward online gift giving • Fear of online gifting • Personal touch versus convenience • The guilt and relief around gift certificates and wish lists • And the best gift is… • Choosing gifts online; the steps involved and barriers at each step • The gift choice process • Finding a trustable site • Finding a suitable item • Purchasing the item • Choosing gift options • The gift receipt and message for the recipient • Shipping to a different address • Confirming order and receipt • Wish list guidelines • Wish list considerations • Creating the list • Adding items • Sharing the list • Notification mail • Buying from a wish list
  12. 12. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Trust and Credibility Trust is essential to the user's willingness to risk time, money, and personal data on a website. If you lose trust, you lose the sale and you may lose the customer as well. Best practices for Trust and Credibility • Visual design and site experience • First impressions • Professional site design • Site search is reliable and usable • Information about the company • Company details that users want • Stating facts • Demonstrating expertise • Product Information • Displaying the appropriate level of product detail • Answering user questions • Respecting users’ information • Requesting personal information • Registration • Credibility indicators • Endorsements • Logos • Feedback on third-party sites • Reviews: good and bad • Pricing and cost • Showing price • Justifying the cost • Inventory and availability • Performance and errors • Fraud, security, and policies • Customer support process and policies
  13. 13. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Store Finders and Locators Customers often need to visit physical locations of companies to complete transactions. Your website, and any mobile apps, should help them find the most convenient location that offers the services they need. Best practices for Store Finders and Locators • How to present location information to reduce customer calls and to get people in your stores • Placement and naming of locator links • Global and utility navigation bar link • Parameters based on available services and products • Behavioral patterns for finding locations • Search engine usage to find stores • Specific information people seek • Mobile and desktop considerations • Directions and maps • Interactive locator tool versus location list • Integrating maps and directions • Forms for location information • Turn-by-turn directions • Map pan and zoom functionality • Location listings that are easy to scan • Critical information people need to make decisions • International considerations • Layout of location listings • Visual design of location listings • Enabling printing and emailing directions • Third-party directions and mapping platforms
  14. 14. Retail Cops . UX Research. E-Commerce User Experience Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages Confirmation email is one of the most important touch points to inform a customer of their transaction. Good email usability can save money by reducing telephone calls to your call center Best practices for Transactional Email and Confirmation Messages • Get an inside look at how customers handle transactional email messages in their inbox • How email affects trust • Common issues with transactional email • Subject, sender, and message body • Writing From, Subject, and message body information • Recommended features for all transactional messages • Message sequences • Distinguishing your messages from phishing messages • Email attributes • Trust • Completeness • Value • Ease of use • Writing • Design
  15. 15. Retail Cops . UX Research. Online Portal features ONLINE PORTAL FEATURES Buy product Sales Call Order Entry Credit Criteria
  16. 16. Retail Cops . UX Research. Online Portal features Recommended Components Deal of the day Best selling We recommend Product Catalogue Hot Offers New arrival Main Navigation (Shop by Department) Customers Who Bought This product Also Bought…. Cart Payment Methods
  17. 17. Retail Cops . UX Research. Online Portal features • Recommended Features Login/ FB- Google integration Look at my checklist (Define categories or specific products)/ Add items to checklist (Search product catalog in cool and easy way) Checklist provides options/ offers My Budget Loyalty points of each product and my total no of points/ closest available prize Finalize checklist Schedule delivery time Buy: 2 options: cash on delivery / Pay by Visa Social Media (share-like) Extra Discounts ( generate deals with banks to give they customer special discounts) (Marketing Revenue) Shop the look Shopping Advise
  18. 18. Retail Cops . UX Research. Online Portal features • Recommended Features (Personalization) My Wish List My points My Budgets My Checklist My Shopping Statistics Delivery Schedule Delivery Progress Birthday – Alert - Gift MY…
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