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Sherif Youssef

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Sherif Youssef

  1. 1. OBJECTIVE Obtaina position as a team-player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my product managing experienceina challenging environment to achieve the corporate goals as I have spent more than5yearsasa product managergaining muchexperiencein all the issues related to it, such as pricing , creatingpromotionplanesandadjustingandfittingthebest distributing channels that meets the planned short / long term goals. EDUCATION Sidhom Internal training TimeManagement Emotionalintelligent CommunicationSkills NegotiationSkills 2010 2008-2009 Accounting fornon-accountant SPIN 2004 FacultyofLaw WORK EXPERIENCE Sidhom Printing Solutions (June2010TillNow) Product Manager  Responsibleforpricing, promoting & placing orders for the products which I’m responsible for.  Responsible for making the marketing research for the products which I’m responsible for.  Responsible for following up day after day the stock of my products and placing new orders. Sidhom Printing Solutions Sales Rep. ( August 2006-June2010) Sherif Youssef Mohamed 4th Zakaria Younes St. El Haram Hospital St. EL Haram St. Giza Mobile Num: (+201220800118)
  2. 2.  Servicesexistingaccounts, obtainsorders,andestablishesnewaccountsbyplanningand organizingdailyworkscheduletocallonexisting orpotentialsalesoutletsandothertradefactors.  Adjustscontent ofsalespresentationsbystudyingthetypeofsalesoutletortradefactor.  Focusessaleseffortsbystudying existing andpotentialvolumeofdealers. Delta (Oct 2004Till July2006) Outdoor salesRep - Work withdirectclientstosell the products. - Evaluate,presentandnegotiatebusiness opportunities. - Outdoorspresentationstocompaniesandorganizations. - Meetclientsandbuildrelationshipsforsales. - VisitingClientscontinuouslyforpromotingnew itemsoroffers. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS  Extroverted.  ProblemSolving.  Analytical thinking.  Self Motivated.  Leadershipskills.  Able toworkunderstress.  Able toworkin a group or individual accordingtothe jobrequirements. LANGUAGE SKILLS English:Good INTERESTS Swimming Followingnews Reading Listenmusic REFERENCES References areavailable upon request.
  3. 3. Thank You for your Concern Screening my CV.