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Employee Experts - An introduction

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Employee Expert has built a Cloud based global SaaS product - Employee Service Platform - focused on automating all of Employee related operations in a boundary-less manner on a single platform.
This is our idea of Future Workplace: friction-less experience for Employees to get all their work done on a Singular platform.

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Employee Experts - An introduction

  1. 1. An Employee Centric Digital Operations Platform Creating Happier and Engaged Employees By Leveraging Cloud and Mobile Technology Employee Experts - An Introduction
  2. 2. ~$500 Billion global Enterprise Software Tehnology Space is ready to be disrupted Gartner estimates global Enterprise Technology market to be $3.54 Trillion for 2016 4th Wave 2010s —> Employee Centric Organisational Design Will be the focus of Transformation for the next 15 Years or So. This revolution is led by Google, Starbucks of the world and they are already reaping the competitive advantage in the Talent War. Enterprise Transformation Early un-organized Management Practices <—1930 Alfred Sloan Jr (@GM) led formal Organizational Structures and Accounting Practices 1st Wave 1930s —> 2nd Wave 1980s —> Jack Welch (@GE) led Business Process Reengineering 3rd Wave 2000s —> Jeff Bezos (@Amazon) led Customer Centric Transformation Process Definition Technology Introduction Internet Driven Cloud & Mobile Driven
  3. 3. 3 In the next 10 years, it is inevitable that Enterprises will shift their focus from legacy Departmental, Admin centric command- control based Organisational Design to EMPLOYEE Centric Collaborative Model. We enable Enterprises’ transition to Employee Centric Digital Operations framework
  4. 4. 4 Srinivasulu Mallampooty (Srini), Co-Founder & CEO • CIO, Reliance Communications Group • Leadership roles at Infosys, in the US, Japan and China • Co-Founder of Avantinfo • Worked with GE, Nordstrom, Dell, Fidelity Investments, Sony, Sensei Bank Maragathavalli Inbamuthiah (Maggie), Co-Founder • Lead - Global Payroll at ANZ Bank • Solution Architect for HR Outsourcing Platform at Infosys • Various leadership roles at Infosys, in the US, Europe, Australia • Worked with NCR, Dell, Fidelity Investments, Sun Corp. Debasish Pattanayak (Debu) • CEO – Collabera SAP Services • Head of ERP practice at Collabera, iGATE, Infosys • Various leadership roles at Infosys, TCS, Collabera, iGATE • Debasish joined Employee Experts in Jan-2014 Advisors Guy Patton, Chairman, University of Oklahoma Foundation & Former Corp HR Head of Fidelity Investments Balachandar N, Group Director (HR), Coffee Day Group Our Leadership Team The team has decades of global Enterprise operations and automation experience in Consultancy, Process and Solution Design, Technology and Leadership roles.
  5. 5. 5 13 Direct 17 Indirect Outsourced Learning Platform for a training company 150,000 30,000 Employees Where we are now…... Apr-2011 - Started in India Dec-2015 - US Delaware Registration Q3-2016 - UAE Subsidiary* Global Presence Customers Bengaluru, India Seattle, USA Dubai*, UAE *Q3 2016 Bengaluru, India @NxtGen Berlin, Germany @Interoute Virginia, USA @AWS Singapore @AWS Abu Dhabi*, UAE @Emircom Office Hosting Sample Customer Profile • A global Fortune 500 company with Employee base in 120+ Countries for Analytics • One of the biggest private Educational Institution in India • 3 Sequoia funded Technology Startups with multi-country operations
  6. 6. Enterprise Technology Problems….. High Resources/Support Many Stand alone Systems Diverse IT Eco-Systems Different Skillset needs IT and Technology… Large interface investments Multiple Vendors’ Mgt No single People View Inflexible and lack of Agility Organization…. Core HR Travel Finance Talent Expenses Processes - Departmental/ Functional focussed and Admin user centric Work - Suited for work being a done a team in one location. Technology - Defined when Technology was primitive mainly during Management Focus - Efficiency – doing things faster with labour and machinery Disengaging/Unproductive Too many Systems/XLs Fragmented Eco-System* Unfriendly & different UIs Employee Experience… * Information & Intelligence disconnected from Work and Collaboration The $3.54 Trillon** Enterprise Technology space that is currently under-served by the legacy architecture and industrial age framework **Gartner – 2016
  7. 7. At Employee Experts, we are REIMAGINING the business model of Enterprise Operations (WORK) centred on EMPLOYEE, with boundary less processes embedded with Collaboration and Analytics. PEOPLE CENTRIC ENTERPRISE OPERATIONAL PLATFORM … And Things Are Changing FAST…. Effective Problem Solving Atomization of Work Service Centric Operations Knowledge Workers Work is changing…. Reduced Cost of Computing Consumerization of IT Internet and Distributed SMAC : Simpler & Faster Technology is changing…. Naturally Collaborative Always On & Connected Millenials/Digital Natives Niche Skills/Expertise People are changing…. FUTURE WORKPLACE Singular, Simple & Always On Frictionless Experience Boundary-less Eco-System Context based Communication and Collaboration Industrial age defined, Process focussed, Departmental/Functional centric legacy ERPs will not be able to support this change and the Future Workplace. X
  8. 8. esp Employee Work Collaboration in Work Context People & Org Analytics Employee Engagement Employee Service Unified Talent Management ★ Singular. Simple. Always On. ★ Frictionless Employee Experience ★ Boundary-less Eco-System External Stakeholders Work Place Employee Experience Employee Engagement Accelerated Operations EMPLOYEE OPERATIONS FUTURE OF WORK Transactions Workflow Notifications Access Audit Identity Employee Centric Digital Operations - Overview To know more about us, please refer to - OR - search for Employee Experts on YouTube and watch - “Future of Work And Employee Experts”. Digital Enterprises will focus on People and seamlessly connect them to Work and provide anytime-anywhere access. Employee centric focus to Operations creates a digital eco-system creating an Engaged workforce with both Internal and External stakeholders. All the Information and Intelligence to support Work will be a touch-away for each Employee on multiple devices with an option to connect, share and collaborate with others in the team. Employee Operations, Employee Service, Employee Engagement, Employee Experience focus will be critical in the Future of Work.
  9. 9. 9 ESP(TM) - Business Architecture People Work Talent Acquisition Core HR Payroll Benefits ESS Talent Development Forecasting Task Management Assets MSS Talent Management Collaboration Vendor Management Travel & Expenses Requisitions Sourcing Selection Offers Candidate Engagement Paperless OnBoarding Induction Background Verification Organizational Data Management Transfers & Promotions Probations Disciplinary Actions Separations & Paperless Relieving Contract Employees Conversions Loans Insurance Perquisites Re-Hire Attendance & Leaves Adjustments Retro Calc Processing Compliance Tracking Personal Data Finance Data Work Data Service Desk Learning & Development Competency Skill Final Settlement Headcount Planning Comp Planning Projects Cost Analysis Timesheets Allocations Collaboration Deputations Document Sharing Text, Audio & Video Connect Peer-to-peer Feedback Email & SMS Wall, Like, Endorse & Follow Announcements Meetings Travel Requests Expense Claims Vendor Setup User Setup Services Setup Performance Management Succession Planning Inventory Warranty Insurance Allocations Complaints Attendance, Leaves & Shifts Calendar Feedback
  10. 10. 10 ESP - Distinct Features Built for the Future Employee Centric** Boundary less Eco System Accelerating OperationsWorkforce/People Analytics 1 2 3 4 5 New Technology platform built for Cloud/SaaS. Code is small (<14MB), modular and single version. Performance and flexibility to change is high and uses minimum resources. Employee Centric architecture designed to support Future Of Work focused on People and providing a single touch work experience and improving Engagement. Both internal and external stakeholders have access to the platform to collaborate and work in a seamless way eliminating emails, delays and manual effort. Singularity & Employee Centricity ensures all data of Employee Operations are on the same platform providing great ability to generate real time Analytics on Org Design and People Analytics. Employee Centricity, Context based Boundary less collaboration, Analytics aided decision making, paperless transactions - all result in Accelerated Operations for Organizations. ** Employee Centricity architecture enables easy extension and customization of the platform. We can easily extend the platform to build custom functionality to provide a single platform to cover all operations.
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