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Recommendation for national internet governance forum 2016 shreedeep rayamajhi

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Recommendation for national internet governance forum 2016 Developing the NRIs Tool Kit and Info Manual

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Recommendation for national internet governance forum 2016 shreedeep rayamajhi

  1. 1. Recommendation for National Internet Governance Forum 2016-Shreedeep Rayamajhi National Internet Governance Forum The Nation Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) would be a platform where all Internet stakeholders are openly invited with no reservation to discuss operational, technical, commercial, and administrative aspects of managing Internet growth. It is a right of every individual country to search and look for options and to make their voices heard in regards to their problems and best practice that can further help improve the internet. NIGF being a part of the global Internet network needs to have its position clear regarding its standards and internet government issues. Advantages of NIGF  A board platform to address issues and problems of the region  A standard policy and mechanism to address the problems  Control over digital divide and net neutrality  No bias system  Effective policy and strategy  Better research and policy mechanism  Equal opportunity of business and exposure  Bilateral relationship  Common platform to help bridge the gaps  Effectiveness in growth and monitoring of internet  Issue like pornography, cybercrimes, hacking and exploitation can be easily overcome  Better security policies  Better prospect of development and growth of the industry  Strategy management  Better campaign and public policy  Standardization in terms of international charter and regulation Formation of a Multi Stakeholder Group: The formation of a Multistakeholder group is very important for the running operation and management of the NIGF. The group needs to be formed in retrospect of various stakeholders that would govern the overall process of the NIGF. The group would be fully capable of working and managing the various operations and doing various research and forwarding recommendation and suggestion regarding various policy upgrading and other problems. The advisory group would be responsible for conducting the overall management and operation of the NIGF. It would be an independent body working solely with the concept of multistakeholderism to promote free and open internet.
  2. 2. Recommendation for National Internet Governance Forum 2016-Shreedeep Rayamajhi Core Values of the MSG NIGF -Communication -Transparency -Accountability -Cooperation -Research and Survey -Standardization Process of NIGF Step 1 – Formation of the MSG for NIGF Step 2 – Devising a definite plan and schedule by MSG Step 2 - Formation of various operation and management groups Step 3 - Consolidation of working groups Step 4 - Call for workshops Step 5 -Sort listing Step 6 - Execution of the plan Finale Police/Army Technical (ITCert) Government Regulator Educationists & Researchers Individual Group Activist & Enthusiast Law & Policies Makers Technical Group ISP & Association Journalist & Bloggers MULTISTAKEHOLDERISM
  3. 3. Recommendation for National Internet Governance Forum 2016-Shreedeep Rayamajhi NIGF Theme Protocol and Mechanism Different protocols are to be followed in terms of various operation and management to ease the process and further result in effectiveness and efficiency Rules and regulation working Parameter Infrastructure & Resource Development -Broadband Access -Stability in technology -Optic fiber -Lower cost -Introduction of new Technology -Adaptability and feasibility of technology -Prospect of new areas of growth -Reach and Capacity Building -Bilingual/ differently able prospects -IPV6 & its upgrade Cyber Security -Online safety -Measure and Mechanism of Cyber Fraud & Cyber Crime -Privacy-FOE-FOS-Human Rights -Surveillance (CCTV) -Social media and its strategy (Cyber terrorism) -Cyber Attack( DOS /DDOS) IT CERT -Management / Operation -Plans & Policies Education & Campaign -Developing better Campaigns for awareness - Promoting Right of users -Quality of Standard -Online safety -Consumer behavior -Integration of topic of IG issues and awareness in Curriculum Developing/ Researching laws & Policies -Updating new policies -Researching feasibility -Policy Analysis -Standardization -Overcoming digital Main Theme of NIGF Secretariat Advisory Committee MSG
  4. 4. Recommendation for National Internet Governance Forum 2016-Shreedeep Rayamajhi Consultation Formation of working Group Proposal Selection process 1. Call for proposal 2. Scanning the proposal 3. Profiling 4. Selected MSG Consultant MSG Management & operation Proposal selection Financial management Working committee Secretariat
  5. 5. Recommendation for National Internet Governance Forum 2016-Shreedeep Rayamajhi Hierarchy Advisory Committee: The advisory committee is comprised of various experienced people who provide guidelines and basic fundamentals of how and what should be considered for various policy and strategic consolidation in alliance of international standards. Advisor’s Pool Advisory Committee MSG Working group Consultants National Advisory Group International Advisory group