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Keep Walking Never Give-up!!!!

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Never Give Up
Never Give Up
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Keep Walking Never Give-up!!!!

  2. 2. Refuse to remain fallen. Refuse to quit. Refuse to give up. Refuse to accept a 'No' from life. Just Say No
  3. 3. To fail without putting in the efforts is wrong, but failure in itself can never be wrong. Dare to fail, for only those who fail enough can succeed enough. More than any one single factor, it is your fear of failure that is going to leave you as a failure.
  4. 4. No new venture guarantees success and no new diversification promises profits.
  5. 5. Champions understand that it is better to face outstanding failures than mediocre successes. Only those who are willing to persist in spite of temporary set backs, only those who are willing to persevere in spite of midway failures, only those who would not succumb to defeats, can finally sign their own success stories.
  6. 6. Failure is a parenthesis inside which success hides and history makers dig them out through relentless striving against all those failures.
  7. 7. Life cannot be punctuated with success alone; failure too will find its imprints. There is no sunrise without sunset. There is no life without death. There is no success without failures.
  8. 8. "Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." Conrad Hilton
  9. 9. You don't have to accept your failure if what you really want to achieve is success. Failure, they say, is the best teacher. We learn and have more confidence in what we know through trial and error, which onetime or another has resulted in failure.
  10. 10. For every successful achievement, there have been one or more failures. But those who we call successful are those who refuse to accept failure and believe success is the other side of failure.
  11. 11. Any time your effort is not bringing a desired result, you don't have to call it a failure. Call it a challenge. What is the difference between the two? One is negative, the other is positive; one doesn’t motivate, the other motivates.
  12. 12. What you need is positive thinking and motivation to attain success. Keep dreaming keep moving; that is the solution to success.
  13. 13. Failure is an end thing; challenge is an open thing. Failure means there is no way out, no alternative, but a challenge is a question mark asking another way out of the situation, an alternative solution to the problem, the job at hand.
  14. 14. "All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible."
  15. 15. A wise man once said if you cannot fly, run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl; just keep on moving. If you fall down, you have to get up and start moving. If not, other people will step on you towards their achievement. What you call failure and abandon is what someone will step into with just a little additional effort to reach achievement. Balogun M. Adewale
  16. 16. "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.“ Thomas Edison
  17. 17. Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness. Bad days give you experiences; Both are essential to life. Keep going... Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong, Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keep you humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only You keeps You Going!
  18. 18. "Life is not easy for any of us. We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.“ Marie Curie
  19. 19. Luck is defined as "Preparation meeting Opportunity". Abraham Lincoln believed in preparation before aiming at anything BIG and did whatever it took to get the dream accomplished. It is recorded in history books that Abraham Lincoln would go to schools on weekends and speak from the podium, as if the empty chairs were occupied by real people, because he was told that he needed to practice speaking in public.
  20. 20. Here is the list of his failures before he became the US President in 1860: Lost job, 1832 Defeated for legislature, 1832 Failed in business, 1833 Elected to legislature, 1834 Sweetheart (Ann Rutledge) died, 1835 Had nervous breakdown, 1836 Defeated for Speaker, 1838 Defeated for nomination for Congress, 1843 Elected to Congress, 1846 Lost re-nomination, 1848 Rejected for Land Officer, 1849 Defeated for Senate, 1854 Defeated for nomination for Vice-President, 1856 Again defeated for Senate, 1858
  21. 21. You are the greatest miracle in the world. There is nothing that you can't achieve in life if you believe in it and do not waste your valuable time in destructive things. Just sit for few minutes and start counting the blessings you already have in your life, starting with: being alive, having eyes to look, a nose to breathe, ears to hear, a brain to think and the list goes on.
  22. 22. It is said that nothing succeeds like success. But to be victorious, winners must exercise some level of doggedness; persevere in their earliest efforts when things look most challenging.
  23. 23. Life is so good and beautiful. When we look around, there is so much peace, harmony, and beauty in nature that should give us a happy heart to appreciate everything. When I pause for a moment and think about so many people wasting their life in unproductive activities, it gives me so much pain that I wish I could individually sit with that person and spend some time telling him/her how valuable life is.
  24. 24. A great person has dreams and goals and never let's other people's negativity get in their way of pursuing them.
  25. 25. Before we think there is nothing we can achieve that is useful, let's think twice, may be ten times, even a hundred or a thousand times and let's always remember this: "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP." When one is determined and focused to accomplish something worthwhile, many obstacles and challenges will arise on the way. As long as the goal is crystal clear and mind is determined to get it done, nothing can stop him or her.
  26. 26. A great person is a person that fails time after time while doing their best and never, ever quits because when they quit, part of them dies when they quit.
  27. 27. Without focus, they try one thing today and another one tomorrow and then another one believing they are supposed to make it with one try. I have never seen someone with a focus who has not achieved the goal, although it might come from where and when least expected.
  28. 28. A great person will allow nothing to stand in his or her way of doing the right thing by everyone and will always admit wrong with an apology.
  29. 29. Do everything legitimate to be the best at it and money and fame will naturally be added to it. Most of the time, those who scatter their efforts and resources are people who desire to be financially free and attain fame. All you need is one course of action you are passionate about, with a never let go attitude, and in no time you will achieve your desired goal; be a tailor, an artist, a teacher, a writer and nothing but that.
  30. 30. Many of us whip and defeat on why we can't, when the only thing worth concentrating on is why and how we can.
  31. 31. Man belongs to where he wants to go. Think 'improvement' in everything you do and think 'high standards' in everything you do. Believe it can be done. When you believe it is impossible, your mind goes to work to prove why. But when you believe and really believe that something can be done, then your mind goes to work to help find ways of doing it.
  32. 32. Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way of doing it. There is a way. And, there is a better way.
  33. 33. Capability is the ability to better what you are already doing. Capacity is about doing more of what you are already doing. Improve your capability. Increase your capacity. That's progress. Constantly remind yourself that you are better than you think you are so you can do everything in a better way than how you are already doing it. Also, constantly remind yourself that you are not doing as much as you can so you can do more of everything than what you are already doing.
  34. 34. In almost everything in life, from work to home to community development, the formula for success is - 'do what you do even better' (improve the quality of your output) and 'do more of what you do' (increase the quantity of what you do).
  35. 35. Don’t give up, no matter what you do, never ever give up. It is not just a slight hope, it is a guaranteed result! If you want different results, change your approach and use other strategies so that you’ll get different results. You know it very well that if you keep on doing what you’re doing right now, it is impossible for you to be successful.
  36. 36. Learn from your failures and move on. Keep on keeping on. When a winner loses, always come back to be better winner. Sri T. T. Rangarajan, Editor, Frozen Thoughts --- Submitted by T.S. Chithambaran --- India
  37. 37. "Life changes, things changes, situations change and people change. Changes are inevitable part of life."
  38. 38. I decided to face my fear head on and committed to give it my all. Once committed, everything changed. So, today I have no blame game to play, no reasons to look back and nothing to regret. Today I have some dreams to fulfill, goals to achieve, forts to conquer, roads to walk, battles to win and above all a life to LIVE and ENJOY!!!
  39. 39. KEEP WALKING Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn