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Design Trends 2017



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With consumers (millennials) no longer being “brand loyal” it takes more than a sprinkle of fashion, a big logo or a long list of features to win their hearts.
With 2017 on the horizon, our Design Lab has look ahead and set down the trends they believe will provide meaningful experiences and grow business in the future.

Design Trends 2017

  1. 1. DESIGN TRENDS 2017
  2. 2. 2017+ PLAYGROUNDS “Genuine experiences” We (Design Labs) have curated upcoming design trends across industries relevant for our clients. The foundation of this report is to both infuse inspiration in our creative teams and to engage our clients & partners in a dialogue about business opportunities for the coming years. What we have noticed, across industries is a clear demand for genuine values. With consumers (millennials) no longer being “brand loyal” it will take more than a sprinkle of fashion, a big logo or a long list of features to win the hearts of the consumers. In order to succeed companies have to offer innovative experiences and genuinely connect with consumer needs and desires.
  3. 3. INTERIOR & LIFESTYLE “Bespoke Geometry” Primal geometric shapes are used as a canvases for colors, materials textures, and effects to express beautiful qualities and connect emotionally through story-telling. Presented here respectively with Elegance, Softness & Joyful Surprises. We see many opportunities to integrate beautifully designed smart living solutions in the home and make plastic boxes and cables disappear from our living spaces. We are quite excited to place our color & material team in the driving seat of upcoming projects.
  4. 4. PRO TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY “Bespoke Geometry” We are very pleased to notice an explosion of remarkably well-designed products in the professional sector. Value is added by a very practical approach to manufacturing with machines and tools built to last. When technical, manufacturing, ergonomics and aesthetics requirements harmonize we can see a winning formula for the users. In the following pages, there are many examples of the benefit of integrating design thinking in the heart of engineering & innovation. Durability & functionality can be expressed in many declinations, we have curated: Essence of Machines, Pure Monolith & Minimalistic Ergonomics
  5. 5. SPORTS & URBAN LIFE “Exo-humans & urbanoids ” We see two distinct trends, one very specialized highly innovative products that enhance performances and truly reveal the beauty of technical innovation. The second one immerse in the urban environment where we see products designed to fulfill the need for sports, adventures & everyday life surfing on the de-cluttering movement from millennials. All while fueling their thirst for healthy life, travels, adventures & fulfilling experiences. Today the heart of sports R&D remains very analogue, however, we see many opportunities for the industry to embrace technology and create meaningful innovations that will resonate with the experiences craved by consumers.
  6. 6. Benjamin was born and raised in North of France playing with color pencils, Legos and Pirate ships. Before he graduated with honors from ISD, "Ben" started his journey travelling from Belgium, Germany, and UK before he finally landed in Sweden 10 years ago. ”Ben” has spent nearly 15 years spinning records and designing award winning products for prestigious companies like Decathlon, Philips, and Sony Mobile. We are glad to have him as a colleague for his drive (after his first coffee), big picture thinking, eye for trends and details. AUTHOR BENJAMIN FAGNOT
  7. 7. Sigma Connectivity is a world-class design and development house with the ability to transform ideas into reality. With over 30 years of experience we are driven by a passion to bring innovative products to some of toughest markets on the planet. Our engineers, together with our advanced in-house labs rapidly design, build and deploy smarter connected experiences.. We work together with global technology leaders on a daily basis to develop tomorrow’s products/services and solutions. This is our way to share our thoughts on the future. ABOUT SIGMA CONNECTIVITY For further information about our reports and how Sigma Connectivity can help your organization please contact: Linda Malmgren PR & Communications Manager Email: Tel: +46 704 493 548