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Hotel and lodges company brochure beglinwoods architects

Hotel and Lodge design

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Hotel and lodges company brochure beglinwoods architects

  2. 2. Beglin Woods Architects Limited THE PRACTICE
  3. 3. THE PRACTICE Beglin Woods Architects Limited
  4. 4. Beglin Woods Architects LimitedBeglin Woods Architects Limited THE PRACTICE Beglin Woods is a leading architectural and design practice with a broad portfolio of work around East Africa generated by its offices in Nairobi. David Beglin and Simon Woods have an office of over 20 architectural, technical and administrative staff. Both partners act as principal designers, and are closely involved in the design development of all their Projects. The buildings are often complex and sophisticated in function, but are built from a simple range of carefully selected quality and maintenance free materials. Beglin Woods have developed an aesthetic and functional architectural style over the years in practice in East Africa and have gained experience in most sectors of the economy including Tourism, Commerce, Industry, Health Care, Research and Education. We aim to develop building designs quickly but carefully, to allow the maximum time possible for detailed design development. Our clients are encouraged to become involved in the design process from the start, as their detailed input is essential in the evolution of the building design. The production team works extremely quickly once a concept is agreed, and can often produce tender documents on large projects within weeks of appointment. We are however extremely flexible at all stages of the project, and ensure that all our clients needs are full incorporated. Our computer model generating facilities are greatly valued by our clients who are keen to participate in a three dimensional concepts as well as photo realistic images of their projects at a very early stage. It also allows us to offer extremely short pre-contract design time, and sophisticated post-contract financial monitoring and project management. Each project, however small, is designed, detailed and built to the highest possible standards. The best designed and constructed buildings will always be readily in the market more than other less well-designed buildings. All our buildings are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable to use, economical and capable of adaptation and extension. Some of our buildings are nearly 14 years old, and demonstrate the benefits to our clients in getting it right the first time! The economics of building in a developing country creates an extremely tight market, because of rapidly fluctuating building and finance costs. Prices per unit area can vary greatly from region and the choice of building materials, structural systems and finishes the final budget. We instruct our consultants and quantity surveyors to maintain a strict eye on the project budget during both pre-contract and post-contract design stages. The design team pays particular attention to the economies of construction at both design and contract drawing stages. During construction, variations and fluctuations are carefully monitored and client approval is sought before contract sums are increased. Financial appraisals, including reviews of originally projected income figures, are carried out at regular intervals during construction, and finances are adjusted accordingly. Teams of consultants are carefully selected, based on their project. Working carefully with the client and the consultants, suitable structural, finishing and services, systems are selected for each immediate suitability to undertake a certain item, as we are always testing the availability and economy of materials and services within the market place. Project correspondence and documentation are aimed at giving our clients highly Professional service, which records and documents every single contract matter in clear legal contract terminology. Great care is always taken to understand building contracts carefully in every detail and all contractual correspondence is kept up to date on a on a daily basis. We believe we are one of the most professional Architectural firms in East Africa and are constantly striving to produce quality buildings on time and on budget. “We love our work, and always aim to give all our clients a first class service and quality buildings that are value for money”
  5. 5. Beglin Woods Architects LimitedBeglin Woods Architects Limited HOTELS AND LODGES
  6. 6. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS Probably one of the most popular Hotels in Nairobi, the Mayfair was entirely redesigned into a series of well landscaped courtyards. The gardens bring a great sense of tranquillity to the Hotel, which is located in a busy area of Nairobi. A perfect escape where a traveller least expects it. THE MAYFAIR HOTEL, NAIROBI Client: Mayfair Hotel Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: 8000 sqm Value: $6 million Status: Completed 1994
  7. 7. Beglin Woods Architects Limited THE SANKARA HOTEL, NAIROBI Client: Westlands Hotels Ltd. Team: Beglin Woods Architects Studio B Interior Designers YMR Quantity Surveyors EngPlan Structural Engineers Ali Seif Services Engineers Area: Confidential Value: Confidential Status: Completed August 2010 COMPLETED PROJECTS Sankara opened in August 2010, the first of a modern generation of urban hotels by Sankara Hotels & Resorts. The newly opened 148 room hotel introduces a new level of contemporary luxury and personalized service. Located 20km from JKIA, Sankara Nairobi is situated in the heart of Westlands, Nairobi’s commercial, retail and entertainment quarter and within easy reach of the city centre and diplomatic districts. Sankara balances contemporary design with local influences. Incorporating the latest facilities and technologies with key references to location, Sankara Nairobi creates a definitive “sense of place” and champions the new emerging Africa. A Sankara room is somewhere to sleep, somewhere to dream, somewhere to work and somewhere to enjoy. New Hotel
  8. 8. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS “Sankara Nairobi is set to capture the imagination of anyone who loves being in the vibrant city of Nairobi... Designed by Kenyan architecture firm Beglin Woods, Sankara’s design packs a punch...”
  9. 9. Beglin Woods Architects Limited THE NORFOLK HOTEL, NAIROBI Client: Lonrho Hotels Team: Beglin Woods Architects Harold Fenwick QS RK Boga Structural Engineers Varsani Associates Services Engineers Area: 4200 sqm Value: $6 million Status: Completed 2002 Major renovations and new bedrooms COMPLETED PROJECTS Major renovations to the existing pubic area buildings, produced classic, sophisticated spaces that raised the standards of the hotel to new heights. A new bedroom wing was sensitivelydesignedtofitinwiththeoldwings. The new living rooms are more spacious, and now fit the needs of the 5 star world traveller.
  10. 10. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS
  11. 11. Beglin Woods Architects Limited HEMMINGWAYS HOTEL, WATAMU Client: Hemingways Hotel Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: 5200 sqm Value: $1.4 million Status: Completed 1993 New bedroom wings COMPLETED PROJECTS A 52 room and 6 suite extension to the world famous hotel renowned for the beauty of it’s unique location and deep sea fishing facilities. Rooms are arranged in 3 storey blocks overlooking the Indian Ocean.
  12. 12. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS Client: Simba Lodges Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: 23,500 sqm Value: $4.0 million Status: 2009 Another resort for Simba Lodges, this scenic lodge in Samburu uses a list of local materials including timber and stone. The buildings are set within landscaped gardens that flow naturally into the natural landscape. affording close up views of local wildlife. New Lodge BUFFALO SPRINGS, SAMBURU
  13. 13. Beglin Woods Architects Limited SIMBA LODGE, NAIVASHA Client: Simba Lodges Team: Beglin Woods Architects Harold Fenwick QS RK Boga Structural Engineers Varsani Associates Services Engineers Area: 9000 sqm Value: $5 million Status: Completed 2003 New Lodge COMPLETED PROJECTS A lush green 50 acre site was developed into an 80-room lodge spread out along and behind the riparian boundary of Lake Naivasha. The Lake’s level having receded, turned the 50-acre site into a 200-acre site, including all of the riparian land. Beglin Woods and the client agreed that Naivasha Lodge would be designed with maintenance free materials in mind. It was agreed to finish the buildings predominately in hand-dressed stone with timber windows set well underneath and protected by the deep eaves, with granular coated steel Harvey tiles on the roofs. Balustrades would be a mixture of steel and timber. Environmentally friendly systems were installed throughout the Lodge including a sewerage treatment plant to recycle water from around the scheme. Waste water from this plant is used to irrigate the extensive landscaped areas
  14. 14. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS
  15. 15. Beglin Woods Architects Limited MOUNT KENYA SAFARI CLUB Client: Lonrho Hotels Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: - Value: $0.5 million Status: Completed 1998 Major renovations COMPLETED PROJECTS Beglin Woods was commissioned for the Renovations of Public areas, Reception, OfficesandLoungeoftheworldfamousLuxury resort facing Mount Kenya. Work featured extensive use of local granite and hardwood.
  16. 16. Beglin Woods Architects Limited Client: Simba Lodges Team: Beglin Woods Architects Harold Fenwick QS RK Boga Structural Engineers Varsani Associates Services Engineers Area: 9000 sqm Value: $4.0 million Status: Completed 1996 Built in the heart of the Masai Mara National Park, Mara Simba Lodge consists of 84 luxury guest bedrooms, public areas overlooking the River Telek and vast African landscapes. The Lodge features extensive use of local materials, wood, cladding, thatch roofs andnaturallandscaping.Solarheatingandwet- lands sewage disposal included in the design. New Lodge COMPLETED PROJECTS SIMBA LODGE, MARA
  17. 17. Beglin Woods Architects Limited MATETSI CAMP & RIVER LODGE, ZIMBABWE Client: Conservation Corporation Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: 2500 sqm Value: $4 million Status: Completed 1996 “An oasis in the vast Zambezi National Park, the cascading water of the multitiered pool at Matesi Safari Camp is a contemporary interpretation of nearby Victoria falls” Bibi Jordan, Safari Chic, Thames and Hudson New lodge COMPLETED PROJECTS Inspired by colonial nostalgia and the Vic- torian railroad station built in 1905, this oasis in the vast Zambezi National Park not only serves as a successful example of eco- tourism but one with grass roots economic development. Materials such as bricks are manufactured locally by residents of the area and traditional sisal, African art and thick timber logs are used. A cascading, mul- ti- tiered pool at the camp is a contempo- rary interpretation of nearby Victoria Falls.
  18. 18. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS
  19. 19. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS TAMAMBO BAR AND GRILL Client: Tamarind Group Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: Undisclosed Value: $0.5 million Status: Completed 2003 TamamboisabranchofTamarindRestaurants, a leading Nairobi chain of luxury food outlets. It is located in Westlands in a shopping mall within a shop premises. The design aims to break the rectangular shape of the space and create a variety of dining areas to suit the needsofahighlycosmopolitanclientele.These spaces include a sports bar, a snack bar and a gourmet restaurant linked by strongly detailed corridors. A strong African theme is used with decoration from both East and Western Africa.
  20. 20. Beglin Woods Architects Limited COMPLETED PROJECTS
  21. 21. Beglin Woods Architects Limited INTREPIDS CAMP, SAMBURU Client: Intrepids Samburu Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: 5000 sqm Value: $2 million Status: Complete 1992 New tented camp COMPLETED PROJECTS One of the first lodges in Kenya to be built in accordance with eco-tourism stand- ards. All buildings are built in gum pole framework, thatch roofs and wood floors. Bedrooms are canvas tents with furni- ture and furnishing from local craftsmen.
  22. 22. Beglin Woods Architects Limited Client: Lake Bogoria Spa and Resort Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: - Value: Undisclosed Status: Complete 2014 COMPLETED PROJECTS The project involves refurbishment of Lake Bogoria Spa and Resort, popularly known for its naturally heated water spas into a beautiful and luxurious spa for many to enjoy. LAKE BOGORIA SPA AND RESORT, NAKURU
  23. 23. Beglin Woods Architects Limited THE LAZIZI PREMIERE HOTEL, NAIROBI Client: Farm Auto Ltd Team: Beglin Woods Architects Harold Fenwick QS EngPlan Structural Engineers Varsani Associates Engineers Studio 62 Area: 5233 spm Value: Undisclosed Status: Under Construction A conveniently located site close to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the Lazizi Premiere Hotel is designed to be the best and most luxurious hotel in the area. Interestingly, the Hotel has also been carefully designed following Vastu guidelines. Set on a one acre plot, The Lazizi Premiere Hotel is targeted to accommodate guests that are in a quick transit or who wish to stay close to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport without having to battle with traffic on the way to their departing flight. The Hotel is destined to be a highly successful business venture, with 150 rooms, compromising of suites, interconnecting rooms, double or twin rooms, convenient for those who travel with either their families or on their own. For those who wish to relax as they await their flight, there is a beautiful infinity pool and Spa where you can freshen up ready for your next journey. PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION For those looking to keep fit and healthy, there will be a well equipped gym. The Hotel is also fully equipped with Restaurants, a Coffee Shop, and a Bar. Well landscaped gardens surround the Hotel the Health club and Swimming pool deck located on the roof. A Conference Centre is provided with a variety of sizes of meeting rooms, and a small business Centre is provided for instant internet access. A shop is provided in the Lobby, for convenient shopping of essential items and Kenyan artefacts. The Hotel is Project broke ground in October 2013, and will open its doors to the Public by early 2016.
  24. 24. Beglin Woods Architects Limited PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  25. 25. Beglin Woods Architects Limited PROJECT PROPOSAL PROPOSED HOTEL Client: Undisclosed Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: Undisclosed Value: Undisclosed Status: Proposal Proposed Hotel in Nairobi
  26. 26. Beglin Woods Architects Limited PROJECT PROPOSAL
  27. 27. Beglin Woods Architects LimitedBeglin Woods Architects Limited Client: Tamarind Group Team: Beglin Woods Architects Area: Undisclosed Value: - Status: Proposal PROJECT PROPOSAL Arena and Lodge scheme for the famous Carnivore grounds in Nairobi. Included were proposals for a block of bedrooms to be used as a Hotel, as well as an arena for indoor gigs. CARNIVORE ARENA AND LODGE
  28. 28. Beglin Woods Architects Limited INCEPTION TO COMPLETION: KEY STAGES OF A PROJECT
  29. 29. Beglin Woods Architects Limited KEY STAGES An outline guide of the key stages that take place, from inception to completion and hand over of a project. Stage 1 – INCEPTION (5% of total service) Receive, appraise and report on the client’s requirements with regard to: • Client’s brief • The site and rights & constraints • Budgetary constrains • The need for consultants • Project program • Methods of contracting Stage 2 – CONCEPT & VIABILITY (15% of total service) Prepare an initial design and advise on: • Space provisions and planning relationships • Proposed materials & services • Technical & functional design characteristics Check for property rights conformity Review anticipated project cost Review project program Submit Site Development Plans to local authority if required Stage 3 – DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT (20% of total service) • Confirm the scope and complexity • Review design & consult local & statutory authorities • Develop design, construction system, materials & components • Incorporate services & consultants work • Review design costing & program with consultants
  30. 30. Beglin Woods Architects Limited Stage 4.1 – LOCAL AUTHORITY DRAWINGS (20% of total service) • Co-ordinate technical documentation with consultants and complete primary coordination • Prepare specifications for the works • Review costing & program with consultants • Obtain client’s authority and submit documents for approval Stage 4.2 – CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION & TENDERS (10% of total service) • Obtain clients authority to prepare documents to procure offers for the execution of the works • Evaluate offers and recommend on the award of the building contract • Prepare the contract documentation and arrange for the signing of the building contract Stage 5 – CONSTRUCTION (27% of total service) Contract administration: • Hand over the site to the contractor • Issue construction documentation • Initiate and/or check subcontract design and documentation as appropriate • Inspect the works for conformity to the contract documentation • Administer and perform the duties and obligations assigned to the principal agent in the JBCC building agreements and issue the certificate of practical completion • Assist the client to obtain the occupation certificate
  31. 31. Beglin Woods Architects Limited Stage 6 – CLOSE OUT (3% of total service) •Fulfil&completetheprojectclose-outincludingthepreparationof thenecessarydocumentation to facilitate the effective completion, handover and operation of the project. • After the contractors obligations with respect to the building contract are fulfilled, the architect shall issue the certificates related to contract completion. • Provide the client with as-built drawings and relevant technical and contractual undertakings by the contractor and sub contractors.
  32. 32. BEGLIN WOODS ARCHITECTS LIMITED Directors: David Beglin, Simon Woods, Katherine Mung'au, Kunal Patel P.O Box 22759- 00400 Westlane, Riverside Drive, Nairobi, Kenya Tel. +254 (020) 4449146, 4449147, 4449148 Mobiles: +254 (0)734 623 855, (0)722 201, 185 Email:,, URL: