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Dualacy chap 2 freshman

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Dualacy chap 2 freshman

  1. 1. ~Chapter 2~ ~Freshman~ By: CanImarryapony A Fishy Dualacy
  2. 2. Welcome back to a Fishy Dualacy College Edition. This is the older kids of gen 2 freshman year.
  3. 3. To recap, Azure Salt wanted to join the winter semester of college because she felt isolated at high school and at home because her younger sister Caerulean didn't like her. Azure wants the relationship her twin cousins have.
  4. 4. From the Fresh house Comet and Weather join Azure for the winter semester. They don't want to get too far behind their cousin.
  5. 5. Also joining them is Tristen, the boys childhood friend. Comet and her dated briefly, but lost interest in each other. Or Tris did I think Comet still holds a flame for this chica.
  6. 6. This guy also signned up for the Dualacy dorm. His name is Venkat something or other.. He's a friend of Weather's but not as much as Tris is.
  7. 7. That's it for the recap, on with the show.
  8. 8. Comet is the first one out of the crowded cab. His father's genes finally left their mark on him. He looked more like Jay than ever.
  9. 9. Azure was next, she looked more like her father, she would need new clothes though. She wasn't big into overalls.
  10. 10. Weather scrambled out next. The suit he grew into was something he could see his brother wearing, but it was definitely not him. His father's genes also became more apparent.
  11. 11. Venkat and Tristen were last. Both grew up with popularity aspirations.
  12. 12. A/N Comet's and Weather's faces exploded, much like the second generation of my pokemon legacy. Now I realized that Jay is a sim with a broken face template, ah well too late to change anything now. If you don't think about it too much Weather looks kind've like Gerard Butler. Comet doesn't look too bad, but Weather has some serious cheekbones.
  13. 13. Comet finds the fish tank his mom and uncle left behind. “Hey little fishies.”
  14. 14. Weather settled down to choose his major, he didn't have a career related goal. Literature seemed to be a good choice, it would give him several jobs to choose from when he graduated.
  15. 15. “I'm so excited to get to go to college with you and the twins. It's so rare that a townie like me gets to go to college.” “Well we're glad to have you Tris and Venkat to, although I'm not sure why he chose our dorm.” “You're a heiress Azure, that's reason enough.” “Oh.”
  16. 16. After Azure went to declare her major, Tris went to University Shops to get some new clothes. Everyone at the dorm seemed pretty unhappy with what they grew up in. Dorms had the worst lost and found selections. Fortunately Tris knew what the twins would like, she hoped that Azure and Venkat would like what she picked out for them.
  17. 17. Barely settled at the dorm and Comet is already sweet talking the mascots into doing his term paper. Comet selected Economics as his major, because knowing supply and demand will help him to become a rock god.
  18. 18. Azure buys a flower arrangement bench, she couldn't really garden at the dorms, but this was the next best thing.
  19. 19. Tris found most of the other dormies friendly so made friends easily
  20. 20. Her and Weather still had plenty of time to hang out, but Tris wished there could be something more between them.
  21. 21. Weather worked in the caferia for some extra cash. He knew Tris wanted more than just friendship, but Weather also knew they wouldn't work long term. It was better to be her best friend until she found someone else.
  22. 22. Weather and Venkat would sometimes go to the music hobby center and compete in the dance competion.
  23. 23. “Congratulations on making the dean's list, bro.” “Didn't you make it too Weather.” “Yep. 1200 in my pocket.”
  24. 24. At the Greek house, Axolotl meets with Adelè and Adriana. “What's up Ax?” Adelè asked as they reminisced about old times. “Azure wants to move into the Greek early, she says dormlife isn't exactly what she wanted.” “I don't have a problem with that.” Adelè smiled. “it'd be nice ot have someone new around here.
  25. 25. “So you're Azure, you look just like Ax.” “Thank you. Did Dad talk with you?” “Yep, Adriana and I talked it over and you're in.” “Thanks so much.”
  26. 26. “I'm Adriana, do you remember me?” “Yeah, you were always at my birthday parties.” “Yep, Ax and I were best friends.”
  27. 27. “So I was wondering, now that I live here if I could buy a some real estate and start a business.” “That's a great idea, you can even use the Greek funds if you like.” “Really?” “Yeah Ax told us about you liking to garden, you could sell your veggies.”
  28. 28. “Azure, right? I can't believe your all ready grown up and in college. Last time I saw you saw on your sixth birthday.” “Marie, I didn't know you were here.” “Yep, I feel all old now. Adelè and Adriana didn't tell me you were moving in so soon.” “Sorry, Dad asked them let me move in early, I didn't like the dorms as much as I thought I would.”
  29. 29. Azure waited a day or so before she worked up enough courage to buy her business. Adriana eagerly offered to help her run the business.
  30. 30. Azure purchased a shop in Bluewater Village called Little n' Local.
  31. 31. Even though funds were tight, Adriana and Azure managed to fill the three shelves relying heavily on the flowers and tomatoes Azure had in inventory.
  32. 32. They took turns working the register and helping customers.
  33. 33. With Adriana's encouragement Azure hung up the first dollar Little N' Local.
  34. 34. Even with the expenses for the business, the girls managed to to add on to the Greek.
  35. 35. “Weather! What are you doing here?” “Hi Azzy, Comet and I want to join the Greek. We figured that we could get our pledge period out the way instead of waiting until next semester.
  36. 36. So Comet and Weather started spending time at the Greek in between classes.
  37. 37. “Welcome to the Greek, Weather, you can move it if you want.” “Thanks, Adri, but Comet and I want to stay the dorms a little longer.” “Well, sorry to hear that. But tell me when you're ready, we'll make room for you upstairs.”
  38. 38. The dorm was a little quiet after Azure moved to the Greek. But Komei Jacobson felt he had to fill the void by picking fights with Venkat.
  39. 39. Comet discovered the Campus directory. And given his romance nature he began to get to know the girls around campus.
  40. 40. Weather, however when he could get the phone, called Azure and Adriana. Even though he was at the Greek house almost everyday.
  41. 41. Despite meeting most of the women on campus, Comet didn't really feel a connection with any of them. The most he ever did was casually flirt with Abbey Seilff. She was more of best friend material than girlfriend.
  42. 42. Comet really wished Tris would let him ask her out again.. They had dated in high school, but had agreed to move on in college. But she had her heart set on Weather. His brother didn't know what he was missing.
  43. 43. “Why don't you hire the matchmaker. I'm sure Tris and Venkat won't mind you dipping into the savings.” “I don't know, Weather, I really wanted to try to find someone on my own.”
  44. 44. In the end Comet took his brother's advice and hired the matchmaker. A/N: Whoops I forgot to take a picture of Danielle. Anyways, the matchmaker dropped Danielle Lillard and her and Comet had a fantastic date.
  45. 45. Before they knew it, the Freshman year had come and gone. “Did you seriously go to your final exam in your pjs?” “Yes I did. It's eight in the morning of course I wore my pjs.”
  46. 46. This is where I leave you for this chapter.. Sorry it took so long to get out. Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently and thanks to all the creators of the awesome CC that I use.
  47. 47. Happy Simming!