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Event streaming: A paradigm shift in enterprise software architecture

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This talk helps developers and architects understand the benefits, opportunities and challenges in moving from traditional point-to-point integration in application architecture to one with event streaming. Apache Kafka and Spring provide a solid foundation for enterprise and large organizations to implement event streaming solutions. Examples and common patterns are covered
towards the end.

Many thanks to James Watters and all the original content authors, editors and aggregators referenced in the slides.

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Event streaming: A paradigm shift in enterprise software architecture

  1. 1. © Copyright 2020 VMware, Inc. All rights Reserved. Now part of VMware Sina Sojoodi @sinasojoodi Feb 2020 Moving Past the Hype Event Streaming is a Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Software Architecture
  2. 2. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Who am I ■ Global CTO Data and Architecture, MAPBU ■ Advising government agencies, financial services, aircraft manufacturers, other F2000 and a few startups ■ Joined Pivotal from the Xtreme Labs Acquisition in 2013 - moved from Toronto to San Diego ■ Joined VMware this January as a part of the Pivotal Acquisition
  3. 3. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Agenda at a Glance ■ Event Streaming Architecture: Beyond the Hype ■ Kafka Foundation and Internals ■ Patterns and Enterprise Examples
  4. 4. Now part of VMware Event Streaming Architecture
  5. 5. New Projects Waterfall ITIL VMs JavaEE Batch Products Lean CI/CD Cloud Native Platforms Spring Boot Kafka Streaming Platform Old
  6. 6. IBM IBM Monolith App Cache Win? App Now part of VMware
  7. 7. James Watters, Kafka Summit 2019 Keynote, Video: Slides (with transcript): Now part of VMware
  8. 8. “A business is a series of events and the reactions to those events.” —Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent
  9. 9. “The only reason we don’t think of events….is that so far the technology has trained us to think of data as a static store.” —Neha Narkhede
  10. 10. Start with business events first
  11. 11. Events are Fundamental to the Design ➔ Events are the language bridge to the business ➔ This method of identifying bounded contexts is a secret to decoupled architecture ➔ “Tell don’t ask!”
  12. 12. 12C O N F I D E N T I A L The Architecture Challenge Netflix: Twitter: Hail-o: Sources 450+ microservices 500+ microservices 500+ microservices
  13. 13. Now part of VMware Motivations Behind Kafka Jay Krep, Linkedin before Kafka: ernet-of-things/ Martin Kleppmann, Why dual writes are a bad idea rastructure-or-why-dual-writes-are-a-bad-idea/ Point-to-point integration is a nightmare Consistency across a heterogeneous system is hard
  14. 14. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware James Watters, Kafka Summit 2019 Keynote, Video: Slides (with transcript): There is a better way! ■ Global banking brand building greenfield core banking and payments with Spring [Cloud] Streams + Kafka… ■ “Kleppmann-like view of Kafka: ‘We count on Kafka for consistency, strict ordering, replay, durability and auditability.’” ■ Kafka mind share 1.0 v.s 2.0
  15. 15. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Kafka Mindshare Evolution ■ KMS 1.0: A distributed event-hub that decouples data consumers from data producers. This enables mass scalability and agility. ■ KMS 2.0: A data streaming platform that itself can act a database with ACID transactions like capabilities.
  16. 16. Now part of VMware Kafka Foundation and Internals
  17. 17. Now part of VMware ● Like traditional message brokers, it provides pub/sub mechanism to producers and consumers via immutable messages ● Unlike conventional message brokers, it exposes events in a durable distributed commit log over partitions, not exchange and queue data structures Kafka Compared to Traditional Message Brokers ● Consumers read based on an offset with no ACK sent directly to the producer ● Ability to go back and forth in logical time is particularly useful for batch processing modernization and fault/exception recovery in transactional systems Apache Kafka docs:
  18. 18. Now part of VMware No ACK is a Good ACK! Scalability ■ Reading from an offset, means the producer doesn’t have to wait for a consumer ACK ■ Throughput is only limited by how fast broker can write producer messages to disk and replicate Agility ■ Data producer teams do not have to couple their system to downstream slow/rogue consumers ;) ■ Schema Registry allows producer and consumer applications to evolve their data format independently Decoupling Producers from Consumers Architecturally
  19. 19. Now part of VMware Kafka Topics and Compaction ● Pub/sub in Kafka is categorized by Topics ● Within Topics, Partitions act as load balancers ● Fan-out pattern is achieved via Consumer Groups ● Kafka maintains the last known value of a message by key. ● A practical way to recover from crashes and other faults with a bounded storage space ● The background task does not block reads or writes Apache Kafka docs:
  20. 20. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Topic Partitions ■ Partitions are units of parallelism / load balancing - like queues but not queues! ■ They are strictly ordered for the consumer(s) according to the offset ■ Important for achieving ACID transaction processing We will get back to this later! Martin Kleppmann, Staying in Sync: From Transactions to Streams: Slides treams?slide=63
  21. 21. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Consumer Groups ■ Enable wiretap/fan-out pattern for different kinds of consumers on the same topic ■ Combined with partitions you get elasticity and extensibility ■ A hypothetical corp-HR-weary example of agility and scale with consumer groups and partitions: Realtime variable compensation for all! Kafka docs:
  22. 22. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Stateful Processing Confluent Platform docs: ■ Per-message filtering, enrichment, transformations are stateless ■ Stateless processing in simplified Extract Transform Load (ETL) flows or Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) are readily possible with message queues - e.g. AMQP ■ Stateful processing acting on durable windows and persistent values is more complex ■ It requires a State Store - Kafka Streams natively supports RocksDB K/V store
  23. 23. Now part of VMware Duality of Streams and Tables Streams as Changelogs for Tables ● Each record captures an Upsert ● Playing back the stream can recreate a Table with message keys and values as tuples Tables as Snapshots of Streams ● Snapshot is a representation of the most up to date key/value pair at the point in time Confluent Platform docs:
  24. 24. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Streaming APIs in Kafka Kafka Streams is a library for stream processing - natively supported in Spring Cloud Stream ■ KStream: provide similar capabilities as user-defined functions, triggers and stored procedures in RDMBS ■ KTable: similar to materialized views (MV) and acts as a pre-computed cache without the invalidation challenges ■ KSQL: Declarative SQL-like way to query streams in Kafka Martin Kleppmann, Turning the Database inside out g/page/5/turning-the-database-inside-out
  25. 25. Now part of VMware Kafka Streams Example Rabobank alerting platform Jeroen van Disseldorp, Real-time Financial Alerts at Rabobank with Apache Kafka’s Streams API
  26. 26. Now part of VMware Not Much Code! Jeroen van Disseldorp, Real-time Financial Alerts at Rabobank with Apache Kafka’s Streams API
  27. 27. Cover w/ Image Now part of VMware Further Reading What started all of this ■ Jay Kreps, The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data's unifying abstraction 2019 Kafka Summit 2019 Keynotes ■ Neha Narkhede, Event Streaming: Our Cloud-Native Journey Lessons ■ Martin Kleppmann, Is Kafka a Database? ■ Jay Kreps, Events Everywhere ■ James Watters, Spring Boot+Kafka: The New Enterprise Platform A master level read for any software engineer working on distributed systems
  28. 28. Now part of VMware Patterns and Examples
  29. 29. Event Sourcing and CQRS intermediate shared-state between microservices
  30. 30. Confluent/Pivotal Joint Engagements on Real-time Inventory
  31. 31. Now part of VMware Investment Bank Asset Management Division Jared Ruckle, Matt Stine, Ford Donald, and Guillermo Tantachuco - PCF Secure Hybrid Banking White Paper
  32. 32. Asset Management Reference Architecture on CQRS Jared Ruckle, Matt Stine, Ford Donald, and Guillermo Tantachuco - PCF Secure Hybrid Banking White Paper
  33. 33. App and Data Integration via streaming ETL and event intermediation
  34. 34. Centene Corporation Bryan Zelle, Building an Enterprise Eventing Framework
  35. 35. Now part of VMware Centene Corp. Decorating events with metadata for Taxonomy and Governance Bryan Zelle, Building an Enterprise Eventing Framework
  36. 36. Change Data Capture onboards Legacy Systems of Record to the Streaming Platform
  37. 37. HCSC Member Profile - Migration from Legacy RDBMS Anupama Pradhan and Jeff Cherng - Rethinking RDBMS Data Migration, Cloud Foundry Summit 2017 Also see:
  38. 38. ➔ Mainframe and monolithic RDBMS data teams often the last to move to continuous delivery ➔ CDC, Event Shunting, patterns emerging allow streaming data platform teams to offer mainframe and legacy RDBMS events to microservices teams ➔ Each team can build appropriate persistence and achieve multi-DC replication with streaming platform Let’s empower pharmacy microservices developers while evolving our legacy?
  39. 39. Batch to Streaming is the natural evolution of reacting to business events in Realtime
  40. 40. Now part of VMware Real Estate Data Integrated Data and Analytics Platform - hybrid of batch and streaming Protected by copyright. All rights Reserved by CoreLogic. 40 Data Management / Operations Data Content Data Governance Data Supply Chain (Real-Time & Batch) Distribution Channels Integrated Data and Analytics
  41. 41. Legacy Batch Data Flows
  42. 42. Just-in-time Data Manufacturing Analytics Platform Pivotal Cloud Foundry Parse Transform Enrich Store Enrich Filter Store Filter score Transform Batch Process Analyze Data Source Data Source Parse Transfrom Transform score score Enrich REST API REST API Streaming API Train Enrich Transform Data Lake Data Lake Filter Filter score Analyze Train Parse Parse
  43. 43. IoT Scale Stream Processing scales data platform to the edge
  44. 44. ➔ Turning moving packages into streaming data with RFID, Kafka and Spring Streams event based microservices ➔ Kafka, Kubernetes and Spring Boot in every shipping center ➔ Multiple business microservices teams can layer onto streaming platform to bin pack last mile services. ➔ Prepared for unanticipated uses cases Revolutionize our shipping efficiency with streaming microservices
  45. 45. Now part of VMware PKS Managed Clusters Messaging Middleware Kafka Binder Spring Data Repository Event Driven Microservices LTL Quote Service Scan RFIC Services RFID Triggered Automation Services Shipping Centers
  46. 46. ➔ 100,00+ container build out of Spring Streams, Kafka, key-value store ➔ Durability and consistency are critical for potential legal actions ➔ Multi-phase stream processing with Spring Streams leading to real-time predictive microservices alerting analysts ➔ Cross-cloud replication based on Kafka ➔ Continuously delivery required for real time apps to improve accuracy and functionality as project expands Help secure a European country?
  47. 47. Now part of VMware Receiver App process queue Fault tolerant receiver pairs staging and replication Apps Stream Workers Data Enrichment Stream Workers Data Enrichment Stream Workers Data Enrichment process queue Stream Workers Data Classification Stream Workers Data Classification Stream Workers Data Classification buffer queue S3 RAW Store Receiver App X.000 Channel Streams RDBMS Store 3 DC KAFKA Replication NoSQL Store Index Store
  48. 48. Questions?
  49. 49. Now part of VMware Thank you