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Tuomas Teuri: Taltioni

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Sitra’s eHealth Miniseminar at WoHIT, Dublin, 13 May 2013

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Tuomas Teuri: Taltioni

  1. 1. TaltionieHealth ecosystem13.5.2013 WohitCEO Tuomas Teuri
  2. 2. 22.5.2013eHealt / mHealth service examples:Health journalsLaboratory resultsTreatment of chronic diseasesBasic informationMedicationsRehabilitationCommunicating with professionalsHealth information andmeasurementsSportsFood diariesAnalytical servicesSocial networksCitizens can store, access andshare health and well being relateddata via Taltioni.Accumulatingdata for well-being
  3. 3. PHR Personal Health Record vs Patient RecordPHR platform-> TaltioniPatient record archive-> KanTaWe need both!
  4. 4. Year ago..In Copenhagen May 2012 wepresented Taltioni ecosystemCooperative was justestablished with 27membersCooperative had 0employeesWe had vision and lot ofPowerPoint’s!5/22/2013
  5. 5. Year after…5/22/2013Taltioni is realityCompanyPlatformConnected servicesCitizensTheme for 2013: Growth
  6. 6. We doubled our members52 members from public,private and third sector• 3 biggest private healthcarecompanies• Biggest public sector IT developmentcompanies• From biggest IT companies to smallstart up’s• 4 Universities
  7. 7. After 8 month R&D project Taltioniplatform went live since January 20135/22/2013(copy of) Patientinformation,medication, etcWellness, fitness,nutrition, etcIndividualinformationGeneticinformation
  8. 8. After 4 months in production we have7 connected applications5/22/2013HalenautJyväskyläGoal: 20 connected service 2013
  9. 9. Thank You!