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Designing the Future of Bank Experience - A journey through the organisational impacts

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The speech that Cesare Bottini gave yesterday at Visa payment forum 2017

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Designing the Future of Bank Experience - A journey through the organisational impacts

  1. 1. Designing the Future Bank Experience a journey through the organizational impacts Cesare Bottini Senior Experience Strategist
  3. 3. CUSTOMER
  4. 4. Typical Project Goal Evolve the service model redesigning a new, fluid, multi-channel and human-centered end-to-end customer experience.
  6. 6. I/O PARADIGM In a CX project you have to redesign the processes the same way you do customer side.
  8. 8. Qualitative research brought to light the users’ sentiments and motivations deeply related to their living context and habits, investigating the real needs that influence their decisions. Project value #1 Qualitative research to fill the invisible gaps
  9. 9. A targeted collaborative activities program has made possible to get all the decisional stakeholders from different business company areas in the same room, promoting direct communication, expertise sharing and the building of a common vision. Project value #2 Knowledge transfer to create a shared global vision
  10. 10. The union between design and business culture allowed to create new tools, modelled on the specific client’s needs and aimed to generate targeted, feasable and shared solutions, autonomously and quickly. Project value #3 Tailor-made training and evolving tools to generate value that support business
  11. 11. The aknowledgement of a solid working method gave the client all the means to simplify and shorten decisional processes, identifying priorities in an autonomous and collaborative way. Project value #4 Shared method to take better decisions in less time
  12. 12. The creation of clear and unique design principles helped to define solid boundaries within which a consistent, flexible, always recognizable evolution can be developed. Project value #5 Clear rules to guarantee a consistent and autonomous evolution
  13. 13. THANK YOU!