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Solvy - a new payment experience, IxDA Milan& Turin June 2018

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Our talk at the IxDA Milan& Turin Chapter: Solvy - an end to end project of an instalment card for the European market in which we designed the value proposition, naming, branding, customer interactions, app flow and screen flow.

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Solvy - a new payment experience, IxDA Milan& Turin June 2018

  1. 1. Solvy IXDA June 2018
  2. 2. Gabriele Demarin Visual Designer @Sketchin 5y Digital Manager @Artemide 3y Visual Designer @Feral Interactive Intro Who we are Alberto Andreetto Interaction Designer @Sketchin 2y IX Designer @Stylight 2y Digital Designer @Lastminute
  3. 3. Sketchin is a smart, strategic, design firm that shapes the future experiences. Our goal is to help companies and organizations understand, design and deliver future-proof products, services, systems and processes that hat exceed people’s expectations. Today we are one of the most renowned design firm in Europe, with a branch in Lugano (Switzerland), San Francisco (US), Madrid (ES), Rome (ITA) and Milan (ITA) . From September 2017 we are part of Bip group. Intro Sketchin
  4. 4. Intro Method Challenge The project 01. Understand Today’s and tomorrow’s experience 02. Design For the experience 03. Evolve The experience 04.
  5. 5. Challenge the project
  6. 6. Challenge the project In a participatory way we set the focus of the project’s main objectives in order to envision the Solvy future experience and make it consistent.
  7. 7. First meeting between Halva and Sketchin teams to collect the brief and define project’s goal: our goal is to design an instalment card to export in Europe first, and world wide later, a new way to conceive the shopping experience. Challenge Collect the brief
  8. 8. Define and understand the experience
  9. 9. Define and understand the experience Through collaborative activities and using complementary research techniques, we defined functional guidelines consistent with the project objectives and we understood the way different kind of customers will live their tomorrow’s Solvy experience.
  10. 10. Collaborative activity with Halva and Sketchin teams aimed to define together the visual style of the new brand. Before starting to design a new visual language it’s important to explore new trends and visual guidelines, both among competitors and in different fields, and define together the business objectives in order to discover which direction to take to deliver the best consistent experience to the user. Define and understand the experience Visual Exploration Workshop
  11. 11. 1| USEFULNESS There is pure value in the client’s usage of the product. 2| GOOD COMMUNICATION Marketing and communication must be high standard but still convey the uniqueness and approachability of the service itself, without being exclusive and too high.
 3| SIMPLICITY Give the user the chance to have a clear and easy experience in every channel and to find consistency through different media. 4| CONVENIENCE The true convenience for the client of using the product is very high. Define and understand the experience Pillars
  12. 12. A collaborative activity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis is an essential component of corporate strategy and provides a strategic context to identify opportunities and threats, combining all the relevant competitors into one framework. Define and understand the experience Competitors
  13. 13. An individual activity to explore limit and possibilities of competitors and big players in the fintech industry. Mapping the do and don’t of other companies let us to better understand the path to follow in designing the visual experience of the service. Define and understand the experience Voting
  14. 14. A collaborative activity meeting to define the project Value Proposition identifying the main target profiles, users’ pains and gains, gain creators and pain relievers. Define and understand the experience Value proposition
  15. 15. Solvy helps regular people from the mass market who want to experience their shopping in a relax and easy way without worries about prices by avoiding any overpayment and increasing the monthly shopping capability unlike regular credit cards and loans. The Solvy Value Proposition
  16. 16. A collaborative activity aimed to map today users’ experience using Halva products and services. The goal of this workshop was to understand all the existing features of the service and who was going to use it. Knowing the user and match his needs is the first rule to create an unique experience. Define and understand the experience Customer Experience Workshop
  17. 17. Together with the team we mapped the current customer journey. We split the different channels (online, telephone, bank) and we mapped the actions the user has to do in order to accomplish his goal, the needs and expectations that he has approaching a specific step, the pain points he face during the experience and the different opportunities that they bring to us. Define and understand the experience Customer Journey as is
  18. 18. Maria, the householder Maria is a teacher and uses to control the family budget, while her husband is a driver. She spends 90% of time between work & home. She likes to make hand- made goods and goes to the gym to swim and fitness courses. She uses to shopping during the week- end.She travels for vacation 2 times per year with her husband and kids. Worries and expectations She feels responsible for her family and needs money to repair her car, to buy a new warm coat for the winter and seasonal clothes for her kids, to build their home, to go to vacation and to buy presents during holiday. She would like to have more time and money to help better her parents and go outside with all her family. Values and influences She believes in honesty, responsibility and family. She is influenced by Social Media (Facebook and Instagram), TV, magazines ADV and marketing campaigns that she sees often inside the billboards of the city. She trusts in her husband, neighbors and friends opinion.35 years 2 kidsMarried Teacher
  19. 19. Design for the experience
  20. 20. Design Design Strategy Thanks to the insights and design opportunities identified during the previous activities, it has been possible to elaborate a series of guidelines that will be fundamental to: - build a product / service design strategy and its possible future evolutions; - validate the design assumptions in order to start the design process.
  21. 21. Based on the workshop we had in Milan we investigated different paths in order to come up with names with may backgrounds. We followed 3 main paths, an English one, using English roots to have internationals names. A Russian one, we took words from the Russian world making them more international and recognisable and a Latin one, taking something from the past in order to create unique names. Design Naming
  22. 22. Designing a name is not just a matter of creativity. Numbers are involved too. We used an analytic approach in order to explores different paths and to have quick feedbacks on the names we found. Design Survey and numbers 14 possible names proposed 6derived names 3international surveys 300+votes 20nationalities involved 30+names founded
  23. 23. Design Solvy The chosen name is SOLVY. It has a latin roots, solvo, that means “payment”, with a friendly declination. The final Y gives the name an international sound and a more approachable feeling.
  24. 24. Design Co-Design workshop Collaborative activity among the Solvy’s and the Sketchin teams, in order to explore and define the app’s value proposition and its use cases’ screen flow. The mapping activity allows Solvy to have an overview of both user’s perspective and infrastructural features that the future “phygital” ecosystem needs to have.
  25. 25. Co-design workshop Rip and Mix Rip+Mix is a fast, effective and engaging idea generation tool to help encourage creative and innovative thinking made by applying lateral thinking to “pain points” in the considered business. We’ve analysed pleasurable products or services in terms of its function, who has a stake in its success, how it makes users feel etc. and then we’ve applied the same process to Solvy.
  26. 26. Co-design workshop Co-Design Mapping to be A collaborative activity aimed to map tomorrow users’ experience using Solvy. We designed the customer journey to be to deliver perfect user experience to better guide Solvy’s users through its whole products/ services ecosystem. With this activity we designed the best experience collecting for each pain point we discovered in the first workshop several solutions.
  27. 27. Co-design workshop Prioritization We took all the different solutions we found in the Co-Design activity and we prioritised them. We placed each and every post-it in a chart with customer value on the x-axis and business value on the y-axis, the post-it in the upper right quadrant are the one that are a must be for the service.
  28. 28. Co-design workshop Validation After the prioritisation activity we took every idea and we placed it in a chart with the aim of challenging the feasibility of it. We divided the chart in easy, medium and hard to develop sections and then we placed the post-it in it.
  29. 29. Design Customer Journey to be The customer journey to be is a deliverable that map all the different step that a customer has to follow in order to accomplish the service goal. This mapping is a high level one and talks about the experience the user must have without falling into detailed descriptions.
  30. 30. Branding and visual language
  31. 31. Design Logo definition Working with the Solvy team we focused on a smooth, friendly and clean visual design for the logo. The result is a fresh, modern and trustable design that expresses not only the innovation of the service but its human side and at the same time its reliability.
  32. 32. Design Color exploration We explored several different color combinations to convey the sense of: - Innovation - Confidence - Technology. Playful shape Sense of technologySense of innovation Sense of confidence
  33. 33. Design Logo declination The shapes of the positive and negative spaces of the logo creates a large variety of possibile declinations of the logo itself. The smile can also be used during animation processes in order to express sentiments that can emphasize with the user. Main usage Alternative usage Emoji/Animation
  34. 34. Design Credit card design Playing the logo shape and the colors it is possible to design many different credit cards, all different but all recongizable as “solvy”.
  35. 35. Design Merchant sticker The smile that been used as the shape to design the merchant sticker. This solution in perfect for an immediate impact being also very recognizable.
  36. 36. Design Solvy Brandbook A full brandbook has been designed in order to give all the needed info to use and develop the Solvy brand. Card design, App design, icons, logo usage, fonts and typography and colors all in one book.
  37. 37. Mobile App
  38. 38. Design App flux Visualize and explain in details each aspect of the offered service for each use cases. The flow allows all the actors involved to have an overview of the offered service and its ecosystem and gives a detailed map of the Solvy app interface and functionalities. This is a mandatory deliverable to design the App screen flow.
  39. 39. Numbers 12 app sections 98 steps
  40. 40. Design App Interface The app is the main touchpoint for the Solvy experience. We designed it keeping in mind the pillars: usefulness, good communication, simplicity, convenience.
  41. 41. Design App Design and UI A fresh and simple design consistent with the brand values, an intuitive UI that empowers the user to always control his expenses.
  42. 42. Design App badge The app badge has been designed to be immediately recognisable with the help of the smiley logo. The white background helps the good visualization even with complex backgrounds.
  43. 43. Design Splash The splash screen is the first screen that the user sees while the app is loading. The smile we designed is so versatile that even in this case can be used as a stand alone animation to entertain the user while everything is getting ready in the background.
  44. 44. Thank you We are hiring IX Designers Visual Designers Service Designers
  45. 45. evolving experience over people expectations Contact us at +41 91.600.26.60 or