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Business Strategy Presentation Template 2023 - By ex-Mckinsey and BCG consultants

  1. By ex-McKinsey and BCG consultants Business Strategy PowerPoint Template
  2. Copyright of 2 All Slideworks playbooks and templates include… Proven frameworks 120+ PowerPoint slides based on proven frameworks from McKinsey, BCG, and Bain Real-life examples Slide examples from real-life projects with Fortune 500 clients Storyline and layouts A complete storyline with best-practice slide-layouts and supporting Excel models Consulting toolbox Common consulting frameworks and tips, as well as a helpful checklist Templates & Playbooks Full access to future updates 2
  3. Copyright of 3 Objectives of this template The Business Strategy template includes a fully structured storyline complete with ready-to-use slides, as well as frameworks, tools, tutorials, real-life examples, and best practices to help you: Create and present a complete, cohesive, well-structured strategy Formulate your organization’s purpose and vision in clear, concise formats Analyze your current position and starting point to build your future strategy on incl. current market dynamics, customer segments, customer behavior, internal performance and more Construct tangible, measurable, specific goals for your organization at all levels from overarching vision to individual business units, teams, and time frames Design specific strategic initiatives linked to measurable goals that align with your organization’s strategic choices Formulate your organization’s strategic choices and priorities that will guide everything from strategic initiatives to day-to-day decision making Understand core enablers and foundational elements in your organization and analyze your status quo and what must be done to support and grow these to achieve your strategic goals 3
  4. Copyright of 4 The template is centered around the best-practice business strategy ‘house’ as used by McKinsey, BCG, and Bain Aspiration Strategic choices Strategic initiatives Enablers Foundation • Purpose: what is our reason-for-being? • Vision: where do want to be in 2-3-5-10 years? • Where do we want to play? What are our must-win battles? • Set of choices on what to do and not do that guide day-to- day decision making • How can we win these battles? • Specific initiatives and actions that are designed to achieve vision and goals within strategic choices • Linked to tangible, specific, measurable goals and KPIs • What do we need to have in place to move forward on our strategic initiatives? • Supportive actions or capabilities that are prerequisites for accomplishing initiatives • What is the foundation allowing us to achieve everything else? • How do we nurture and grow this foundation? Purpose and vision Must-win battle Must-win battle Must-win battle Strategic initiative Strategic initiative Strategic initiative Strategic initiative Enabler, e.g. technology Enabler Foundation e.g. culture, people, structure 1 2 3 4 5
  5. Copyright of 5 The ‘strategy house’ is embedded in a full storyline to create a complete business strategy presentation Summary Starting point Roadmap Strategy Overview of full business strategy storyline: Summarize main takeaways: • Overall market context • Competitive position • Strategic pillars • Strategic initiatives • Financial outlook • Roadmap Outline point of departure: • Market context • Market dynamics and forecasts • Current competitive and financial situation • Strategic resilience Detail all elements of future strategy systematically Purpose and vision Must-win battles/strategic pillars • Grow the core • Reinvent the core • New business/new growth engines Strategic initiatives Enablers Foundation Outline roadmap to implement strategy: • Full implementation plan/roadmap • Requirements • Key success factors • Immediate next steps 1 2 3 4 5 Detail all elements of future strategy systematically:
  6. Copyright of 6 This template includes everything you need to create your own high-quality, well-structured, comprehensive strategy presentation 277 PowerPoint slides 1 Excel sheet Fully editable slides with best-practice layouts Included with this template: Complete storyline based on a proven and tested frameworks Helpful checklist Four full real-life examples for inspiration and guidance Free support from our senior ex- McKinsey, BCG and Bain consultants Free access to future updates
  7. Copyright of 7 The template is structured in five main parts, as well as an accompanying Excel file See more details of each section in following pages Part 1 Guide to how you can best use this template Part 2 Full, structured strategy template Part 3 Four full-length, real client cases Part 4 Common consulting frameworks and tools Part 5 Best practices for creating presentations
  8. Copyright of 8 Part 1: A short guide to help you utilize the template in the best way A short introduction to the Business Strategy template and a guide to using the template most productively:
  9. Copyright of 9 Part 2: The full strategy template with structured sections and multiple versions of slides for you to choose from 110 fully editable template slides in a complete and structured storyline with action titles, ready-to-use graphs, suggested formatting and more:
  10. Copyright of 10 Part 3: Four full-length, real client cases for you to draw inspiration from and see a strategy presentation ‘in action’ Real-life sanitized case example #1 (21 slides) Growth strategy summary for a European retail company Real-life sanitized case example #2 (38 slides) Full strategy overview for a US financial institution Real-life sanitized case example #3 (44 slides) Specific country strategy for multi-national T&L player Real-life sanitized case example #4 (30 slides) Digital strategy for global telco company
  11. Copyright of 11 Part 4: A selection of common frameworks used in management consulting for you to include in your presentation if needed • Profitability framework • McKinsey’s 7S Model • BCG Growth-Share Matrix • GE/McKinsey Matrix • McKinsey’s Three Horizons of Growth • McKinsey’s Seven Degrees of Freedom for Growth • BCG’s Growth/Transformation framework • Business Model Canvas • Issue tree • Objective, scope, and advantage • Michael Porter’s five criteria for a good strategy Frameworks included: Common management consulting frameworks that are helpful when creating a strategy:
  12. Copyright of 12 Part 5: Best practices and helpful checklists for presentation writing as taught in top-tier firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain Best practice tips to ensure your presentation is top-level quality: Checklists developed by former McKinsey and BCG consultants to ensure all details are in order:
  13. Copyright of 13 In addition, the template includes a fully editable Excel sheet to support your implementation plan and roadmap
  14. Copyright of 14 All layouts, fonts, colors are 100% editable Each template comes with a thorough guide on how to customize it in terms of company colors, logos, fonts etc.
  15. Why use a Slideworks template? 15 …decrease the time you spend structuring a storyline or creating a nice layout. …leverage best-practice frameworks to address business critical problems. …allow you to create stellar presentations that match your company style, fonts, and colors with none of the hassle. Our Slideworks templates and playbooks make it possible for you to… With our PowerPoint and Excel templates you get best-practice storylines, slide layouts, and presentation checklists all created and tested by some of the top management consultants. Copyright of
  16. Copyright of 16 TRUSTED BY THE WORLD’S LEADING COMPANIES “Having used one of the Slideworks playbooks on a recent strategy project I can firmly say we have saved countless hours normally spent on tweaking layout and storyline.” Simon Perkins, Strategy Manager
  17. Copyright of 17 Money back guarantee We want you to be satisfied, so all eligible templates purchased on Slideworks can be refunded within 30 days of purchase. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a template, you can request a refund . Simply email us and we will start the process. Most refunds are returned via the original payment method.
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