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Infographic: VR Taste Test

Infographic on the survey completed at 2016's Food Matters Live, in cooperation with Cornelius Group. Can you taste the difference if your sight and hearing is of the beach...

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Infographic: VR Taste Test

  1. 1. Visual does Influence your Taste Perception 29PARTICIPANTS Self Describe DRINK 1 Orange Flavour DRINK 2 No Flavour 2 DRINKS Same colour Drink Style OTHER LIGHTCLASSIC Smoker/Drinker 1 OTHER NOYES 1513 ZERO OTHER LIVE TO EATFLAVOURIST EAT TO LIVE 10 12 2 5 6 8 11 4 PROFILES DRINK 1 DRINK 2 CONCLUSION Regardless whether you are: A drinker or a smoker; Flavourist, eat to live, or live to eat; Or have a different drinking style... VISUAL IS IMPORTANT IN IDENTIFYING TASTE PROFILE Is our taste bud inferior? EXCELLENCE THROUGH INTEGRITY SLUYS INTERNATIONAL In Cooperation with: 2016 at: s Sluys International NV Nijverheidsstraat 1 2570 Duffel, Belgium + VR HEADSET s s Drink Style: Light1CORRECT ANSWER (2 OUT OF 2) PROFILE: Smoker/Drinker: No Self Describe: Eat To Live ANSWERS Mango Mango & Orange Mango & Melon Orange Orange & Peach Pineapple & Passion Fruit Pineapple & Lime Peach Peach & Grape None Lychee VR Taste Test Flavour Drink Concentrate Beverage Emulsion Your partner for:Contact: