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  1. 1 Assignment 3- Business Model Canvas MMS504 ESBM Africa Uniniversity 2022- Assignment
  2. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS FOR CLEANING SERVICES Miranda 26.03.2023 Assignment 3 Student # Degree Programme: Business Management
  3. MMS504 ESBM Africa Uniniversity 2022- Assignment
  4. Key Partners SUPPLIERS: Nelspot Brands, ProBrands. Power Clean Solutions. DISTRIBUTORS: Lorimak, Eco Friendly Solutions INVESTORS: 1. Miranda 2. Samantha Jones 3. Jackie Hussein ASSIGNED CRITICAL TASKS Employee A - To lead the service rendering process. Employee B - To manage the distribution logistic. Employee C - To lead the cleaning team which includes 9 more Employees. Key Activities  Advertising and marketing, invoicing.  Clients apointments.  Cleaning team tasks.  Cleaning team distribution to client location.  Waiting for client’s feedback about our service. Key Resources  CAPITAL: Sourced investors  EQUIPMENTS: Vacuums, Cleaning Supplies, Non- Toxic Cleaning Solutions  HUMAN RESOURCES: Trustworthiness, Hard work, Flexibility and time Management. Value Propositions  We want to promote a healthier home and work environment for our clients by using non-toxic products, educated cleaners, and chemical-free cleaning equipment.  Variety of choices  Unique options  No minimum service order requirement  Variety of prices/budgets  Various payment methods  Appropriate staff for specific tasks. Customer Relationship  Understanding our clients  Consistent interaction and client connection.  Seeking client's feedback.  Loyalty Rewards. Channels  Social Media Platforms: TikTok, Facebook, Twitter’ Instagram and a Website.  Flyers  Offline marketing  Telephone and cellphone Customer Segments  GEOGRAPHIC: The target market of this business are those residing in Harare, Norton, Marondera and other nearby cities.  PSYCHOGRAPHIC: People who love to have clean working spaces, mothers in need of an extra hand and other cleaning services. Also, special attention to persons suffering from germaphobia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD),.  BEHAVIORAL: Those people who have no time to clean.  DEMOGRAPHIC: The people who have stable jobs and good income. Cost Structure  CLEANING EQUIPMENTS (Vacuums, Mops, Scrubber, Pressure Water, Carpet Extractor, etc.)  CLEANING SUPPLIES (Brush, Mesh bags and Trash bags ,Bottles, Towels, Sponges, Gloves, Aprons, and boots.  CLEANING SOLUTIONS (Wipes, Sprays, Disinfectants, Soaps, etc.  VAN (Service Vehicle) Revenue Streams  Basic House Cleaning  Walls, Floor Treatment and Ceilings  Restroom Cleaning and carpet cleaning  Deep Cleaning/Spring Cleaning  Sanitation Services Key Resources  Knowledge of the market demands  Insight on competitor offers
  5. Developed target markets. Customer segments I will also be targeting regular walk in customers who want the convenience of getting a variety of services at once. I want my main customers to be organizations, households and companies as they buy in large volumes. One of the most important characteristic I would want from my customers is that they may repeat a purchase from time to time and give feedback on services. Segmentation has also been done in regard to the benefits sought which may include people and cultre ethics, personal hygiene value amongst others. People who care about the quality of their services and products used are likely to purchase more to get what I offer with my value proposition. Prior purchase is also another segment that is hoped to retain customers. The customer segments will geographically be accessible to all consumers who can assess the CBD area and are in nearby cities or towns . In terms of age and gender, there will be variety of services with feminine and masculine service providers, varying from preschool ages to professional office use services.
  6. Key Activities Supplies logistics. The purchasing of high quality supplies at the lowest prices will foresee profitability. 1 Marketing. Advertising the availabity of all services on offer will attract many customers. 2 Sales. The sales person(s) should be knowledgeable on all products in services and if they are other required ones by the customer. 3 Maintaining trust & product delivery. Services must maintain best quality and be appropriately rendered and delivered in their best state. 4
  7. Key Resources 6 Inventory level data. Knowing the level of inventory in store assists in cash flow management and liquidity. . Purchasing employee. In as much as buying inventory sounds like an easy day to day task we all do, having a professional procurement personnel is of great value. Partnerships. Through the right partners, the business will be able to achieve scalability on a national level. . Sales employees. They should be well versed with the available services, scope and above all enhanced with best customer service communication skills. Labor division. The task teams should be well allocated, trained and gender appropriate to any customer. Brand Name. The business will be branded with a name that will be recommendable and relatable to the core business. 5 4 3 2 1
  8. For most services, there will be a variety of choices. What will make these be recommendable will the uniqueness of the options. No minimum order requirement will be set out on services offered. This is to allow all clientele to feel free to purchase services instead of being forced by the size of the task to be conducted. Similar use services will come in a variety of prices to suit different customer budgets. Various payment methods will be available as our country uses hard cash and digital forms of currencies. As a bonus, all purchases will come with an appropriate care products bag for free after services e.g a sanitary bin. Value Propositions
  9. Basic House Cleaning. In Zimbabwe, several private schools order outsourced cleaning services for all their students so that they use the same type of hygenic environment. Walls, Floor Treatment and Ceilings. These may include old buildings, recently renovated areas and prior used spaces for major events. Sanitation Services. With the expansion of law requirements in times of the global Covid19 pandemic, sanitization has become a popular tool associated with killing gem and bacteria. Deep Cleaning/Spring Cleaning. Where a specific and rare cleaning service is desired, a prepaid service order may be made. Revenue Streams
  10. Customer Relationship High Quality Customer support Over the phone customer care
  11. Value Proposition (VP) Canvas Gain creators – the services can be purchased using hard cash, rtgs or zwl and it offers added value to the customer through the benefits sought. Pain relievers – no minimum order level is required making all customers eligible. Gains – the services will be of good quality, making it meet customer expectations and needs. Customers would be delighted in always finding services readily available and the range of prices may increase likelihood of others adopting this value proposition. Pains – one of the negative experiences and risks that the customer may experience in the process of purchasing is acquiring the wrong service. e job done. MMS504 ESBM Africa Uniniversity 2022- Assignment
  12. Value Proposition and Customer profile MMS504 ESBM Africa Uniniversity 2022- Assignment Products and Services • Basic House Cleaning • Walls, Floor Treatment and Ceilings • Restroom Cleaning and carpet cleaning • Deep Cleaning/Spring Cleaning • Sanitation Services Gain Creators • Personalization • Brand New feeling • Uniqueness • Durability • Quality Pain Relievers • Easily accessible • Affordable • Quality guarantee • Assistance in selection Customer jobs • Cleaning • Organizing • Uniformity • Learning and working Gains • Reference • Order • Ease of access • Conformity • Security Pains • Wrong purchase • Unavailable service • Poor quality • Pricey • Service unknown Value Proposition Customer Profile
  13. Channels Cellphone. To distribute my content more widely, I can use a cellphone to host social media platforms such as a WhatsApp business account. A chat group for the services with maintenance tips can also be created and intrigue customers, advertising products using the business catalogue and status updates will also be done. Telephone. Use of a telephone is also a great use for professional calls. I can share it with corporates on business cards and emails. Social Media. Reaching out to influencers and different promoters in the same industry may be useful in getting them to promote my content about high-quality cleaning services. Since I’m selling a highly requested service, their audiences are more likely to buy from me. Offline marketing. I also want to have a billboard inviting potential clients to the shop. In addition, I would love to hand out content/fliers about services available and being rendered by the business.
  14. Series 2 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Cost Structure

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