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INTERNET.ORG CHALLENGE for AngelHack Manila Hackers

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INTERNET.ORG CHALLENGE for AngelHack Manila Hackers

  1. 1. AngelHack Manila 2015 Challenge
  2. 2. Since f8, is in… 17 countries & 19 mobile networks!!
  3. 3. NEW! OFWguru & RingMD on Find on SMART networks!
  4. 4. Increased Farming & Agriculture Information & Services…
  5. 5. Keep it light & fast Make sure your service can run in the absence of: •Mobile optimized (smart & feature phones) •JavaScript •Flash •iFrame •SVG •Video/Audio •Large or many imagesWattpad– Read books & stories – Search for the meaning of words
  6. 6. Keep information fresh Keep your audience informed and engaged: •Provide updating feed (i.e. news) •Provide new information or opportunities (i.e. jobs & education)– Local news GMA– Local news & entertainment
  7. 7. Drive Utility Make your service easy for people new-to-the- internet: •Address core community needs (i.e. jobs, transportation) •Make it extremely simple to use •Speak in local languages & termsJOFOM – Making job search easy– Making transportation easy
  8. 8. Special attention for… • Education – Tools – Information & references – Scholarships & opportunities • Economic empowerment – Jobs – Skills building – Personal finance – Agriculture
  9. 9. Mechanics The developer will have access to any of these resources to make them eligible for the prize: Resources Resource URLs Developer Documentation Participation Guidelines Submission Instructions org/how-to-submit Opera Mini Emulator & other testing options org/platform-technical-guidelines#testing Service examples Install App for Android or go to to see live sites Submission portal
  10. 10. How to Submit Your Entry The hacker will need to submit the service with all asset details via the submission portal: AND email with the submission link Submissions must be sent on or prior to _____
  11. 11. Prizes Top 3 Challenge Winning teams will receive: 1.FbStart Bootstrap team membership valued at $30k 2.Schwag pack from & Facebook to be sent out after winner announcement 3.Featured on via SMART & TNT Networks