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Live Demo: How SnapLogic Accelerates Salesforce and CRM Applications into the Customer Process

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This slide share focuses on how SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud optimizes the integration of your Salesforce/CRM applications to the rest of your customer processes – quickly and easily. Watch the full webcast here:

Integrating the proliferation of customer data sources, across on-premises and cloud, connecting all the dots can be complex. Agile integration is key because customer data is spread across dozens of sources.

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Live Demo: How SnapLogic Accelerates Salesforce and CRM Applications into the Customer Process

  1. 1. SnapLogic Live Demo Series Vish Srinivasan, Senior Solutions Engineer, SnapLogic, Inc. How SnapLogic Accelerates Salesforce and CRM Application Integration Into The Customer Process AI-powered, no-code integration technology connecting data, apps, APIs & things
  2. 2. 2 ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved Vish is a Solutions Engineer at SnapLogic. He has been at SnapLogic and in the integration space for 7 years in various capacities – building, implementing and supporting enterprise data and application integration solutions. Most recently, he has been the lead Solutions Engineer supporting the Alliances and Partnerships team. Vish Srinivasan Senior Solutions Engineer SnapLogic, Inc. Host
  3. 3.  Why SnapLogic: Enabling fast and easy integration  Powering Salesforce Integrations  Product demonstration  Questions  Next steps Agenda ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. corporate overview Easy To Use. Connected. Scalable. The Enterprise Integration Cloud Leader “What we’re doing is providing connective tissue for the enterprise as it goes into the cloud. I founded SnapLogic to create an agile, click-not-code metadata development environment, while meeting the governance and security needs of enterprise IT.” Gaurav Dhillon CEO, SnapLogic and Co-Founder Informatica ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved Over $130M raised “SnapLogic is functionally rich and well-proven for a variety of use cases. It supports hybrid deployments and provides rich and differentiating features for analytics and big data integration.” Proven team Proven results Application and data integration success San Mateo, CA Boulder, CO New York, NY London, UK Melbourne, AUS Hyderabad, India
  5. 5. Snaplex SnapLogic Architecture: Three Simple Components Platform: Self-Service UX Cloud-Based Designer, Manager, Dashboard Nodes: Snaplex Execution Grid; Elastic Scale-Out; Respects Data Gravity Snap Endpoints 400+ Pre-Built Connectors 1 32 ----------------------- Design --------------------------- ------ Execute ----- • On Premises • Private Cloud • Public Cloud ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Modern Architecture: Hybrid, Elastic and Secure CloudPlex GroundPlex Firewall Databases Big Data On-Premise Apps Cloud apps and data Metadata Data Cloud web app Confidential Content©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Product Demo Build >> Designer Drag and Drop User Interface Declarative (No code) Snaps Pipelines Patterns SalesForce Snap Rest and Bulk API support Wave, Attachments, Batch Create etc. Use cases – Customer 360 and Quote2Cash Operate >> Manager Onboard Users and Groups / SSO Administration – Permissions, Scheduled batch and real-time Monitor >> Dashboard Monitoring / Alerts / Performance
  8. 8. Demonstration ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Q & A ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Next steps 10 Request a personal demo: “Free Demo” A comprehensive guide to the enterprise integration cloud content/uploads/2017/08/EIC_WP_FINAL.pdf – Resources – WhitePapers ©2017 SnapLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved Connecting the dots at Box – Resources – CaseStudies Post-M&A: Integration made easy at KORE Wireless – Resources – CaseStudies