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Hotel Data and Analytics News - April 2016

SnapShot's monthly recap of the most relevant, important, and interesting news in hotel data and analytics.

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Hotel Data and Analytics News - April 2016

  1. 1. This month’s must reads in Hotel Data & Analytics News @snapshot_demand Kurfürstendamm 212, 10719 Berlin
  2. 2. This month, we came across a lot of great reads that help you understand the myriad of technological tools available to hoteliers. So this monthly news roundup focuses on the stuff that answers questions you have about hotel tech (but are too afraid to ask) and will give you an overview of what’ s up in cloud computing, machine learning, and more. We also have top learnings from a quarter-century in hotel marketing, our guide to how Hotel Asset Management works, and a great TED Talk showing how big data can be used to create art and make human connections. With so much happening in our industry and so little time, we hope this monthly recap helps keep you up-to- date. We hope you enjoy the read! Regards, Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. Editorial A monthly recap of hotel data and analytics news
  3. 3. An excellent in-depth primer by McKinsey on what machine learning is, the history and trends behind it, and how you can get more use out of it. This is less terminator, more real world, commonplace business applications, which is really helpful in helping us understand the everyday potential tech like machine learning can have. Read on McKinsey’s Blog An Executive’s Guide To Machine Learning
  4. 4. This list showcases the top trends this year in hotel tech, which are, unsurprisingly, mostly data related. From data security, to location- based data, to improving mobile engagement, hotels are beginning to make better use out of the current tech tools available to them. Check out this list for all the interesting stats and get a head start on understanding where the industry is headed. Read more 6 Mega-Trends In Hotel Technology
  5. 5. A very useful modern guide to hotel marketing from a guy who's been at it for a quarter century. Some key takeaways? Jim Zito recommends using data to your advantage, collaborating, and remembering that powerful tools are just at arm's length. Certainly lots of useful nuggets of information in this one! Read on the Tambourine Blog 10 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years of Hotel Marketing
  6. 6. THE NEW ITB BERLIN - HALL 8.1 / 127 HOTEL ANALYTICS BOOK A DEMO Hello. My name is Toni, I’ve been a Director of Sales and Marketing in hotels for more years than I can remember. I recently came across SnapShot and loved the Analytics tool. So much so that I’m now giving demos and helping hundreds of hotels find out more about it. If you want to find out more about analytics book a demo and I promise to give you an excellent walk- through of how this can help you manage your hotel better.
  7. 7. Check the fine print, people! “ ”- Barb Darrow Image source: Tableau Who Owns The Data? It’s About to Get A Lot Trickier Here’s a great article in Fortune on the difficulty of accessing your own data. Yet, hospitality isn't the only sector with this issue. Cities and municipalities will begin to have the same challenge- how to access the data they need without paying an arm and a leg for the "privilege." That’s because the Internet of Everything AKA IoT means sensors around public and private spaces will be collecting data all the time. Who owns that data, still seems up for debate. Read on Fortune
  8. 8. Ever wonder what an Asset Manager’s responsibilities are? Or what they do in general for hotels? How has asset management changed in the “digital age?” Learn the basics of how modern Hotel Asset Management works in this instructional walkthrough by Asset Manager and consultant Alex Slors. Read on our Blog Modern Hotel Asset Management, Part 1 Guest Blog by Consultant Alex Slors
  9. 9. We often think of data as cold and calculated. Not human. But data is generated by humans, and understood by humans. It just takes a different perspective, sometimes, to help us better understand the implications data can have, and importantly, the possibilities it enables. Take this entertaining TED Talk by artist and data whiz R. Luke DuBois as a great reminder. Watch on TED Insightful Human Portraits Made from Data A TED Talk by R. Luke DuBois
  11. 11. Here’s a look at how you can use tech and data to customize and improve the guest experience, from the time they book through arrival. (It's pretty useful during their stay and after their departure, too). Everything from destination marketing, personalized emails (and other communication tools), and building better guest profiles. Read on eHotelier How Technology Can Improve the Guest Experience Before Arrival
  12. 12. Stefan Tweraser explains the need for design thinking in hospitality technology, and not just on the front-end, where customers often encounter beautifully-designed hotel websites. We need good design on the back-end, too so hotel staff can do their jobs better, faster, and focus on what really matters: guest experience. Read on our blog Behind the Curtain Design Thinking in Hotel Technology
  13. 13. This detailed expert’s account of the history of cloud computing in hospitality is your required reading for the week. It turns out that the hospitality industry is not always the quickest when it comes to adopting new technology. Fortunately, cloud computing is finally pervasive enough to offer hotels a secure, and immediately updateable solution. Hey You, Get Off My Cloud! Surviving the Transition to "Community Model" Software Read on HiTEC Bytes
  14. 14. It's obvious Airbnb is employing extensive data-driven strategies throughout their work– from their data-informed marketing initiatives (86% of Airbnbers prefer a "local's experience") straight up through their newly revamped booking engine that uses algorithms to pair those looking for a place to stay with relevant options. This hot industry topic just got even hotter-er. Read on Ad Week Put Away The Selfie Stick And Live Like a Local, Urges Airbnb
  15. 15. In case you missed it, here’s our recap of the top stories in hotel data and analytics from last month. Some great reads in here, including articles on ITB, Excel tips, Big Data 101, and much more. Until next time. Read on our blog Hotel Data & Analytics News - March 2016 Our Recap from Last Month
  16. 16. At SnapShot, we believe hoteliers should have a right to their data, and a right to use it intelligently. That's why we built SnapShot Analytics. Analytics is a cloud-based hotel analytics tool that presents a comprehensive overview of your hotel data on a powerful yet intuitive dashboard. Everything you need in one place: PMS data, benchmarking, pricing, web analytics, and social media stats. Dig as deep as you want, or keep it surface level for immediately actionable intelligence. Click below to learn more about us. Learn more About Us Everything you need to see, nothing you don’t. HOTEL ANALYTICS This Hotel Data and Analytics monthly news roundup is brought to you by Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. BOOK A DEMO Did we miss something? Feedback always welcome at