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62.deepak joshi

  2. CONTENTS  Introduction  Need of the system  Principle  Block Diagram  Working  Applications  Advantages & Disadvantages  Recent Efforts 2
  3. INTRODUCTION  Walking is the most common activity in human life.  When a person walks, he loses energy to the road.  This energy can be tapped and converted in the usable form such as in electrical form. 3
  4. NEED OF THE SYSTEM  The utilization of waste energy of foot power with human motion is very important for highly populated countries.  India and China where the roads, railway stations, temples, etc. are all over crowded and millions of people move around the clock. 4
  5. AN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCE  Footsteps are an untapped natural resource.  The Challenge – convert footstep energy to electrical energy.  The Solution – using piezoelectric material. 5
  6. MEANING….  The meaning of the word “piezoelectric” implies “pressure electricity”- the generation of electric field by applying pressure.  Piezoelectricity is observed if a stress is applied to a solid, like by bending , twisting or squeezing it. 6
  7. BASIC PRINCIPLE  When a pedestrian steps on the top plate of the device, the plate will dip down slightly.  The downward movement of the plate results in rotation of the shaft of an electrical alternator fitted in the device. 7
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  9. WORKING  The pushing power is converted into electricity  The piezoelectric material is fixed at the plane.  The spring is used to return the inclined step in same position by releasing the load.  The shaft of generator is connected to the piezoelectric material. DC is generated. 9
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  12. SIDEWALKS 12
  13. GYM WORKPLACE 13 Vibration caused from machine in the GYM. At workplaces piezoelectric crystals are laid in the chairs for storing energy.
  14. SMART HIGHWAYS 14 Present time we are using asphalt roads(tar roads) on which thousand of vehicles runs. When a vehicle passes road deflects vertically (vibrates) These vibrations are released as thermal energy which is being wasted.
  15. SMART HIGHWAYS 15 By incorporating piezoelectric generators in the road we can convert vibrations caused by vehicles in electric energy. This is implemented in ISRAEL.
  16. COMPARISONS 16 We have taken the outer ring road of Hyderabad to compare. The over all budget of this road is 6700 Cr. In this 8 lane road of 158 Km. is laid . If a piezoelectric road is laid……… The budget becomes 6800 Cr. Which is only1.5% increase in overall budget.
  17. PROFIT 17 The amount invested in this returns in just 4 years. Average life of piezoelectric road is 30 years, so income generated in next 26 years is a profit.
  18. ELECTRIC CAR 18 By using piezoelectric generators in car’s tyres, below chairs etc. we can generate and store charge and can use in various car applications.
  19. ADVANTAGES 19 This is a green solution for power generation. The centralization of power is minimized. Even the most untouched and remote areas can be electrified. Dependence of thermal electricity is minimized which in turn save the nature. Reduces environmental pollution. Saves more money.
  20. DISADVANTAGES 20 Maintenance of these is a bit difficult . Constant inspection are to be made. Can pick up stray voltages in connecting wires. Crystal is prone to crack if overstressed. May get affected by long use at high temperature.
  21. REAL-WORLD INSTALLATIONS  Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys – UK  Empire State Building - US  Panduit Corporation World Headquarters – US  Riverdale Country School – US 21
  22. 22 Constant load (kg) No of times load applied and removed Voltage generated (volts) 40 1 5 40 2 10 40 3 15 40 4 20 40 5 25 40 6 30 40 7 35 Testing and results
  23. CONCLUSION 23 Piezoelectricity is a revolutionary source for “ GREEN ENERGY” Convert the ambient vibration energy surrounding them into the “ELECTRICAL ENERGY” This is an excellent alternative to reach the “ INCRISING DEMAND OF ELECTRICITY” This technology is tested in “CALIFORNIA” and “ISRAEL” and approved successfully. We concluded that it should be implemented in “INDIA” also to accelerate the development.
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