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  1. 1. Introduction  Born: May 12, 1914. Dallas, Texas.  DiplomaKnoxville General Hospital School of Nursing [1936].  Doctorate in nursing:JohnHopkinsUniversityBaltimore,1954 .  Fellowship:Americanacademy of Nursing.  Position:ProfessorEmerita ,Divisionof Nursing,New yorkConsultant,Speaker.  DiedMarch 13, 1994. Some Highlightsof Rogers Nursing Theory (1) Nursingisa learnedprofession –itis a science andart. (2) Nursingisthe studyof unitary,irreducible,indivisiblehumanandenvironmental energyfields. (3) The art of nursinginvolvesthe imaginative andcreative use of nursingknowledge. (4) The healthservicesshouldbe communitybased. (5) Rogersenvisionsanursingpractice of noninvasive modalities,suchastherapeutictouch,humor, guidedimagery,use of color,light,music,meditationfocusingonhealthpotential of the person. (6) Professionalpractice innursingseektopromote symphonicinteractionbetweenmanand environment. (7) Nursinginterventionseektoco-ordinateenvironmentalfieldandhumanfield. (8) Rogerwas one of the firstnurse scholarsto explicitlyidentifythe person(unitaryman) ascentral phenomenaof nursingconcern Roger’sDefinitionOf Nursing  Nursingisa humanisticandhumanitarianscience directedtowardsdescribingandexplaining, the humanbeinginsynergisticwholenessindevelopingthe hypothetical generalizationand predictive principlesbasictoknowledgeable practice .Itisa science of humanity –the studyof the nature and directionof humandevelopment. Purposesof Rogerstheory  To maintaininghealth.  To promotinghealth.  To preventingillnessandcaringforand rehabilitatingthe sickanddisabled.  To assistpeople inachievingtheirmaximumpotential.
  2. 2. Basic Assumption  The human beingisa unifiedwhole pocessing anindividual integrityandmanifesting characteristicsmore thanand differentfromthe sumof the part.  The individual andthe environmentare continuouslyexchangingmatterandenergywitheach other.  The life processof humanbeingsevolvesirreversiblyandunidirectional alongaspace time continuum.  The patternidenfiesindividualsandtheirinnovative wholeness.  The human beingischaracterizedbythe capacityfor abstractionandimagery,language and thoughtsensationandemotion. Four BuildingBlocks • Energyfield • Openness • Pattern • Pan Dimensionality Rogers, Theory And The Four Major Concept 1. Unitary humanbeing[Person] 2. Environment 3. Health 4. Nursing 1. Unitary human being[Person] A unitaryhumanbeingisan “irreducible,indivisible, pandimensional(four-dimensional) energy fieldidentifiedbypatternandmanifestingcharacteristicsthatare specifictothe whole. 2. Environment The environmentisan“irreducible,pandimensional energyfieldidentifybypatternandintegral withhumanfield”. 3. Health
  3. 3. Rogersdefine healthasanexpressionof life process,theyare the characteristicsandbehavior emergingoutof the mutual,simultaneousinteractionof the humanandenvironmentalfields. 4. Nursing The concept of nursinghastwo dimension, (1) Independentscience of nursing:Anorganizedbodyof knowledge whichisspecifictonursingis arrivedat by scientificresearchandlogical analysis. (2) Artof nursingpractice : The creative use of science forthe bettermentof the humananduse of its knowledge isthe artof itspractice. Principle ofHomodynamic 1. Integrality:  Integralitycoverthe mutual continuousrelationshipof the humanenergyfieldandthe environmental field.  Changesoccur bythe continuousrepatterningof the humanandenvironmental fields by resonance waves. 2. Resonancy: The resonancy,speaktothe nature of the change occurring betweenhumanand environmental fields.The change inthe patternof the humanbeingsandthe environmentis propagatedbywaves. 3. Helicy: The principal of helicystatesthatthe nature anddirectionof humanand environmental change are continuous,innovative,probabilistic,andcharacterizedbythe increasingdiversityof humanfieldandenvironmentalfield. Limitationsof Rogers’ Theory 1. The difficultyinunderstandingthe principles. 2. The lack of operational definitions. 3. The inadequate instrumentsformeasurementare the majorlimitations 4. She couldnot define health.