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The Consumerization of B2B Marketing

This presentation, delivered by Jacques Pavlenyi of IBM, was part of "The Consumerization of B2B Marketing" event held May 21, 2015 in La Jolla, organized and hosted by SoCal BMA.

The forces that are buffeting entire industries are buffeting the practice of marketing as well. The large influx of Millennial workers weaned on social media, smartphones and tablets powered by cloud delivered apps is having a profound effect on B2B purchase behaviors. Think of it not just as the consumerization of IT (as Gartner research calls it) but also the consumerization of B2B marketing.

Jacques Pavlenyi lead the discussion of these forces, and how:

- information consumption patterns of decision makers are shifting.

- non- traditional influencers wield more power

- the traditional funnel is being upended and compressed by the cloud, from Discover-Learn-Solve-Compare-Try-Buy-Adopt to simply Try-Learn-Upgrade.

- the application of Marketing technologies and analytics can make actionable sense of that seething mass of data.

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The Consumerization of B2B Marketing

  1. 1. @mediamutt @IBM Jacques Pavlenyi
 Program Director
 Social Collaboration Software Marketing IBM THE CONSUMERIZATION
 OF B2B MARKETING @socalbma #socalbma    
  2. 2. #socalbma • What’s all this about? Tech is changing the workplace So are Millenials The impact on Marketing Next steps
  3. 3. #socalbma • Tech is changing the workplace #socalbma •
  4. 4. #socalbma • Cloud is changing the workplace ! Innovate at the speed of cloud ! Buying cycle: try, adopt, buy more ! It’s as easy to buy business solutions as it is a smartphone app…and as easy to drop
  5. 5. #socalbma • Data is changing the workplace ➢ Data is the new natural resource ➢ It’s not about information, it’s about insights ➢ Cognitive and natural language processing put insights in the hands of everyone
  6. 6. #socalbma • Engagement is changing the workplace ➢ Mobile and Social blur the boundaries between work and play ➢ Information consumption patterns are changing ➢ Expectation is for personal engagement – we no longer trust advertising #socalbma •
  7. 7. #socalbma • Millennials are changing the workplace 2020 2030 50% USA workforce 75% Global workforce
  8. 8. #socalbma • ⌧ Different career goals and expectations ⌧ Want constant acclaim and trophies ⌧ Online addicts, no boundaries ⌧ No decision without the group ⌧ Jumps ship if feeling unfulfilled 5 Myths about Millenials
  9. 9. #socalbma • How will Millenials change the workplace? 
 Some uncomfortable truths… ! All employees are in the dark ! All generations think their org’s customer experience is poor ! All ages have embraced tech – it’s the enterprise that is slow
  10. 10. “67%%of#the#buyer’s# journey#is#now#done# digitally.#Online#searches# are#execu9ves’#first# course#of#ac9on.”# #Source:(SeriusDecisions(study(realeased( in(2012(“The(Marke:ng(Organiza:on:( The(Next(Five(Years”( ( 3!Biggest!Complaints! B2B!Buyers!Have!About! Vendor!Content!are! Too!Many! Requirements!for! Downloading!Blatantly! PromoAonal;!and!NonD! SubstanAve,! Uninformed!Content.! Source:(Social(Media(Today( The impact on marketing is profound Off#Domain# On#Domain# 17#people# involved#in# Enterprise# Technology# purchase# Source:(IDG,(Enterprise( Role(&(influence(of(the( Technology( Decision<Maker(Study,( 2014( 360$View$ #socalbma •
  11. 11. #socalbma • The impact on B2B marketing is profound ! Getting to know you ! Don’t call us, we’ll call you ! Pull the trigger with data and gut ! Share the experience discreetly Source: “To buy or not to buy: how Millenials are reshaping B2B marketing”, IBM Institute for Business Value, April 2015
  12. 12. #socalbma • So what should I do?
  13. 13. #socalbma • From B2B to Human-to-Human Marketing ➢ Relevant ➢ Real ➢ Ready
  14. 14. #socalbma • Be relevant with rich, actionable personas ➢ Your buyer is real ➢ Your buyer doesn’t work alone ➢ Your buyer has preferences ➢ Your buyer has emotions
  15. 15. #socalbma • Be real: speak human ➢ Ted’s a person, not a “buyer” ➢ Ted cares about his career, not a value prop ➢ Find out how you can help Ted, not what he can buy from you #socalbma •
  16. 16. #socalbma • Engagement Metrics Results Metrics Likes and Follows Visits and Clicks Retweets Leads Shares Conversion Rates Comments Sales Social impressions Support tickets resolved Social mentions Account setups Check-ins Repeat registrations Source: Justin Ramers, Big Bang Theory of Digital Marketing Ready: use data to uncover real behaviors
  17. 17. #socalbma • Recap ! Cloud, Big Data, Engagement ! Millenial Myths and Truths ! From B2B to H2H: 3 Rs
  18. 18. @mediamutt @IBM Jacques Pavlenyi
 Program Director
 Social Collaboration Software Marketing IBM THE CONSUMERIZATION
 OF B2B MARKETING @socalbma #socalbma     #socalbma •
  19. 19. ‹#› ! How is technology affecting your engagement with customers? ! How are Millenials changing your buyers’ behavior? ! How is Marketing changing in your organization? ! What is working and what isn’t? Interactive Discussion #socalbma •
  20. 20. ‹#› h"ps:// h"p://www.twi" h"p:// h"p:// #socalbma •
  21. 21. ‹#›#socalbma • Business Marketing Association, Southern California Chapter The Consumerization of B2B Marketing May 21, 2015 • La Jolla #socalbma •