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The 60 seconds guide to understand API's.

Clear car rental Pvt Ltd is India's largest online car aggregator (*reach) providing car rental services in more than 250 Indian cities & covering more than 5000 Indian locations and also assists leading Indian online travel brands on car rentals.

CCRPL API Connect - We give you choices when it comes to connecting with CCRPL. You can choose API options to connect with us and make use of our specialized booking solutions to give your business a boost.

API (Application Programming Interface) -
A perfect option for those who want to own the payment gateway and retain their own user interface. We offer web services that enable you to integrate with our rich database of 240+ cities and 15600+ Vehicles inventory. Using our API you can access time to time updated information of your customer booking ( Driver name, Cab No, And driver contact no).

The Clear Car Rental Web Service’s API ("The API") is an XML-based system that delivers Live Rates and availability data directly between web servers. The API allows you to build customized result pages on your own portals.

Why Choose Us -
We offer a dedicated solution to make bookings with our revolutionary Indian car rental XML API. Specifically targeting corporate traveler, tourist, intercity traveler and Tire 2, Tire 3 Cities across the country.

• Choose us if you are looking for simplicity in the booking service
• Choose us if you want a wider array of options
• Choose us if you want the best rates
• Choose us if you want transparency in your booking process
• Choose us if you want flexible payment modes
• Choose us if you want impeccable service with a dedicated Helpdesk at your service

Our Advantages -

• Simplicity in the XML web services
• Complete technological support
• Best Rates
• Transparent and easy booking process
• Instant confirmation updates regarding bookings via SMS and e-mails.
• 24 X 7 dedicated helpdesk at your customer service.
• The largest database of Indian car rental industry to choose from.
• Wide variety of Cars ranging from cars ranging from Indica to Mercedes and BMW.
• Custom made packages, based on your needs.
• Fantastic commissions Structure.
• CCRPL has coverage more than 240+ Cities from Pan India and expanding rapidly.

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The 60 seconds guide to understand API's.

  1. 1. The seconds guide to understand API’s
  2. 2. What are API’s?
  3. 3. jargon?
  4. 4. "Application Program Interface," though it is sometimes referred to as an "Application Programming Interface." An API is a set of commands, functions, and protocols which programmers can use when building software for a specific operating system. The API allows programmers to use predefined functions to interact with the operating system, instead of writing them from scratch.
  5. 5. What are API’s? API’s defined in just 2 words
  6. 6. What do API’s do?
  7. 7. API’s help extract information
  8. 8. API’s help extract information The source of information Real time information
  9. 9. The mechanics of API’s – An analogy The tool required to extract information real time over the internet is the process of API integration.
  10. 10. The online car hire functionality experts
  11. 11. When can our XML API’s help you?
  12. 12. You own a well designed travel portal
  13. 13. Your travel portal makes online booking of various services possible
  14. 14. Online booking of various services possible
  15. 15. Online booking of various services possible
  16. 16. Why not you to add Online cab services ?
  17. 17. Why not you to add Online cab services here?
  18. 18. possible for you We make this
  19. 19. API creators are e-----s
  20. 20. API creators are experts