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Robotic process automation in Industry 4.0 - Andrea Casati

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After mechanization in 1790’s (first industrial revolution), mass production in 1900’s (second industrial revolution) and automated production in 1970’s (third industrial revolution), in the next five years we will see the rise of cyber-physical systems, the fourth industrial revolution. As part of the Industry 4.0, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will radically change both backend and frontend enterprises infrastructures and processes leading to significant cost reduction, production increase and higher customer satisfaction. Hardware and software robots will be designed to augment human workflow making it more efficient and effective. Core enabler of the whole fourth industry revolution will be analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence based on big data and IoT, all ready technologies now-a-days. After discussing some recent Bip’s case studies on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the speech will focus RPA opportunities in Industry 4.0.

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Robotic process automation in Industry 4.0 - Andrea Casati

  1. 1. AN D R E A C AS AT I L e a d D a t a S c i e n t i s t @ B u s i n e s s I n t e g r a t i o n P a r t n e r s S o c i a l B u s i n e s s F o r u m J u l y 7 t h 2 0 1 6 Robotic Process Automation in Industry 4.0
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE “It's a capital mistake to theorize before one has data” - Sherlock Holmes, A scandal in Bohemia D ATA C ON SU LTA N TS  30+ data passionates  Engineers, informatics, mathematicians, statisticians  Expert on Big Data and Advanced Analytics K EY C OLLA B OR ATION S
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO D ATA STR ATEGY A N D A D VISORY D ATA D EMA N D A N D GOVER N A N C E A D VA N C ED A N A LYTIC S ON D ATA Predictive maintenance Credit analysis Churn prediction Demand &supply planning Telco infrastructure energy mgmt Network drivers for NPS Network investment planning Yield prediction Customer engagement on IPTV Portfolio optimisation Sales forecasting Customer analytics
  4. 4. ANALYTICS, THE CORE ENABLER OF INDUSTRY 4.0 1 2 3 Steam Engine 1790’s Mass Production 1900’s Automated Production 1970’s Cyber-Physical Systems 2020’s 4 Data-driven org. & decisions Cyber-security & fraud detection Advanced customer profiling & interaction Smart sensors Augmented reality & wearables Industrial IoT platforms Cloud computing Mobile devices Robotic Process Automation D ATA , ANALYTICS & A I Location detection technologies per year until 2020 900+ $bn Investment 450+ $bn Revenues 400+ $bn Cost saving
  5. 5. ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) "We’re augmenting the human experience with AI, not taking away from or replicating it.“ - Salim Ismail (Singularity University) Trained on contextual data S P E C I A L I Z E DRPA allows organizations to improve and partially automate tasks through A R ITIFIC IA L IN TELLIGEN C E Functional trained hardware/software ROBOTS are VIRTUAL WORKERS learning from and executing on D ATA Near real-time availability FA S T Integrated and governed by IT G O V E R N E D Error rate reduction of 20+% A C C U R AT E 24x7 full availability S E A M L E S S 5+x cheaper than onshore labor C H E A P
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY IS THE ANSWER, BUT WHAT WAS THE QUESTION? 11% 3% 4% 3% 47% 36% 28% 25% 16% 8% 3% 2% IT Sourcing/Procurement F&A Supply Chain/Logistics Sales/Marketing HR REFM Legal Now 2020 Finance & Accounting Facility Management ICT & Operations Human Resources Sourcing & Procurement Supply Chain & Logistics Sales & Marketing Legal R PA A PPLIC ATION S Customer service automation, Help desk automation Inventory and supplier contracts management Risk/Fraud analysis, Invoice processing, Billing mgmt Demand forecasting, Stock level optimization Real time marketing campaigns, Products recom. Application tracking, On/Off boarding, Payroll mgmt Scripting and desktop solutions, Predictive maintenance Agenda, Document and knowledge-base management R PA AWA R EN ESS & D EMA N D
  7. 7. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE | BIP RPA CASE ON TELCO R ESU LTS &BENEFITS ANALYSIS effort and time reduced MAINTENANCE efficiency and effectiveness incremented QUALITY network service availability increased
  8. 8. AN D R E A C AS AT I P h o n e : + 3 9 3 4 2 8 0 7 3 5 3 5 E - m a i l : a n d r e a . c a s a t i @ m a i l - b i p . c o m A F U T U R E M O R E T H A N D I G I TA L . H U M A N . Thank you!