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Social Media case Study : How American Express Promoted PAYBACK Credit Card with a Facebook Contest

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Rewarding Jodi Batao, Holiday Manao has been the first of its kind contest in India, where Facebook users chose their favorite pairs, shared with friends for votes, and won holiday vouchers.

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Social Media case Study : How American Express Promoted PAYBACK Credit Card with a Facebook Contest

  1. 1. “Rewarding Jodi Batao, Holiday Manao Contest” CAMPAIGN REPORT: NOV 11 -30, 2013
  2. 2. Concept Client: American Express India Partner: Agency: Digiqom Target Group: •Age group – 25 and above •Urban, Online • Young Working Professionals •Interested in travel, lifestyle
  3. 3. Goal Create awareness about the new American Express PAYBACK Credit Card which combines American Express experience in payments with the loyalty benefits of a PAYBACK Card. The unique attributes of the Card are Double Dip benefits, wherein the card member earns points from both American Express and PAYBACK Partner on their daily purchases. This concept was mirrored for social media, where Facebook users were asked to choose their favorite pairs, share with friends for votes, and win holiday vouchers.
  4. 4. Contest Flow 1. 2. 3. 4. User clicks on the ad or Facebook post, lands on the app page. Click the ‘participate’ button to enter the contest. User chooses from the existing list of ‘Jodis’ or creates one; message goes on the Facebook/Twitter timeline. Friends of users click on the messages and enter the app to vote. User could share the Jodi on Facebook or Twitter multiple times.
  5. 5. Points of Engagement
  6. 6. Display Ads
  7. 7. Stamp Ads
  8. 8. Posts on AmEx Facebook Page
  9. 9. Facebook Conversations
  10. 10. Buzz in the External Environment
  11. 11. Wall Updates by Participants
  12. 12. Shares on Twitter
  13. 13. Performance
  14. 14. Engagement Observation: An increase in Engagement on the American Express Facebook Page during the Contest Period An increase in Average Page Likes during the Contest Period
  15. 15. Demographics Observation: More Engagement in 25-34 yr old Segment More participation from Top 7 cities
  16. 16. Growth in Traffic Stories Published : Stories published by your App Story Impressions : Impressions generated by Stories published by your App Story Clicks : Clicks on Stories Published by your App Observation: The traffic on the App Content saw an increase in the second week of the Contest and witnessed a constant increase thereafter Maximum click throughs on the App Content happened in the first and last week of the Contest
  17. 17. The Big WIN • Remarkable response and participation • Extremely Viral, both on Facebook and Twitter • Users who created/chose Jodis : 1586 • Users who voted for Jodis : 9915 • 2233 increase in Page Likes First Amex campaign to cross 10K user mark
  18. 18. THANK YOU