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Connecting Forest Machineries in a New Way - Antti Lappalainen, Ponsse

Solita & MuleSoft co-hosted a morning seminar in Helsinki. In this seminar, we were able to dive into the world of data flows and unlocking these high-value assets.

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Connecting Forest Machineries in a New Way - Antti Lappalainen, Ponsse

  1. 1. Connecting Forest Machineries in a New Way A n t t i L a p p a l a i n e n
  2. 2. “We do what we promise. Machine users are the best experts, so we always listen to them.” –EINARI VIDGRÉN
  3. 3. PONSSE PLC • Ponsse is a forest machine company concentrating on sales, service, manufacturing and technology related to cut-to-length forest machines • Main markets: Finland, Russia, Sweden, Germany, France, North and Latin America • 12 subsidiaries and 32 dealers • All forest machined manufactured in Vieremä and electronic manufactured in Epec Seinäjoki • Research and Development 3 % from total turnover and 4 % from new machine sales • Turnover 612 MEUR (2018) 20 % share of the service business in turnover 1 808 Ponsse employees globally 46 % of the R&D engineers are designing information systems 80 % of the machines are exported
  4. 4. Connecting Forrest Machines in a New Way Over 11000 active Forrest Machines API first Globally scalable, over 200 stakeholders
  5. 5. Fast and innovative ways to utilize capabilities Speed of development Effective management Optimized TCO
  6. 6. Kick start – API to customer in 6 weeks 16.5.2018 Agreement with MuleSoft 18.5.2018 Agreement with Solita 21.5.2018 Project Kick-off 4.6.2018 Environments and DevOps up and running 25.6.2018 API testing 2.7.2018 API published
  7. 7. Ponsse API architecture System APIs Experience APIs Process APIs Internal Shipment API Shipment Process API Unifaun System APIIFS System API UNIFAUN WS Web UI for Partners IFS Shipment API Unifaun Shipment Tracking API Ponsse Shipment Tracking API Ponsse Intranet Unifaun System Shipment Tracking Process API Other Logistics Partner Send booking status (Unifaun XML) Send booking status (JSON)Create, Modify, QueryCreate, Query
  8. 8. 18 months later – lessons learned • API’s requires continuous design and refactoring work. • Runtime Version updates frequently planned. • API design not extensive enough before starting implementation. • Keeping API offering consistent requires discipline, it’s easy to end up having overlapping API’s • DOR • DOD • Deploy plan to have smaller implementation throughout Dev - Test - Prod • Started with windows runtime environment but now running onPremise Runtime Fabric. • Almost all courses where on Mule 3.X in the 2018. • Our idea was to stay with current version of production environment until RTF is running and then start using newer versions. • After having a critical amount of API’s ready development gets faster.
  9. 9. 9 The best forest machines in the world since 1970