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SoulCRM Brochure

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SoulCRM is all in one CRM Software Solution for managing accounting, marketing, sales, support, purchase, and reporting.

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SoulCRM Brochure

  1. 1. ALL IN ONE CRM SOFTWARE Designed for Indian Businesses Marketing I Sales I Support Accounting I Purchase I Inventory I Reporting I Integration Soutcnivt Boost Sales, Support and Satisfaction www. sou| crm. com
  2. 2. ,A:2.I~; ‘ llfijffig SouICRM is incredibly simple and web based software specifically designed for Indian businesses. It provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, and customer service departments. Whether you need a CRM tool to handle customer contacts and activities or need support for marketing, sales or customer service process, SouICRM is the right solution to satisfy your business needs. SouICRM helps you streamline your business process and attain sustainable success by aligning strategy, processes and technology to manage customers, teams and partners, efficiently and effectively. Integrated and Feature Rich Modules Marketing Sales M Connect and engage with your leads and [| I:| [|| :| Start selling smarter and faster with filtered contacts with right information. Our Mar— prospect list that matters the most. Sales keting module helps you recognize module provides you 360- degree view of trends, spot opportunities and improve your complete sales cycle and pipeline. efficiency. Manage your business, the smart way with easy—to—use interface. Improve Your D Support @ {:3 Accounting J Fast track your post sales activities with @ integrated emails, phone and chat sup- port. It is now easy to create happier cus- cash-flow with effective management of tomer base with web-based ticketing payments and receipts. system. Inventory 4:-E ' Purchase UUDDD Store, track and manage your inventory 5.-. .:. .. Efficiently manage your end-to-end purchase effectively on web-based system. Effec- processes with our purchase module. Anal- tively plan procurement, maintain quality, yse your buying need and take informed de- improve productivity and analyse stock cisions to achieve business goals. movements. V — Reports 2 ? _=_9 9 Integration 3: : Easily analyse your business data with Streamline your processes with well inte- our business intelligence tool. Now take grated communication and accounting informed business decisions and craft tools. You can capture leads from website to break—through strategies with detailed re— CRM and have all accounting transaction ports. synced with Tally. '= ‘-. == 9rlL~3l‘; “i’A‘-l= ,151C1lIl‘: <I vmvAvlvr; .xnI_IIc: Im. c:uni
  3. 3. .. ..l ’ Our software takes care of your business needs starting from sales to setting up productivity and managing your all day-to-day activities. Hosted on Cloud $ SouICRM is hosted on Amazon secure cloud. Your data is completely secure and protected. Syncs with Tally You can sync all your important accounting transactions and reports with Tally with a single click. 2 Easy to use ' It is flexible to adopt your business processes. Moreover, it is designed with less complexity. Exceptional Support SouICRM Support module is designed to help you focus more on creating customer happiness every day. X] I! More than a CRM fl & SouICRM is developed to solve your specific business needs allowing you to grow faster. Bulletproof Security Your data is hosted in some of the most secure facilities available today at protected locations. Mobile Ready Give your workforce the freedom and power to work from anywhere using any hand held device. &. +91-98795507 www. soulcrm. com
  4. 4. FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS While we take care of rest! H Be updated with our offers and free trials: www. soulcrm. com Meet us at Reach us at Powered By C R M 201 Parishram Elegant. % +91_987955O7O8 , Behind HCG Cancer Hospital, amazon Boost Sales, Support & Satisfaction Science City Road, Ahmedabad — 62 E he| |O@SOU| Crn1.COn1 Web5e"V'Ce5 Staytuned: f U 8' in